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Restricted Materials

rules restricted materials salvaging

Restricted & Banned Items
This list is subject to change without notice. Changes will not affect previously approved submissions.
Restricted Items
Submissions including restricted materials will be reviewed by both Factory and Role-Play Judges for balance and fairness and may be declined based upon review.

  • Restricted Material Missions no longer apply for anything other than SSD / Dreadnoughts (Via the SSD / Dreadnought Dominion Rules).
  • Restricted Materials have been separated into two categories: Type A and Type B. This is to allow submissions a degree of flexibility to include two restricted materials per submission.
  • Submissions which include two restricted materials may never exceed Semi-Unique.
  • Restricted Materials may not be combined to create new alloys under any circumstance.
  • Submissions including materials from the list of Type A may include another Type A material, or a Type B material.
  • Submissions may not include two materials from the list of Type B.
Submissions with a restricted material will be accepted so long as they meet the following criteria:
  • Confined to the Technology and Vehicles categories.
  • Production value does not exceed Semi-Unique.
  • Maintain a sensible level of balance, fairness, as well as strengths and weaknesses throughout the submission.
For submissions including restricted materials at production ratings higher than Semi-Unique, as well as Starship submissions:
  • Starships which include a restricted material may require the reduction of a rating elsewhere based on the balance of the submission.
  • Companies at Tier 4 & Major Factions may produce Starships at Unique.
  • Companies at Tier 5 may produce Starships at Semi-Unique.
  • Companies at Tier 6 may select one (permanent) material to produce Technology, Vehicles, and Starships at Limited. (With limitations. IE: Stealth technology, Force Nexus, overly powerful Force effects.)
  • Regardless of this, a Factory Judge may deny a submission on concept if they feel that balance is unlikely to be found due to the nature of the submission.
Restricted Materials


Type A:

Type B:Force Nexus: Codex submissions that include a Force Nexus will require a Restricted Mission to be completed. Write a thread in a convincing manner detailing the quest for, construction of, or discovery of the Force Nexus in question. There is no set post count, however a complete story should be told. Submissions containing extraordinarily strong Nexuses or providing substantial benefits may warrant a judge requesting additional effort or edits made to the submission to adhere to forum standards and balancing for fair play.
Banned Items
  • Banned Items are not permitted to be used in canon role-play threads on Star Wars RP: Chaos without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
  • Banned Items are not permitted to be used in submissions within the Factory without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
  • Banned Items are only permitted to be used in Non-Canon role-play threads or Non-Canon Campaign threads.