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The Sith Empire

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Threads wherein the entirety of the Faction's attention is requested.


The Siege of Commenor
The Commenor Systems Alliance has trifled with the Sith Empire for too long, and after a provocative attack on our blockade the Emperor has dispatched his legions to punish Commenor once and for all.


Jungle Fever

The dominion of Flornis live! Brave the wilds to meet with natives, stop the machinesof ancient sith,hunt beasts, and handlepirates!



Threads currently open and available for participation.


Victory Processional

The Sith Empire celebrates its victory over The Galactic Alliance. A social thread


What Are Friends For?

The Sith Empire headed to Tython to spring an old ally from prison, and to pilfer the Jedi Temple Archives for secrets. Easy-going skirmish with Alliance in Exile.


Duty Calls

The Jedi Praxeum attempts a prison rescue of high valued Jedi inmates of the Citadel.


Once More Into The Breach

A low-stakes low-risk skirmish with the Galactic Alliance after Endgame.


Un-Common Battlecry

The CSA is attempting to bypass our blockade and attack our ships! Thwart their efforts to subvert us, and show them the error of their ways.

The Fate of Light and Dark

The Sith Empire and the Republic Remnant find themselves at odds on the neutral waterworld of Mon Cala, which quickly escalates into a conflict.




The time has come to Eclipse the Light.
For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while we licked our wounds. Now, with the union of our brethren under a single banner, the time is nigh to rend a path through their bastions of Hope.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to the Sith Empire

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  • Jungle Fever

    by Darth Prazutis Aug 10 2018 11:13 AM




    Ever hungry for new resources and personnel to fuel its inexorable expansion, the gaze of the Sith Empire has now fallen on the remote jungle world of Florn, a world known above all else for the nearly unmatched lethality of its native creatures. The Sith Empire will bring the wilds of Florn to heel at all costs. 

    Join us as we negotiate with the ferocious natives, quell the trade of unlicensed cybernetics, and prevent the folly of an ancient Sith Warlord from decimating the planet!



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  • 9lD3YjD.png


    The Empire continues to expand, uncontested and unbound by restrictions. Now the Sith turn their eyes to Nathema, once a world devoid of all life and beauty now rejuvenated by thousands of years of natural restoration. With such historical links to the ancient Sith, the Emperor commands that the world is reclaimed and converted into a bountiful agriworld to feed the innumerable legions of his Empire that fight, kill, and die for his glory and the glory of the Imperium. 


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  • The Siege of Commenor

    by Darth Carnifex Jul 22 2018 10:14 AM





    Oppression! The Galactic Core is in 

    turmoil after the dastardly SITH 

    EMPIRE and the villainous FIRST 

    ORDER brought the last shining 

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  • Dominion of Vaynai

    by Darth Ophidia Jul 21 2018 06:46 PM

    A world of grand seas and lush island paradises


    Temples to a strange religion drawing the young to its fold


    Secrets whispered by the conspirators of the League of Voss


    And Slick


    Join us in The Sith Empire's dominion of Vaynai


    Trouble in Paradise

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  • The Fate of Light and Dark

    by Darth Carnifex Jul 16 2018 06:13 PM



    Both the Sith Empire and the Republic Remnant have come to Mon Cala, looking for opportunities among the native populace of the oceanic world. In the past several months, Mon Cala has served as a refuge for anti-Imperialist entities such as the League of Dac and had even manufactured warships for the now ailing resistance organization. Though interactions between members of the two galactic governments are initially neutral, albeit distant, it is not long before such veiled distrust and derision will manifest into physical violence.


    Join in on the inevitable conflict here - Click

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