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At any point, a Major faction may declare “dominion” over an unoccupied planet outside of their Influence Cloud. This is a way for factions to passively gain planets without competing with other factions. All dominions begin as a Tier 1 Dominion.


Label your faction's name, the planet, and the opposing faction (if there is one) in the topic title. Acquisitions will not be awarded in the future if this is not adhered to.


1. Planets dominated further than one grid away will raise the Dominion's minimum post count by +50 posts per grid from the nearest point in your Major Faction's Influence Cloud. Planets gained this way will increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud.


Other factions may not interrupt a faction's Tier 1 Dominion thread.


The faction must meet all minimum requirements in order to gain the planet during a Dominion.


1. The thread must have a minimum total of 100 posts.


2. The faction must construct a believable plot for the duration of the role-play.


3. You may only dominion a planet that is available on the SWRP: Chaos Official Map.


4. If you finish a dominion within 30 minutes of a faction finishing a dominion on the same planet, a Rebellion thread for the planet must be initiated to decide ownership of the planet.


5. All posts in a Dominion must be made to be quality posts. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a raising of the minimum post goal for the Dominion.


6. No single Writer may be responsible for more than 1/4th of the total posts in a Dominion.


7. Dominions must have a minimum of 5 unique writers posting in it.


Once a faction has finished it's Dominion of a planet, consult a Roleplay Judge to have the Dominion approved and the planet added to the Faction's Planet List.


A Major Faction may begin multiple Dominions at once.


Tiers and Rebellions only affect dominions started after the date of the rules announcement (16th March 2016).


Tiered Dominions


Once a Dominion is determined to be completed by the Major Faction, a representative approved by the Faction's leadership will post the proper template in the Map Update thread requesting the Dominion be awarded to the Major Faction.


Dominions may continue even after completion, and Rebellions may still be declared even if the planets have already been awarded (if the Dominion thread still meets the requirements for declaring Rebellions.)


The number of planets awarded to a Major Faction on conducting a dominion will depend on the category (or tier) the Dominion is awarded. Major Factions may not choose the tier of the Dominion thread - instead, the following factors determine it.




Post Requirement For Completion: 100
Any Member Can Join: Upon Approval by Major Faction Leadership.
Any Faction Can Join: Upon Approval by Major Faction Leadership.
Gains: One Target Planet
Maximum Dominions A Major Faction Can Complete Per Month: N/A




Post Requirement For Completion: 110
Any Member Can Join: Yes.
Any Minor Faction Can Join: Yes.
Gains: Two Targeted Planets In The Same Hex
Maximum Dominions A Major Faction Can Complete Per Month: 3


To reach Tier 3 the requirements must be met within 30 days of the dominion reaching Tier 2.




Post Requirement For Completion: 150
Any Member Can Join: Yes.
Any Minor Faction Can Join: Yes.
Gains: Entire Hex
Maximum Dominions A Major Faction Can Complete Per Month: 1
Targetable by Rebellions: Yes.


The rebellion must be initiated within 14 days of the Dominion reaching Tier 3
The rebellion must be concluded within 21 days of starting