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Restricted Materials

rules restricted materials salvaging

Restricted & Banned Items
This list is subject to change without notice. Changes will not affect previously approved submissions.


Restricted Items
Submissions using Restricted Items will be reviewed by a Role-play Judge and may be declined depending on the quality and effort of the submitter.

  • Mission completion may grant a maximum of Limited production, depending on the submission. Each completed mission thread only counts for one submission.
  • Any submission which use a Factory Submitted base material based on a Restricted Material (e.g., A Phrik Armourweave submission) will a have a maximum production value of Semi-Unique.
  • If a restricted material is traded between characters, you must link to the purchase/trade thread of the restricted item along with the seller's original resource obtaining thread.
  • Under no circumstances are two restricted materials allowed per submission. New alloys created by blending two or more restricted materials are not allowed.
Submissions with a restricted material from the list below will not require a completed ‘restricted material’ objective thread for Technology as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as Unique and maintain well balanced strengths, weaknesses, and features. Companies and/or Workshops at Tier 6 may utilize materials from the list below in Technology, Vehicle Creation, and Starships as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as Unique. One material from the list below, chosen by a company or workshop (Limit 1 per writer) upon reaching Tier 6 may submit Technology, Starships, and Vehicles using that material at Semi-Unique. Regardless of this, a Factory Judge may deny a submission on concept if they feel that balance is unlikely to be found due to the nature of the submission. For more extensive productions, please see the 'Restricted Materials Mission' section below.Restricted Materials Mission
Write a thread in a convincing manner detailing the quest for, construction of, or discovery of the material or item in question. There is no set post count, however a complete story should be told. Submissions containing extraordinarily strong materials or providing substantial benefits may warrant a judge requesting additional effort or edits made to the submission to adhere to forum standards and balancing for fair play. The item(s) below are not included as free of RM missions for characters or companies/workshops.Banned Items
i. Banned Items are not permitted to be used in canon role-play threads on Star Wars RP: Chaos without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
ii. Banned Items are not permitted to be used in submissions within the Factory without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
iii. Banned Items are only permitted to be used in Non-Canon role-play threads or Non-Canon Campaign threads.