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The World of Commenor:

A place of Peace and Prosperity.

From the establishment of the Commenor Systems Alliance, to the year long occupation of the Sith Empire and the 8 million lives taken as Munto City was glassed by the Dark Lord's Super Star-Destroyer, the World of Commenor is no stranger to struggle and loss. Emboldened by the leadership of it's Royal Family the House Arenais, Queen Kay Arenais along with her Husband and King, Veiere Arenais have fought tooth and nail to see the Trade-World's liberation and return to it's former glory; Once more the peaceful World of Commerce and an Ally of the Light.


Having been exposed to many of the Government's previous flaws in the War, the Monarchy has seen fit to divide the World into Independent Nations, whose organization and leadership will fall to the newly elected Nobility, Lords and Ladies to aid in Commenor's over-all financial and military stability, always to meet before the King and Queen in matters of State Affairs.

Independent Nations of Commenor:


Capital City: Chasin City.

Nobility: Lady Kay & Veiere Arenais.



Capital City: Lynndor.

Nobility: Silfe Sosuri.



Capital City: Kliffen.

Nobility: Baron Morcus.



Capital City: Juniper City.

Nobility: Marcus Ismet-Ku & Jairdain.



Capital City: Anteluma.

Nobility: Darlyn Excron.


Folor (Moon):

Nobility: Triana Piett.


Brelor (Moon):

Nobility: Voph.


  • The Next Event

    by Lady Kay Nov 28 2018 05:10 PM

    Hey everyone. Just thought I'd drop a line to let everyone know that all of your messages and such have been greatly appreciated and loved <3 So thank you! I will be returning at some point, but just not quite yet.


    Anyways, onto other matters....


    I have another Event that I'll be putting to the board soon. Once the rewards, titles and lands have been handed off to their recipients, I'll be getting the event prepared. It'll be fun and different and I hope that a lot of you will enjoy it should you wish to partake. It's not mandatory by any means. At the very least it should be a great read!



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  • New Horizons

    by Lady Kay Nov 14 2018 05:10 PM

    Hey everyone!


    Life has kept me busy from here and wrapping the story arc up in a timely manner. Darn those voiceover jobs!!lol With the games going on wide release very soon and a tv series almost wrapped up, it's been crunch time! Soon I'll be able to take a breather.


    Anways, our newest arc will begin soon and with it a new direction for Commenor. With the loss of our neutrality, even our government structure will be changing somewhat. So be prepared for that!There's plenty of newcomers that have arrived and let's not forget all of the wonderful people that helped us to regain our freedom! Yes, there will be a ceremony/party to honour everyone and gifts as well.


    It's a new chapter for Commenor and we are still very strong. It sure does bring truth to our motto; "Commenor Survives".And we do so quite strongly ;)

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  • Freedom is Close at Hand

    by Lady Kay Oct 25 2018 03:34 PM

    With the space campaign being a success, now we look to finish the ground. Prisoners are being taken and they must be treated well. I have uses for them.

    Now there is a political imbalance between Commenor and some others. We've lost our neutrality and will soon have to discuss what path we will follow and what our future will hold.

    We have Embassies in other territories with Commenori that will need to come home safely.

    And yes, we'll have a celebration as well once our freedom has become official. :)

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  • Br5RTEs.png


    The true flag of Commenor.

    We Remain, We Resist, We Survive.


    While the Sith Empire has placed a new reigning Council at the seat of Commenor's hierarchy, the Queen of Commenor Lady Kay Arenais remains their captive and leverage against the Royal Family, House Arenais and the future heirs to the throne.


    From an unknown pocket of space however, the former King and husband to Kay Arenais resides upon the CSA Resolute organizing and recruiting for the time to strike back and retake their home, to free their Queen and rid Commenor of the oppressive Sith Overlords.


    Out of Character:


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  • So It Begins...

    by Lady Kay Aug 22 2018 11:55 PM

    The insurgency is well under way. With Veiere spearheading the efforts outside of Commenor on board the Resolute, others are working on the ground.

    Kay has finally been brought back to Commenor and is more or less under house arrest at the Palace. All passageways and tunnels connecting it to Chasin City and the destroyed Senate Hall are sealed shut. No doubt the entire network might be compromised.

    Now is the time to gather intel, gather allies, gather supplies and make strategic moves to reclaim Commenor's freedom from the Sith. It won't be easy and it won't be quickly achieved.

    Hopefully no other city will face the same destruction as Munto had....

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Owner: Lady Kay

Founded: 15-September 16

Members: 118