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rebellions rules



Once a Dominion by a Major Faction turns into a Tier 3 Dominion, a Minor Faction may initiate a “Rebellion” of the Major Faction's targeted Tier 3 Dominion Hex. This involves the Minor Faction's members fighting for control of the hex against the Major Faction's members.


1. To initiate a Rebellion on a planet, the following conditions must be met by a Minor Faction.

  • The target of a Rebellion must be a Tier 3 Dominion or a planet belonging to a recalled Major Faction.
  • The faction declaring Rebellion can not be the faction that started the Dominion.
  • An OOC thread must be made in the Roleplay Discussion forum declaring a Rebellion.
2. To join a Rebellion on a planet, the following conditions must be met by a Minor and/or Major Faction.
  • A Faction joining a Rebellion that did not initiate the Dominion and/or Rebellion must post in the Roleplay Discussion OOC Thread made by the Faction that initiated the Rebellion.
3. Once a Rebellion nears its completion, the SWRP Chaos Staff Team will be privately contacted and a Role-play judge will be assigned. If either faction does not concede, the Role-play Judge will decide the victor.


4. If a Minor Faction is declared victor of the Rebellion, that Minor Faction is promoted to Major and is given a new influence cloud over the targeted hex*.
*The minor faction may choose to decline, which would revert the entire hex to neutral.


5. On becoming a Minor Faction, that faction must wait a minimum of 14 days before initiating a rebellion.


The rebellion must be concluded within 21 days of starting


Planets belonging to a Major Faction that has been recalled by the SWRP Staff Team may be targeted by Rebellions.


1. For a Major Faction to remove itself from the list of Recalled Major Factions, the following conditions must be met:

  • The recalled Major Faction must be declared victor in a minimum of two Rebellion threads that target planets within its Influence Cloud.
2. The victor of a Rebellion on a recalled Major Faction planet will claim the entire hex's influence cloud the targeted planet resides within*.
*If the target planet resides on a grid line, Faction Leadership of the victorious faction must choose which hex to claim.


3. The minimum time required before a Rebellion can be declared completed on a Recalled Faction’s planet is two weeks.

4. If a Major Faction requests to be removed from the map they are counted as a recalled Major Faction (not a Minor Faction) until the next Map Update.



The following will not be considered when judging a Rebellion.

  • Person vs Person Duels. The amount of duels won or lost in a Rebellion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
  • Objectives. The amount of objectives won or lost in a Rebellion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
  • Non-Player Characters. The actions of NPCs involved from either side in a Rebellion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
The following will be considered when judging a Rebellion.
  • Teamwork. The amount of teamwork each faction exhibits over the course of the Rebellion will contribute to victory, including its organization, cooperation with the faction's members, and how it executes its vision for the Rebellion. This also includes members from opposing factions working with each other, rather than against each other, to provide entertaining role-play.
  • Story. Does it make sense? How exciting is it? Is the Rebelling faction trying to weave a purposeful story or put up points on a scoreboard? This should not include the reason for the Rebellion, but rather the story that proceeds once the Rebellion has begun.
  • OOC Drama. Negative drama instigated by either side, publicly, can negatively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Rebellion.
  • Entertainment. The value of entertainment provided by Factions in a Rebellion can positively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Rebellion.
  • Effort. The amount of effort put into the Rebellion by each faction participating will positively impact that faction's chances for victory. This includes, but is not limited to - active writers participating, quality of writing, and responding to your writing partners in a reasonable time.