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Known Owners of Unique Canon Items

Known Owners of Unique Canon

Known Owners of Unique Canon Items


This is the list of Last Known Owners of Canon Items. It records unique items such as Canon holocrons, artifacts, named canon ships, etc. All desired claimed Canon Items would be required to go through the same Factory approval process as SW Chaos Technology, Vehicles, and Starships and restricteditems.


Unique Canon Item Claim and Factory Submission Rules
Due to the timeline, it is assumed most canon items such as artifacts, starships, and technology went missing or was lost during the Gulag Plague. However, it is the writer's choice in how to go about searching, discovering, and claiming the canon item but please follow the below rules.

  • A writer may possess no more than a total of 5 Canon items across all their characters. Factions, companies, and other organizations are unable to claim canon items.
  • To be able to claim A Unique Canon Item, a writer must first complete a "Unique Canon item objective" in a convincing manner that adds to the quality of the role-play thread. Each completed objective only counts for one submission.
  • Once done, create a Factory submission using the template of the applicable type ( I.E. Technology, Vehicles, Starships) and ensure the respective canon item's Wookieepedia page - if applicable - is linked.
  • Once approved, the writer may now request to claim it on the Known Owners of Unique Itemsand link the approved submission.
  • If a Canon Item Owner is absent for more than 30 days, any writer who has not exhausted their 5 canon item slots may contest your claim by following the above rules to claime a unique canon item and creating a submission of their own for the same Canon item. ( Linking as Primary Source the previous Factory submission to it if any and the Canon Wookieepedia Link.) The Factory Judge presiding will alert a Role-play Judge, who will then attempt to contact the previous Canon Item Owner. If the Role-play Judge fails to contact the previous Canon Item Owner within 72 hours and deems the Canon Item Owner inactive, the Role-play Judge will then archive the old submission and approve the new one with the new owner.


Unique Canon Items Mission Objective: (( Embark on a quest to research, locate and recover the canon item in question. There is no set post limit, though you should tell a complete story. ))