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Community Status Updates


Darth Metus

@Darth Carnifex - Hey handsome, wanna Arms Race again? <3
Today, 08:34 AM

Kay Arenais

Gotta study and I gotta sing for my auditions this week for Netflix. Why does it have to be musicals? Gah! Well that's one way to get my mind off of waiting for callbacks for the Hulu series...
Today, 08:15 AM

Tathra Khaeus

My alfie is a boi. He is the boyest boi - he does the boi things and is the boi. Alfie is the boi. The boi. The boi.
Today, 05:18 AM

Kyrel Ren

Apologies to those who are expecting posts hurt my foot tonight at work gonna take some time to relax and let it heal for a bit. Will try to post tomorrow
Yesterday, 11:01 PM

Khonsu Amon

Apologies for the delay(s) in posts, had a project, assignment, and several quizzes to do in the last few days. Will strive to make responses tomorrow!
Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Tathra Khaeus

Nothing changes when you repeat what lead to failure.
Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Orex Mauda

Some of these stories need to be made into a comic. Unpopular Opinion?
Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Ashara Evanaris

Hiya I am sorry If I fall behind with threads with any of my charries, I started a new job today I will post when I can
Yesterday, 05:00 PM

Kei Raxis

If I was to perhaps suggest a cool RP story involving a group of people who crew a ship, who'd be interested in that? Just feeling out the room before I go to LFG
Yesterday, 04:47 PM
  • Voph's Photo
    I mean it's been done semi-succesfully in the past. Trick is finding the people interested in it and keeping them interested in it.
    Yesterday, 06:13 PM
  • Maur's Photo
    Other key trick is finding the right balance between people. If there's no chemistry, some people might get bored and wander off.
    Yesterday, 07:53 PM
  • Eliza Raxis's Photo
    Eliza Raxis

    Yesterday, 08:33 PM

Alema Rol'za

Finally managed to make a profile I can be proud of guess. Needless to say, I'm finally ready to get playin'!
Yesterday, 02:23 PM
  • Gida Rha's Photo
    Gida Rha
    Yesterday, 03:33 PM
  • Alema Rol'za's Photo
    Alema Rol'za
    Ah, damnit. I seem to be too tired to write correctly. I GUESS*
    Yesterday, 03:43 PM

Gilamar Skirata

I think it's time to turn back to my roots and fundamentals with gaming. New playthrough of Pokemon. Continue this new toon on Skyrim. New server on Ark.
Yesterday, 12:22 PM


I'm trying to wiggle myself back into Chaos after a prolonged unannounced LOA...
Yesterday, 12:40 AM


"I'm just another gat man caught up in the mix, tryna make a dollar out of 15 cents..."
Yesterday, 12:33 AM


Home at last, Posts will come later tonight or tomorrow, soon as the muse recovers
Mar 24 2019 07:28 PM