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The Empire of the Hand

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Owner: Lucien E. Irridius

Founded: 14-May 17

Members: 15

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"There must be a dominant voice in the galaxy. The Empire is that voice."


The Empire of the Hand is a refuge for the true patriots of Imperial Society. The Hand is a Naval collective forged from like-minded Admirals and Captains who wish to preserve Imperial values in their own image.


Doing away with the political web of The Galactic Empire, The Empire of the Hand is ruled by way of martial law where military naval rank and structure dictates every facet of life.


Instead of attempting to control systems through occupation and political trickery, The Hand imposes its will through the conquest of Trade Routes, Transit Hubs, and space.


Order and Peace are maintained through the looming shadow of destruction the fleet represents and the iron grip it holds on trade economy and freedom of transit.