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Codex/Factory Rules

The Codex & Factory Standardized Rules

  • Codex & Factory submissions may only be introduced into role-play threads whose start date begins after the submission's approval date.
  • There is a cap of three active or pending submissions permitted in each of the sub forums in the Codex or three in total within the Factory per Writer.
  • Work-in-Progress submissions are not permitted except in the Pre-Factory or Pre-Codex.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The entire template must be used in your submission. The template's fields are not to be changed/removed/altered, additional information may be added but base fields may not be changed or removed. If you have nothing to add for a certain section, simply put ‘N/A’
  • Be aware that some items and materials are restricted or banned and cannot be used freely. Be sure to consult the list before making a submission.
  • Do not bump your submissions.
  • All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars. No Gundam Wings, no Transformers.
  • All measurements in all submissions must be in metric.
  • At any point during the approval process for your submission, you may apply for a Second Chance.
  • Do not post in other people’s submissions. Consult a judge if you have concerns.
  • No member may "claim" an image unless they created it themselves.
  • If the owner of the image asks you to take it down, please do so.
  • Intentionally breaking these rules or attempting to mislead Judges will incur a 30 day zero tolerance ban from the Factory or Codex.
  • Event Rewards are only valid for redemption within 90 days of the award date.


For the full list of Codex Standardized Rules, please click here.
For the full list of Factory Standardized Rules, please click here.