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  • Flashpoints are the harbingers of chaos and chance, and represent random and sometimes naturally occurring events in the Galaxy of Star Wars RP: Chaos.
  • In a Flashpoint where more than 2 sides are involved every IC post must clearly label the side being represented.
  • Every time a new Rebellion or Invasion is declared, a member of the SWRP Staff Team will roll a ten-sided die in the #dice_rolls discord channel. If the Rebellion/Invasion thread's roll lands on a 10, a Flashpoint is declared and the prefix of the thread is changed to Flashpoint.
  • When a thread is declared a Flashpoint, it will follow a set of further rules in addition to the rules determined by the type of thread it was prior to becoming a Flashpoint.
  • These rules are decided by a second 4-sided dice roll by Staff in the #flashpoint discord channel, and the corresponding number will decide which modifier to apply to the thread.
  • A Role-play Judge will be assigned to a Flashpoint to ensure a modicum of law and to answer all questions arising from the Chaos.
  • If a 1 is rolled, the Rebellion is immediately crushed and the Flashpoint is to be treated as a successful Dominion.
  • If a 2 is rolled, the Major Faction owning the planet has put up a blockade, limiting the amount of people from each Minor Faction that joins to a maximum of 5 characters.
  • If a 3 is rolled, two adjacent hexes to this Rebellion (to be determined by Staff) are now also open to Rebellion for the next 10 days.
  • If a 4 is rolled, Major Factions may also join the Rebellion and join either side.
  • If a 1 is rolled, the victor will claim the two hexes closest (to be determined by staff) to the invasion hex from the losing Faction. These will be returned to neutral if dictated so by influence cloud rules.
  • If a 2 is rolled, Requesting Aid restrictions are lifted.
  • If a 3 is rolled, each participating Major Faction must invite a second Major Faction as an ally.
  • If a 4 is rolled, a Minor Faction may declare Rebellion and join the invasion to make it a three way battle. If declared victorious Rebellion rules apply. Any further Minor Factions may join the Flashpoint by posting their intention in the OOC thread.