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Commenor Systems Alliance

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Faction for the planets in Commenori space. It is an area steeped in trade that runs along hyperspace lanes and trade routes, providing a profitable layover for goods and people going in and out of the Core. Commenor Systems Alliance likes to maintain it's neutral sovereignty from other systems that play different sides.

Commenor is the capital planet, run by it's Queen Lady Kay. She also heads the CSA Senate as it's Chancellor.

This Faction is for the CSA officials, Embassies of other Governments and planets, businesses, as well as other Commenori out there.


  • Events and Changes

    by Lady Kay May 17 2018 12:55 AM

    Another month has gone by and still the dust hasn't settled both IC and OOC. Mostly OOC though.

    My board event had been approved and work is well under way for it to go live on June 6th (7th for those living in the future). I was kind of surprised that I am the sole CSA member working on it, but hopefully I won't be the only CSA member taking part. Fingers crossed.

    The character of Veiere is being merged with Caedyn, so don't worry, we aren't losing an admin. The account is just being changed. It will be odd to look back at old threads and see Caedyn there instead of Veiere however >.<

    We've gained a new Minister of Foreign Affairs! But sadly our Head of the Naval fleet has been killed. So once again our military curse has lived on with those that take up the post being killed off.

    Let's hope that May can end on a high note :)

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  • What A Shake Up!

    by Lady Kay Apr 06 2018 12:11 PM

    It is with great sadness that I announce the death of our former Minister of Defence, Amelia Sorenn-Syrush. Due to her actions commited when she was taking some personal time, she was killed in an attack at her office when both myself and a friend were attending a meeting with her.

    As such, I will be on the lookout for another to take her place. May she rest in peace.

    Veiere's trial is underway. I hope that whatever the outcome, the Commenori will treat him with respect and leave him be. There will be no revenge attacks.

    Given the increased stress of all of these recent events, I have hired a Royal Advisor to help me with government affairs. He comes with a special unit of Imperial Commenori Sentinals. There is no reason to be alarmed when you see them. They are only here to keep us safe.

    Please bear with me as I try to adjust to all of these changes and get everything running smoothly once again.

    Thank you.

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  • Quite a few things in the works everyone! I know that plenty are busy with studies and the upcoming spring break, but we continue to uphold plots for you all.

    A new arc has begun, with hints to it unfolding in our current dominion of the Dressel hex. This will span multiple threads and will require the services of many to help us overcome the turmoil that it'll cause.

    A skirmish is also in the works, having been desired by some exiled Mandalorians that are looking for wealth in all the wrong places. Though it isn't slated to begin for at least a couple of weeks. It'll be open to our allies of which we've already been promised plenty of support :)

    Lastly a trial will happen over Veiere's actions on Deneba. It'll determine when he'll go free and what other consequences will be put upon him. That in and of itself will be quite rough for his family and perhaps even in the political stability and trust of their government. We'll see how it plays out ;)

    And one other note...Veiere is back in charge OOC. So behave yourselves :P ;)

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  • The Day Has Come....Uh Oh

    by Lady Kay Jan 22 2018 12:54 AM

    Yes, the day has come. And for what, you might ask? For Bradshaw to take his place as an admin and become a responsible adult :P Yes, you read that right. Responsible and Brad in the same sentence.

    Crazy isn't it? What has this Galaxy come to?

    Seriously though, our dear King Veiere has real life priorities that need looking after and Brad has graciously volunteered to take the reigns for a while. Both Darlyn and I will be sure that he keeps us all on the right track.

    (Good luck to us all....j/k)

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  • CSA War Games Sign Ups Now Open!

    by Lady Kay Dec 29 2017 03:01 AM


    Check it out here for the rules and sign ups.

    Allies of the CSA are welcome to take part as well. Slated to begin next week.

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