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The Sith Empire

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Active Threads


Threads wherein the entirety of the Faction's attention is requested.


Staring at the Void
TSE dominion of Rimcee system. Pirates and the endless gaze of the void. 



Threads currently open and available for participation.


Scenes from the Empire
Open ended sand box thread. Come write a little slice of what life is like in the Empire. 


Sucking Out the Secrets-

FO and TSE joint mission to discover what they can in ORC space. Be sneaky, have fun!


Sith-Imperial Tournament-

Final Round!

For the Glory of the Empire!




The time has come to Eclipse the Light.
For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while we licked our wounds. Now, with the union of our brethren under a single banner, the time is nigh to rend a path through their bastions of Hope.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to the Sith Empire

TSE Staff

Darth Carnifex

Ao Xian
Darth Saarai

Jacob Crawford
Darth Ophidia


Darth Imperia

Imogen Daniels

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Owner: Darth Carnifex

Founded: 12-March 17

Members: 434


  • Staring at the Void

    by Ao Xian May 18 2018 07:14 PM




    On the far edge of the galaxy, just beyond the borders of the Sith Empire, lay darkness. Out in the black beyond there are mysteries that the denizens of our galaxy are unable to pierce. A shroud, a veil, a point of no return. While the Empire understands the very essence of its limitations, there is still a worry- a need to watch that dark line on the horizon for threats far more serious than anything in their backyard. Things lurk, beyond that edge. And the Empire would have warning if they ever chose reach out a skeletal hand.

    Join us in our dominion of Rimcee.

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  • Sucking Out the Secrets

    by Darth Ophidia May 16 2018 12:39 PM



    Shh, be very, very quiet.


    Bring your stealth suits and your best disguise as

    The Sith Empire teams up with the First Order in order in a covert mission

    to steal the well-guarded secrets of the Outer Rim Coalition in:


    Sucking Out the Secrets


    There will be bling.



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  • Cruisin' Kruskan

    by Ao Xian May 13 2018 03:14 PM




    Kruskan was a world with the sort of history that swung in small arcs, rather than large and sweeping ones. A quiet world, easily and often overlooked, it had a history with the Sith that made the Empire’s reach toward it a simple one. In truth, the folding it into the Empire was the easy part.


    Other things? That was where it got difficult.


    Join us for Spoopy ruins and sith toys, League of Voss getting the tar kicked out of them, creepy cultists and more in TSE's Dominion of Kruskan.

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  • Rebellion of Jaminere

    by Darth Ophidia May 04 2018 12:45 PM



    News have been conflicting, but now we can confirm


    The Rebellion rebels The Sith Empire's dominion of Jaminere!

    May 5th to 15th


    On Jaminere, rebels tried to murder our Emperor, but we stood strong. And while the riots were dispersed with minimal use of force, there are some who have taken to the long pro-imperial world of Jaminere with the intent of fanning the dying embers into a flame to burn down our beloved Empire.


    We will not stand idly by while Jedi-sympathising renegades and anarchists challenge our just Imperial rule! Join us on Jaminere to beat back this Rebellion once and for all.

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  • Dominion of Troiken

    by Darth Ophidia May 01 2018 10:35 AM



    In a world of ice and fire, of spice and races:

    Diplomats lost at a party, high-speed racing, higher-stakes gambling, and high time for an end to piracy.


    Join us for the Dominion of Troiken in

    High Stakes and Who is He?


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