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The Core Imperial Confederation

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Owner: Tanomas Graf

Founded: 28-November 16

Members: 204


"Resistance...Rebellion, you will burn these ideas away"
- Galactic Emperor, Palpatine
Shattered Remains...
That is what we inherit, but finally, the true Galactic Empire rises once more to restore Peace, Order, and Security to the galaxy!
Ruled by the Moff Council, safeguarded by the Imperial Security Bureau, protected by the Imperial Navy and enforced by the Stormtrooper Corps.
Together these cogs press forward the Imperial Warmachine onto Victory and Vengeance against those who dared rebel.  
Glory to the Fleet! Glory to the Galaxy! Glory to The Empire!

Latest Members

"Listen and Obey"
"Resistance, Defiance, Rebellion...ideas that can no longer be allowed to persist. Your Emperor commands it to cease and all who are listening are commanded to ensure their swift annihilation. Count not your losses, count not the days of war, count only the number of traitors who lay dead at your feet. Only through this will you have acted to ensure peace and justice are restored to your homes. 
"Until all resistance is burned away. Until every bastion of treason is destroyed and every world purged and retaken you have failed your Empire. Years, decades, centuries, it does not matter. Imperial Rule must be maintained and all who count themselves among its patriots are mandated to reinstate its justice. 
"Go now, do my will. Kill all who oppose me and once again, we shall have peace." 
Holorecording deployed after the Battle of Endor
Recovered from ancient Imperial Archives
- Galactic Emperor Palpatine


  • Rise of the Warlord

    by Tanomas Graf Feb 22 2018 06:27 AM







    After the hard-fought Battle of Dagobah, the catalyst for the Great Galactic War, the Empire reels from several subsequent attacks from enemies both veteran and newly-formed. The departure of Grand Moff Graf and appointment of Gromm Cardan as Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy has seen a steady rise in both the Empire's efforts to combat the Galactic Alliance and its expansion in Wild Space as Graf leaves military service and focuses entirely on governing the Empire.


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  • Silver Jedi's Bane

    by Tanomas Graf Sep 17 2017 06:43 PM







    With the conclusion of Imperial raids on Silver Jedi territories, the Empire has successfully liberated several star systems suffering under the despot rule of the Jedi; Charros IV, Bimmisaari, Iego, Gand, and Toong'l all relish in the aftermath of their new-found freedom and begin work, with help of Imperial dignitaries, to establish governments for themselves and the people that inhabit these systems.


    Meanwhile, diplomatic channe...

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  • Many Bothans Died

    by Tanomas Graf Jul 24 2017 05:23 PM







    During a drawn-out pursuit of a rebel fleet, after they had attacked an expedition, by a small detachment of the Imperial Navy, said rebel terrorists took refuge on the nearby world of Bothawui where the terrorists then used the civilian populace as hostages in an attempt to bargain with the Empire for uninterrupted passage away from Imperial territories.


    Torn between their duty to protect civilians no matter what and the...

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  • Victory on Scarif!

    by Tanomas Graf May 14 2017 09:36 PM





    "Since the first reports of fighting on Scarif, anchors have anxiously awaited the inevitable announcement of victory on Scarif. Needless to say, our boys in white pulled through! The brave men and women of the Imperial Stormtrooper corps are hard at work detaining the surviving terrorists responsible for attempting to deny the system its well deserved Imperial justice, security, and peace. 


    According to detailed reports filed by ISB into the public domain today, Imperial troops encountered a fleet of what are officially being called 'Rebel Terrorists'. This 'Rebel' fleet had been bombarding the planet for hours in an a...

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  • Weekly Update 23/4/17

    by Tanomas Graf Apr 23 2017 11:34 PM



    Another week in our Empire has gone by, but this is perhaps the most important week in the lifespan of this faction. If you haven't read it already, I personally declared that we are moving on from being an Imperial Remnant, changing our name to the Third Galactic Empire. With this new, symbolic name, the weight of avenging the Old Empire bears down harder than ever before on the shoulders of the faction.


    Please take a moment to sift through the list of threads below and reply to them; At most two dominions will be finished by the end of April, and then we will be moving onto larger plans, likely culminating in the Hex Dominion of Geonosis or an Invasion of Silver Jedi space.




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