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The Confederacy of Independent Systems

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Owner: Eternal Muse

Founded: 21-July 17

Members: 625

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Millions are Afraid.

They are terrified of being caught in the crossfire as titanic nations go to war. Terrified of being exploited by those less moral...or being sacrificed in the name of the greater good. Yet, in this time of terror, the urge to survive another day can inspire greatness. Some have chosen to band together in the name of freedom, prosperity, and Independence. This is their union.

This is their Confederacy.

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CIS Admins


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[Darth Metus [Faction Owner] | Srina TalonAdron Malvern


CIS Creative Team




Scherezade deWinter | Allya Vi'Dreya | Gerwald Lechner | A'Runda | Lirka Ka 




 Damsy Callat | Luna Terrik | Alkor Centaris | Caesar Kenway | Valencia Hadley








Shakti Sweet



Please congratulate the CIS Member Droid of the month! Shakti Sweet, also known as Valencia Hadley, or Dread Albertan on Discord has been a fantastic influence on our lives. She hasn't been with the Confederacy an extended period of time but he...

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    Greetings Confederates! Let us say, first of all, Happy Holidays, and we at the CIS hope you have a wonderful New Year.


    In light of the gift-giving season, we wanted to provide you with a little IC-Present for all of your hard work during this busy time of year. Thanks to "Adron Malvernwe have a special edition, highly patriotic, ever so purple hued Ouroboros Krayt Dragon Egg. It's your very own Hatchimal!  


    Reward Requirement: If you participated in "Red Vs. Blue" in November 2018

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    Allya Vi'Dreya



    Please congratulate the CIS Member Droid of the month! Allya, better known to the CIS Discord as Zeke, is a breath of fresh air. Our most-needed Christmas Gift. The enthusiasm that has been displayed and a willingness to share ideas has been most appreciated. This member of our little robot community is someone definitely worth keeping an eye on. We see you, dearest, you cannot hide. Every post we've crossed thus far has been wonderful and the Character Bios have been most inventive. Please, kee...

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