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The Factory Archives

Restricted Materials

Jun 14 2015 05:30 PM | Tefka in The Factory

Restricted & Banned Items This list is subject to change without notice. Changes will not affect previously approved submissions. Restricted Items Submissions including restricted materials will be reviewed by both Factory and Role-Play Judges for...

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Codex/Factory Rules

Aug 12 2014 09:57 PM | Tefka in The Factory

The Codex & Factory Standardized RulesCodex & Factory submissions may only be introduced into role-play threads whose start date begins after the submission's approval date.There is a cap of three active or pending submissions permitted in each...

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Factory Standardized Rules

Apr 02 2017 07:18 AM | Cira in The Factory

Factory Standardized Rules These rules span across the entirety of the Factory only. Pre-Factory Rules and Guidelines Posted WIP submissions are not open for member or judge input, it is an area for members to work on their submissions only.Posted WIP...

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Company Rules

Apr 02 2017 07:29 AM | Cira in The Factory

Company Rules Here are the general rules and guidelines for Companies. New Company Creation All new company submissions must be tagged with their respective Tier Level in Topic Tags. The description of your company must be at least a paragraph in...

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Apr 02 2017 07:32 AM | Cira in The Factory

Workshop Expansion and Growing in Tier A Workshop is a small operation, comparable in size to a Tier One Company and follows the same production limitations. A Workshop’s growth in tier reflects increasing prestige and expertise in a specialized field....

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Reverse Engineering Guidelines

Jun 14 2015 05:45 PM | Tefka in The Factory

Reverse Engineering Rules Any player may reverse engineer submissions where there is evidence that these were previously owned by/ manufactured for them. This is to distinguish submissions whose intent is the reverse engineering from an available appro...

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Known Owners of Unique Canon Items

Apr 02 2017 07:39 AM | Cira in The Factory

Known Owners of Unique Canon Items This is the list of Last Known Owners of Canon Items. It records unique items such as Canon holocrons, artifacts, named canon ships, etc. All desired claimed Canon Items would be required to go through the same F...

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