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At any point, a Major Faction may “invade” another Major Faction's occupied hex. This involves one Major Faction's members fighting for control of the hex against another Major Faction's members.

  • Label your faction's name, the hex, and the opposing faction (if there is one) in the topic title. Acquisitions will not be awarded in the future if this is not adhered to.
  • A Major Faction may only start one Invasion at a time and may not serve notice to start another until the original invasion is completed and judged.
  • A Major Faction must give 7 days notice of their intention to invade a hex.
  • Hexes invaded further than one hex away from a Major Faction's borders will not increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud.
  • Stampeding is not allowed. Stampeding is when a Major Faction colludes to post all of its members repetitively without waiting for a proper response from the opposition.


1. Both the opposing and defending Major Factions in an Invasion thread may request assistance from factions not involved in the thread.


2. A maximum of 5 characters total per side in the Invasion may provide assistance. Each character must be played by a different writer.


3. Character rotations/substitutions are not allowed. Only the first 5 characters to provide assistance per side may do so.


4. Faction Leaders will be held accountable for regulating the number of characters they have assisting their Faction.


5. A character fulfilling an aid request for another Major Faction may not join any more Invasions until the Invasion thread they are aiding in is completed.


Characters found in violation of Rule 2 will be subjected to disciplinary action.




1. The thread must have a minimum total of 100 posts between both factions.


2. Both factions must have a minimum of 5 members per side. If either faction cannot meet this requirement within 72 hours of the beginning of the invasion, that faction forfeits.


Once an Invasion nears it's completion, the SWRP Chaos Staff Team will be privately contacted and a Role-play judge will be assigned. If either faction does not concede, the Role-play Judge will decide the victor.




The following will not be considered when judging an Invasion.

  • Person vs Person Duels. The amount of duels won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
  • Objectives. The amount of objectives won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
  • Non-Player Characters. The actions of NPCs involved from either side in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
The following will be considered when judging an Invasion.
  • Teamwork. The amount of teamwork each faction exhibits over the course of the Invasion will contribute to victory, including its organization and cooperation with the faction's members. Does the Faction work well to execute its vision for the invasion whilst working positively with members of the opposing faction to provide entertaining roleplay.
  • Story. Does it make sense? How exciting is it? Are the factions trying to weave a purposeful story with their allies and opposition or put up points on a scoreboard? This should not include the reason for the Invasion, but rather the story that proceeds once the Invasion has begun and reacting to events as they unfold.
  • OOC Drama. Negative drama instigated by either side, publicly, can negatively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Invasion.
  • Entertainment. The value of entertainment provided by Factions in an Invasion can positively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Invasion.
  • Effort. The amount of effort put into the Invasion by each faction participating will positively impact that faction's chances for victory. This includes, but is not limited to - active writers participating, quality of writing, and responding to your writing partners in a reasonable time.