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Neo-Polis Bloc

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The galaxy is a troubled place. In each distant corner entropy is growing, a force of chaos that every second closes around people helpless to even understand that they are trapped. You know what these people lack? They lack power, they lack organisation, and they lack discipline. When I look over my citizens, my workers, and my soldiers, I see people who will fight off the evil, and restore order a galaxy thrown into disarray.


My fellow Polisians, the road will not be an easy one, even now, in your city, in your streets, in your homes, there are people who would stop us, those who would stop at nothing to turn Neo-Polis into some 'free' state. But we know, my comrades, we know what would happen if those aliens, those so-called freedom fighters took our planet from us. It would be complete and utter chaos, and the end of this great planet.


So, people of Neo-Polis, I implore you, take up arms, resist the rebels, resist those who would seek to destroy us. Raise your hand in solidarity with the people and walk with me into a brighter future, a future where Neo-Polis is strong. Where we are finally powerful enough to unite the galaxy, to restore order.


Owner: Darius Vex

Founded: 06-August 17

Members: 2

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