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A workshop is a small operation, comparable in size to a Tier 1 Company. A workshop’s growth in tier reflects increasing prestige and expertise in a specialized field.


A personal commission thread involves providing your workshop's specialty products or services. This might include creating a product, delivering a service, discussing a character's relevant needs, or obtaining necessary materials.


A mastercraft project thread is an extensive project that involves providing an especially innovative product or service, in keeping with your workshop’s specialty. The completed thread must center around filling one of the following objectives:

  • Your character endures great personal sacrifice to learn from the legacy of a past master in their field;
  • Your character defends their Workshop against near-impossible odds;
  • In desperate circumstances, your character must use their specialty to improvise a solution using extremely insufficient/unsuitable resources.


Both personal commissions and mastercraft Projects must directly benefit a PC or NPC controlled by another writer (e.g. ‘I made myself a sword to protect them’ is not a valid rationalization'), and may be completed by a single writer. Threads cited to increase the tier of a workshop cannot be used to increase the tier of a Company, and vice versa.


Tier I to Tier II


Tier II to Tier III


Tier III to Tier IV


Note: At Tier IV, a Workshop’s owner may request the Master Crafter signature tag.


Tier IV to Tier V


Tier V to Tier VI


Note: At Tier VI, a Workshop may select a single Restricted Material specialty they are able to utilize to produce Technology, Vehicles, and Starships at Limited. (With limitations. IE: Stealth technology, Force Nexus, overly powerful Force effects. Limit one per writer.) This cannot be changed later. To request this addition to your workshop, submit a workshop modification request.