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Help Topic: Getting Started

Getting straight into role-playing on this site is not a long, complicated process. There are some things to know, however.




After registering, you should read the Rules. They can be located under the 'Rules' tab on the navbar. It is important for all members to have some familiarity with the Rules and know how to look them up when necessary.


Character Creation


Whenever you make a new character, a biography of the character posted in the Character Creation forum is required. No approval is necessary after posting it.


A simple Character Creation Profile Template is available for you to use in the creation of your character's biography. Please keep in mind the list of Banned Species and Characters, though.


After posting your character's biography, you are free to do the following:

  • Roleplay on the site's Open and Private role-playing forums.
  • Join one of the many Factions of the site.
  • Request titles for your character if other requirements are met.




You are free to join/create Factions upon creating your character's biography. All Factions can be seen through the Faction Directory menu.


To join a Faction, go to its front page and click 'Join faction'. Some Factions might have an application process, but most are open for anyone to join.


To create a Faction, simply click 'Add faction' at the Faction Portal.


You can also search for Factions very quickly by using the Search bar. Type in the keyword you wish to search then click on 'Google Site Search' and select 'Factions'. For example, typing in 'empire' should get a list of the Empires on the site.