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The Confederacy of Independent Systems

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Current Threads


Threads wherein the entirety of the Faction's attention is requested.


CIS vs GE Invasion of Tatooine

|Total War|

The fight against the Empire is still going strong. WE NEED YOU! Make sure to get your posts in before 2/20/2018.



Threads currently open and available for participation.


CIS Dominion of Katanos VII

The Confederacy has responded to a distress call from a mining colony on Katanos VII. We have promised protection and in exchange they will become a member world and supply the faction with Cortosis. [Expect: Fighting Mercs, pirates, and cyborg clones.]



Threads wherein the primary purpose is socialization.

CIS Dominion of Leritor

The Confederacy has been on the offensive for far too long. Take a night off and enjoy a beautiful Masquerade complete with dancing, performances, and fine dining. Invite your friends and have a magical evening!



Millions are Afraid.

They are terrified of being caught in the crossfire as titanic nations go to war. Terrified of being exploited by those less moral...or being sacrified in the name of the greater good. Yet, in this time of terror, the urge to survive another day can inspire greatness. Some have chosen to band together in the name of freedom, prosperity, and Independence. This is their union.

This is their Confederacy.


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Founded: 21-July 17

Members: 196

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