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Workshop Expansion and Growing in Tier
A Workshop is a small operation, comparable in size to a Tier One Company and follows the same production limitations. A Workshop’s growth in tier reflects increasing prestige and expertise in a specialized field.

  • Each expansion in tier will require personal commission threads or specialty products.
    • A specialty product is any factory or codex submission which utilizes the workshop's specialty for production.
    • A Personal Commission thread involves providing your Workshop's specialty products or services to another PC or NPC used by another writer.
  • Each expansion in tier from tier IV and up will require a Mastercraft Project thread.
    • A Mastercraft Project thread is an extensive and/or ambitious project that involves providing an especially innovative product or service, in keeping with your Workshop’s specialty, that is tailored personally for a PC or NPC used by another writer.


Workshop Tier Upgrade Templates
Use the following for your workshop Tier Up requests. Select the Tier Up template requirements in the spoiler below for the level you desire and fill in the information therein.

Workshop Tier Upgrade Templates


Note: At Tier VI, a Workshop may select a single Restricted Material specialty they are able to utilize to produce Technology, Vehicles, and Starships at Semi-Unique. (With limitations. IE: Stealth technology, Force Nexus, overly powerful Force effects. Limit one per writer.) This cannot be changed later. To request this addition to your workshop, submit a workshop modification request.