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Pinned  Character Creation

Aug 12 2014 09:15 PM | Tefka in Rules

CHARACTER CREATION RULES Welcome to Star Wars Chaos. You may dive right into creating your character after reading the board rules, character creation rules, and the Banned Species/ Characters list.  Thereafter, please go to the Character Cre...

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Pinned  General Rules

Aug 12 2014 10:02 PM | Tefka in Rules

GENERAL RULES 1. Multiple ‘writer’ accounts are not allowed. All profiles must be created as ‘character’ subaccounts to your main writer account. 2. Keep your posts constructive and on the topic your post is in. 3. This board is rated PG...

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Pinned  Role-play Rules

Aug 24 2014 03:48 PM | Tefka in Rules

ROLE PLAY RULES 1. Posting Out-of-Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum. 2. Cross-Over Role-play is not allowed. 3. You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc. in any form. 4. Show respect to everyone i...

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Factory Standardized Rules

Apr 02 2017 07:18 AM | Cira in The Factory

Factory Standardized Rules          Players are encouraged to help discuss create, discuss, and police each other's submissions.Players are also encouraged to read and often quote the rules. Genera...

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Map Update 01May2019

May 01 2019 09:02 AM | Irajah Ven in Map

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Apr 14 2016 09:24 PM | Tefka in Rules

REBELLION RULESRebellions allow Minor Factions to claim or neutralize Major Factions’ territory.TARGETS OF REBELLIONS A Major Faction’s third completed Dominion in a month is vulnerable for 10 days after the Dominion is submitted in the Map Update thre...

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Restricted Materials

Jun 14 2015 05:30 PM | Tefka in The Factory

Restricted Materials Restricted materials may only be used in submissions where the quantity is Semi-Unique or below.NykkaltAlchemized Artifacts/Items * (Alchemized artifacts/items where the only effect is increased resilience are not considered...

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Codex Standardized Rules

Jan 25 2019 10:34 AM | Irajah Ven in The Codex

Codex Standardized Rules  General Codex Guidelines 3.0Codex Submissions in Planets will require official, two level approval. They are not considered approved until they have been approved by a Codex Judge and an RPJ/Admin, and only then may...

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Map Update 01APRIL2019

Apr 01 2019 08:51 AM | Irajah Ven in Map

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