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This faction is currently under review and awaiting deletion pending Admin approval.

The Collective

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Owner: Evoros

Founded: 20-August 17

Members: 47

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Fly Me To The Moon

The Sith Empire is invited to Carida for a military agreement.

Final Warning

Pirates have captured a space station- help us counterattack.


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Welcome to the Collective; an organization dedicated to the advancement of galactic society. Through various means, resources, and individuals we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our sole objective is met. Our agents can be anyone and anywhere. They may serve idealistically or align because of their own self-interest. Regardless of how they conduct themselves, or what their motives are, one truth remains singular....


‚ÄčTranscendence must occur.


Join us in our mission to free the galaxy from stagnation and lead it into the greater age.




Faction Staff:


Evoros | Faction Owner

Kaori Arai | Faction Admin

Whisper | Faction Admin

Janeth Farr | Faction Admin

Atlas Kane | Faction Admin | Currently on LOA


  • Dominion of X-19 Hex

    by Evoros Feb 18 2018 03:05 PM

    Okay folks, sorry it took a stupidly long time to get to this. Another dominion is up for our empty hex, where spoopy things are happening on a space station--join here!


    As usual, I'll keep track of where everyone is posting so new people know where to jump in. I'll tackle whichever objective needs another body.

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  • Dominion of Anobis

    by Evoros Dec 30 2017 10:12 AM

    The Collective is infiltrating the smuggling wars on Anobis to establish a new base and a sleeper navy. Come join us!




    1. Take over the Second Hand smuggler's guild located in the Southern Zabrak Colony.
      Agents: Evoros | Jaya Tandris | Mara Kellarov
    2. Investigate the human New Mission mining colony's Knaar infestation, and drive out or eliminate their presence.

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    3. Update

      by Evoros Dec 27 2017 05:28 PM

      So, a few hours late, but as you likely noticed the lovely @Janeth Farr has officially handed over the faction, leaving me, your new robot overlord. Some changes have been made; we have some new staff (please welcome the lovely @Kaori Arai and @Whisper), an updated faction advert, and we're working on new threads to try and bring back our higher activity levels, starting with a ball on Arkania that'll likely go up in the next day or two.


      Meanwhile, please feel free to leave feedback/thread suggestions etc. Bring on the gifs!



      ^me, panicking.

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    4. Our First Dominion!

      by Janeth Farr Oct 10 2017 04:41 AM

      Took me long enough to use the news feature.


      (I'm really lazy, okay.) Anyway, the Collective has launched its very first dominion and you're all (obviously!) free to join the thread.


      Our story journey begins on Eshan, homeworld of the Echani, where a Thrysian terrorist cell known as the Sundown Warriors seeks to overthrow the Echani government. The Collective has caught wind of this plot and moves in to capitalize on the conflict and subvert influence for our own gain.


      So I hope to see everyone getting involved in this thread and the many others to come!



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