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The World of Commenor:

A place of Peace and Prosperity.

From the establishment of the Commenor Systems Alliance, to the year long occupation of the Sith Empire and the 8 million lives taken as Munto City was glassed by the Dark Lord's Super Star-Destroyer, the World of Commenor is no stranger to struggle and loss. Emboldened by the leadership of it's Royal Family the House Arenais, Queen Kay Arenais along with her Husband and King, Veiere Arenais have fought tooth and nail to see the Trade-World's liberation and return to it's former glory; Once more the peaceful World of Commerce and an Ally of the Light.


Having been exposed to many of the Government's previous flaws in the War, the Monarchy has seen fit to divide the World into Independent Nations, whose organization and leadership will fall to the newly elected Nobility, Lords and Ladies to aid in Commenor's over-all financial and military stability, always to meet before the King and Queen in matters of State Affairs.

Independent Nations of Commenor:


Capital City: Chasin City.

Nobility: N/A.



Capital City: Lynndor.

Nobility: Silfe Sosuri.



Capital City: Kliffen.

Nobility: N/A.



Capital City: Juniper City.

Nobility: Marcus Ismet-Ku & Jairdain.



Capital City: Anteluma.

Nobility: Darlyn Excron.



Capital City: Alera.

Nobility: N/A.


Folor (Moon):

Nobility: N/A.


Brelor (Moon):

Nobility: N/A.


Faction Assets.


  • New Faction Owner

    by Kay Arenais Mar 11 2019 04:03 PM

    @Darlyn Excron has stepped up as the new Faction Owner :) He promises to let the Common puns continue, as well as save me some tea.

    Congrats Space Uncle! I know he'll do a fine job, just as he has as an admin.

    Don't forget to save me some tea :)

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  • Cjd78GX.png

    Dominion of Commenor


    Hello, friends! Please see the objectives we have planned for the next dom, due to drop in a couple of days. Let us know which objective you'll be there for!:)



    Objective 1.) A Common Goal: Following the Queen’s dark confession, the King and their House Lords will meet with a party of delegates from the Order to solidif...

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  • Stepping Down

    by Kay Arenais Mar 04 2019 07:11 PM

    It's the end of an era for me.

    Due to no one's fault but my own, I am stepping down as FO. Instead of being an asset, I've been a liability and caused headaches for others, including myself. Every choice of mine these past few months has backfired on me bigtime. So I don't feel fit enough to lead anyone, nor to be the owner.

    Now you all can decide whether or not to choose a new FO or to let the faction end. Just let me know so that I can put in the transfer or get board staff to delete this forum. If there is to be a new FO, that person should get in touch with the SJO for the merge/dominion.

    Thank you for a lot of great stories and a lot of laughs. You've all worked so hard and we've done a lot together. I won't forget that.

    I'll have an IC post up tonight probably (provided that all goes according to plan at home), that'll wrap up the story arc.

    Without further ado, I surrender my title as Space Mom. But not without saying one more time...."Be good and don't break the internet."


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  • LOA for Kay

    by Kay Arenais Jan 29 2019 04:36 PM

    As some of you may or may not be aware, I've been thinking about shelving Kay for a while. Now is the time. The threads that I have going with her right now will continue, but as for future threads, they won't be happening for a while. I don't expect her to be found from this 'vacation' that she's been sent to. At least not for some time. So it'll be a good reason to explain her absence.

    Don't worry, I'm not quitting Chaos. I won't be merging the account. I still have Lori and if my prison stuff takes off, I may have Lucy too instead of just shelving her with the rest as I intended to.

    There's just not a lot happening for me and I figured that Kay was just too boring for people. The political intrigue isn't there. Trying to get more outside faction involvement has dried up given everything else that's going on for them. So rather than continue to bother people and nag them, I'll just put more effort into Lori.

    Sorry if it ruins anyone's plans.

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  • The Next Event

    by Kay Arenais Nov 28 2018 05:10 PM

    Hey everyone. Just thought I'd drop a line to let everyone know that all of your messages and such have been greatly appreciated and loved <3 So thank you! I will be returning at some point, but just not quite yet.


    Anyways, onto other matters....


    I have another Event that I'll be putting to the board soon. Once the rewards, titles and lands have been handed off to their recipients, I'll be getting the event prepared. It'll be fun and different and I hope that a lot of you will enjoy it should you wish to partake. It's not mandatory by any means. At the very least it should be a great read!



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Owner: Darlyn Excron

Founded: 15-September 16

Members: 109