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Formally the Capital world for the Commenor Systems Alliance, Commenor now stands alone. The Sith Empire occupy it's land and space after having successfully attacked the planet with devistating force. Holding her own people hostage, the Sith Emperor convinced Commenor's Queen Lady Kay to surrender the once peaceful world into their hands.

Now under strict Sith Imperial rule, a small band of Commenori Loyalists, including members of the Royal family, begin the dangerous and slow process for their planet's liberation.


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    The true flag of Commenor.

    We Remain, We Resist, We Survive.


    While the Sith Empire has placed a new reigning Council at the seat of Commenor's hierarchy, the Queen of Commenor Lady Kay Arenais remains their captive and leverage against the Royal Family, House Arenais and the future heirs to the throne.


    From an unknown pocket of space however, the former King and husband to Kay Arenais resides upon the CSA Resolute organizing and recruiting for the time to strike back and retake their home, to free their Queen and rid Commenor of the oppressive Sith Overlords.


    Out of Character:


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  • So It Begins...

    by Lady Kay Aug 22 2018 11:55 PM

    The insurgency is well under way. With Veiere spearheading the efforts outside of Commenor on board the Resolute, others are working on the ground.

    Kay has finally been brought back to Commenor and is more or less under house arrest at the Palace. All passageways and tunnels connecting it to Chasin City and the destroyed Senate Hall are sealed shut. No doubt the entire network might be compromised.

    Now is the time to gather intel, gather allies, gather supplies and make strategic moves to reclaim Commenor's freedom from the Sith. It won't be easy and it won't be quickly achieved.

    Hopefully no other city will face the same destruction as Munto had....

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  • Sith Imperial Rule

    by Lady Kay Aug 02 2018 05:22 PM

    What an ending! The siege thread is still ongoing, but more or less, the stage has been set for our new chapter.

    The Sith Empire have won, forcing a surrender over oblivion. Martial law is imposed, arrest warrants for the Ministers have been put in place. Those that are caught are to be executed. A new Council is to be put in it's place with Kay acting more or less as just a figurehead once she is returned from prison. The Royal Family are also being hunted down, as are any others that managed to escape the Sith Empire's grip.

    Now comes the next stage. After licking our wounds, the secerative plans for liberation should begin. But betrayal is everywhere....So we must be very careful with who to trust!

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  • Blockades and Tensions

    by Lady Kay Jul 11 2018 10:02 PM

    Oh boy! Been a while since I added news, but here goes!

    Welcome to our newest members :) New people are joining Chaos and finding their way here, which is great!

    The Sith Empire's blockade of our major routes going into and out of the Core is still ongoing. Ships are being stopped by Sith fleets, boarded and cargo and refugees are being stolen. A variety of methods are being taken to deal with this. Negotiations are also underway.

    However a twist has been added to the mix in that Veiere has been captured by one of the Mandalorians (of which we are currently allied with), and has been taken to the Sith Emperor. What his fate will be is undetermined.

    I have a campaign/skirmish/thread being plotted that will tend to the blockade directly and perhaps give us some leverage. Just waiting on the Sith to get back to me for opposition.

    Tension is thick. Who knows how long alliances and neutrality will last!

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  • Events and Changes

    by Lady Kay May 17 2018 12:55 AM

    Another month has gone by and still the dust hasn't settled both IC and OOC. Mostly OOC though.

    My board event had been approved and work is well under way for it to go live on June 6th (7th for those living in the future). I was kind of surprised that I am the sole CSA member working on it, but hopefully I won't be the only CSA member taking part. Fingers crossed.

    The character of Veiere is being merged with Caedyn, so don't worry, we aren't losing an admin. The account is just being changed. It will be odd to look back at old threads and see Caedyn there instead of Veiere however >.<

    We've gained a new Minister of Foreign Affairs! But sadly our Head of the Naval fleet has been killed. So once again our military curse has lived on with those that take up the post being killed off.

    Let's hope that May can end on a high note :)

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Owner: Lady Kay

Founded: 15-September 16

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