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Salvaging Rules & Reverse Engineering Guidelines

restricted materials salvaging

Salvaging Rules


Any player with submissions containing restricted materials may recycle those materials for new submissions. The purpose of these rules is to bypass the Restricted Material Objective mission thread by destroying old submissions you no longer use for new submissions who use the same materials.*


*New restricted materials added to these new submissions will require additional completion of Restricted Material objectives.


Salvaging a submission destroys that submission.



  • You may only salvage items for items of the same type of item*. Weapons for Weapons, Armor for Armor, Ships for Ships, etc.
  • You may only salvage items you have submitted. You may not salvage items you have purchased and/or been given.
  • The salvaged submission cannot be unsalvaged and is permanently destroyed. It stays in the Factory only for referential purposes.
  • The salvaged submission must be identified prior to the new submission being Approved.
  • Salvaging will always cause the new submission to drop one level of production, but the new submission will not drop below the level of Unique.
  • The salvaged submission must be linked in the new submission and will serve the function of the required mission objective thread for the restricted material.

Reverse Engineering Rules

Any player may reverse engineer submissions where there is evidence that these were previously owned by/ manufactured for them. This is to distinguish submissions whose intent is the reverse engineering from an available approved Factory submission.

  • A Faction or Individual may reverse engineer or create a new submission for items where there is evidence that these were previously owned by/manufactured for the new submitter.
  • The original submission must be referenced and properly cited for reverse engineering.
  • The new submission must adhere to current Factory standards.
  • Complete a Reverse Engineering Mission Objective: Embark on a quest to research, modify, and prototype the Reversed Engineering Item in question. There is no set post limit, though you should tell a complete story.