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Factory Standardized Rules

Factory Standardized Rules

Factory Standardized Rules
These rules span across the entirety of the Factory only.
Pre-Factory Rules and Guidelines [here]

  • Posted WIP submissions are not open for member or judge input, it is an area for members to work on their submissions only.
  • Posted WIP submissions have a two week limit within the Pre-Factory subforum. Anything exceeding that will be archived.
  • Once a posted WIP submission has been completed, the member will tag the Factory Admin or Factory RPJ to move it to the correct forum.
General Submission Guidelines
  • There is a cap of three active or pending submissions permitted in the Factory per writer.
  • All companies utilized as manufacturers must be hyperlinked to their submission or canonical article.
  • All non-basic submission titles should have its basic translation in parentheses beside it. I.E. Echoy'lii Shuk'orok (Echoy'lan Crushgaunts) or Aliit'Verd Euk'gar'gam (Clan Verd Mando Steel Armor)
  • All droid characters must first be approved through the Factory if their droid models are not canon.
  • All submissions should reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their materials and components for transparency, balance, and fair play.
  • Typically, if a submission lays idle with no reply from the submitter for 48 hours or more, a Factory Judge may archive it. At that time, the submitter may request for it to come back for judgment by PMing a Factory Judge or the Factory Admin.
  • Spoilers are not permitted in submissions. The only exception is for images.
  • For rules regarding Restricted and Banned Materials, please review here.
  • The factory will not base judgements on precedents or the approval of prior submissions.
  • Canon items must be claimed using the guidelines listed here.
Technology Forum Rules
Here are the general rules and guidelines for Technology.
  • Fully constructed lightsabers are restricted to a maximum of Semi-Unique production.
  • The Armor Rating Extreme will require the submission to be UNIQUE. This armor rating is considered very strong and are usually dealing with unique items that should be restricted to Player Characters only.
Starships Forum Rules
Here are the general rules and guidelines for Starships.
  • Particularly rare or powerful special features may necessitate using a lower production (for example, cloaking technology, gemcutters, crystal grav traps, equivalent stealth or anti stealth technologies, or rare canon technologies and their equivalents will only be permitted at Semi-Unique production)
  • For rules on what ships can be fielded/owned by a Faction, Company or Individual see Table 1
  • For rules on what ships can be produced by a Faction, Company or Individual see Table 2

Table 1.0

Posted Image

This is the maximum meterage that can be fielded by Company Tier Level, Minor, or Major Factions.

SSD: Super Star Destroyer / Dreadnought







Table 2.0

Posted Image

This is the maximum production and meterage that can be produced and manufactured by Company Tier Level, Minor or Major Factions.







Posted Image


Individual Rules

  • Faction owned starships captained by an individual PC may only be transferred to a new faction under the control of the PC with Faction Owner approval.
Company Rules
  • Mass producing larger lengths in starships and space stations will require a higher company tier level. For rules on what ships and station lengths may be produced by a company tier level, please see Table 2.
Minor Faction Rules
  • Mass producing starships and space stations are capped in length for minor factions. For rules on what ships and station lengths may be produced by a Minor Faction see Table 2.
Major Factions Rules
  • Only a Major Faction has the resources necessary to role-play having a large fleet, army, etc. [here]
Super Star Destroyers / Dreadnoughts
  • Acquiring a Super Star Destroyer / Dreadnought will be restricted to Major Factions. Acquisition will follow Dominion rules.
  • A major faction, upon completing their second dominion of the calendar month, may begin their third and final eligible Dominion as a SSD / Dreadnought dominion thread. This will follow the same rules as a third Dominion, meaning that a Minor Faction has the ability to initiate a Rebellion, per Dominion rules. The following outcomes determine the result:
    • Major Faction Wins Rebellion (Or no rebellion takes place within allotted time): The major faction may submit a unique SSD / Dreadnought.
    • Minor Faction Wins Rebellion: Provided the minor faction meets all requirements to go major, and they choose to do so, they may steal the dreadnought reward and submit their own.
    • Minor Faction Wins Rebellion: If the minor faction wins the rebellion, however does not meet the requirements to become major, or they choose not to go major, neither side conquers the hex, and both sides forfeit the SSD / Dreadnought.
  • A Major Faction may not submit a SSD / Dreadnought until after the tenth day window of rebellions closes.
  • A SSD / Dreadnought will be permitted to range from 5,001m to 10,000m.
  • Each SSD / Dreadnought must be labeled Unique.
  • No player may captain a SSD / Dreadnought without the Major Faction Owner's consent.
  • If a Major Faction is recalled, merged into another Major Faction, or drops to minor, any SSD / Dreadnought created must be decommissioned and archived. Transfer of these ships will require re-review to ensure they conform to current factory standards prior to recommission. A judge may request additional edits to ensure balance and adhere to board rules.
  • Major Factions that are tied to mandates that prohibit rebellions are excluded from building dreadnoughts.
  • Major Factions that are permitted more than three dominions per month may still only submit a single dreadnought after their third dominion.
  • Dominions submitted must be started and completed within the same month to qualify for an SSD submission.
Submission Modifications
After a submission has been approved, it will be locked. If you want to make a modification to it at a later date, post your request in the appropriate Modification Request thread with the applicable template. Changes to submissions that alter the capabilities, technologies, or drastically increase the information pertaining to the submission will subject the submission to re-evaluation at current factory standards.


You may only submit one request per category at a time. This request may contain up to five items to be modified.

  • For those seeking Technology Modifications, please visit this link.
  • For those seeking Vehicle Modifications, please visit this link.
  • For those seeking Starship Modifications, please visit this link.
  • For those seeking Company Modifications, please visit this link.
Second Chance
As per the Codex and Factory Standardized rules, At any point during the approval process for your submission, you may apply for a Second Chance.
  • If your submission has been denied and you feel it has been done so unfairly you may request a second chance on the submission in question by posting a link to the denied submission and your case for why it should be looked into again. Submissions pulled for Second Chance will be given a new judge. You may not request a specific judge.
  • At any time during an active original judgement a submitter may request a second chance for a different judge if they feel they have reasonable evidence of judge bias or unfair judgement. The item will be archived and the submitter may post the second chance request in the Second Chance thread.
  • Submissions that are denied on Second Chance are final denials and may not be submitted again.