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Star Wars RP: Chaos operates with an "Open Faction Creation System", meaning that any character may create a Faction whenever you want. You do not need permission to do so! For more information on our available Factions, please see the Faction Directory.


No faction may use the terms 'official', 'real' or 'true' or similar in the name of their faction. No faction can claim to be the sole and only version of that group.




1. At any time, an Administrator may declare a Minor Faction inactive and remove the Faction.


2. Minor Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting SWRP Administrators of SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions.


3. Minor Factions who meets the minimum requirements to become a Major Faction may post a request in the Factions forum to be declared a Major Faction. If a Minor Faction is declared the victor of a Rebellion, then that Minor Faction is given the choice of being promoted to Major (and gaining the hex) or remaining minor (reverting the hex to neutral.)




1. If a Minor Faction holds allegiance to, operates under the authority of, or in any way belongs to a Major Faction they are considered a Subfaction and not a Minor Faction.


2. A Subfaction may use the resources of its Major Faction, but may not initiate Rebellions.




1. Major Factions must have maintained activity for 30 days as a Minor Faction before being eligible for Major status.


2. Major Factions must maintain 5 or more unique, individual, active characters to remain active. Each character must be written by a different person.


3. A Major Faction's is dependent on the number of people it has during it's Major Faction Application. For every 5 unique writers, the Major Faction will start with an extra hex, at a maximum of 3 starting hexes.


4. When a Major Faction Owner steps down, a public, faction-wide election must take place on the SWRP forums to choose a new Major Faction Owner.


5. Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc.


6. Major Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting the SWRP Staff Team's Administrators of waning activity, gained or lost hexes, SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions, etc.




1. Members may not be Faction Administrators, Faction Moderators, Faction Owners, or representatives of Faction Leadership in any manner of more than one Major Faction. This applies to all characters/sub-accounts owned.




Faction Capitals are represented as planet icons on the Galaxy Map.


1. Each faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Factions may not invade the hex containing the capital planet unless you have occupied a neighboring hex.


2. The Major Faction Defending their Capital Hex receive the following buffs during an Invasion:


A: Invasion Minimum Post Count: +100 Posts


B: Faction Aid Requests: +5 Writers


3. The Major Faction Capital Hex may not be the target of Rebellions.




1. Major Factions have "Influence Clouds" displayed on the Galaxy Map.


2. A Major Faction spreads its Influence Cloud by invading (Invasion) or dominating (Dominion) a hex near its borders.


3. Planets on the official SWRP Chaos Map whose icon touches a grid line count as a planet for all hexes the line(s) intersect.


4. If a Major Faction's Influence Cloud is completely severed into two or more smaller clouds by an Invasion or any other method, the Major Faction loses the cloud(s) furthest away from it's Capital Planet and only retains the cloud it's Capital Planet resides in.




1. Upon discovery of a Major Faction that does not meet the SWRP Staff Team's standards, a Staff member may begin a vote to demote the Major Faction to a Minor Faction and recall it from the SWRP Galactic Map.


2. A Major Faction Recall vote requires 2/3 majority vote from the SWRP Staff Team to successfully pass.


3. Once a vote has passed, the Major Faction's Administrators will be sent a Notification Of Closure.


4. Upon receiving a Notification Of Closure, the Major Faction will have 14 days to bolster activity and meet the SWRP Staff Team's standards.


5. Upon the end of the 14 days of the Notification Of Closure, a second vote from the SWRP Staff Team will be held in accordance with the rules of the first vote. Upon passage of the second vote, the Major Faction's hexes on the map will all be permitted to be targeted by Rebellion threads by Minor Factions or Invasionsfrom Major Factions.


6. Recalled Major Faction Capitals lose their bonus defenses when the Major Faction only has one hex left with Influence Cloud.




1. A Major Faction may not merge its influence cloud with another Major Faction's influence cloud.


2. A Major Faction may not gift another Major Faction any territory or planets (see Diplomacy Rules).


3. Technology from the Merging Faction can be Re-Submitted into the new faction with a development thread or modified if the original submitter is involved in the transfer.*
*The new submission must reference the original with a link. As per Standardization of Dev Threads, a Judge reserves the right to ask for additional development.


4. The Major faction must post the Major Faction Removal or Merger notice in the Map Thread Updates Thread.


5. If a Major Faction requests to be removed from the map they are counted as a recalled Major Faction (not a Minor Faction) until the next Map Update.