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The Sith Empire

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Faction Registry

Stand up and be counted among our members.



Threads wherein the entirety of the Faction's attention is requested.


The Shadow Under Corbos - We dug too deep. We dug too greedily. And now we've unleashed ancient horrors upon the mining world of Corbos, so now we have to clean up our mistake. 


Another Battle of Anzat

​Mistakes were maaaaade. Join us for the rekindling of Empire and Silver Jedi aggressions. 





Threads currently open and available for participation.


Fly Me To the Moon -

Diplomatic thread with the Collective. Wine and dine on Carida!


The Patience of Stone-

Discover the tomb of an ancient Pure Blood Sith Lord 


Relocation Protocols-

Help Aut-X establish his new powerbase on Agamar, and set up for a future expansion.




The time has come to Eclipse the Light.
For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while we licked our wounds. Now, with the union of our brethren under a single banner, the time is nigh to rend a path through their bastions of Hope.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to the Sith Empire

TSE Staff
Ao Xian
Darth Carnifex

Jacob Crawford
Darth Ophidia

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