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Community Status Updates


Orex Mauda

Might launch an Empire and dominate everyone with a neutral ideology. Idk. My cat ran across my keyboard.
Today, 02:57 AM


Time for the Chiss to govern themselves and to drive off Foreign Influence who dare seek to rule us.
Today, 02:36 AM


When all are one, there will be no conflict - no differences.
Today, 01:10 AM
  • Captain Jordan's Photo
    Captain Jordan
    "And when everyone's super...no one will be!"
    Today, 01:55 AM

Jamie Perris

:>o<: pew pew pew
Today, 01:09 AM

Kyrel Ren

Have no idea why but find myself getting back into the Gears of War series... Haven't played such games in years
Yesterday, 11:08 PM

Tia'Ilandra Shaasa

Lotta Chiss getting submitted this week. I like it. It fills me with temptations.
Yesterday, 09:37 PM
  • Thorne's Photo
    Give in to those temptations. Join us.
    Today, 12:43 AM

The Civil Wild

Yesterday, 09:11 PM
  • Celiana's Photo
    can I help ya out with anything? I was overwhelmed at first too :)
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Coren Starchaser

You can stand to see the Imperial flag reign across the galaxy?
Yesterday, 08:44 PM
  • Kyrel Ren's Photo
    Kyrel Ren
    It's not a problem if you don't look up.

    Yesterday, 10:05 PM
  • Vanessa Vantai's Photo
    Vanessa Vantai
    Why not? Benefits me and the people I know.
    Today, 12:13 AM

Darth Metus

28 Player Character kids and counting! Beat that @Darth Carnifex XD
Yesterday, 07:08 PM

Romi Jade

Munnu, Supreme Leader Jade
Yesterday, 05:36 PM

Silfe Sosuri

Got a request up for help with sig and ava. Anyone willing?
Yesterday, 03:59 PM
  • Khonsu Amon's Photo
    Khonsu Amon
    Sure, I can help you out. My skills are basic, despite the artwork I've got on my profile, but they'll be enough to swap out your current set!
    Yesterday, 07:44 PM
  • Silfe Sosuri's Photo
    Silfe Sosuri
    I think I am going to need more than basic. I can do basic stuff.
    Yesterday, 08:14 PM

Zoltan Charrel

Heading out on vacation in the morning. Will not be online until next Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.
Yesterday, 02:14 PM

Orex Mauda

Imagine being hunted by an Ewok inside your own home.. that's terrifying
Yesterday, 03:03 AM
  • World Builder's Photo
    World Builder
    That's called owning a Teddy Ruxpin.
    Yesterday, 04:28 AM
  • Orex Mauda's Photo
    Orex Mauda
    @Thorne All I can imagine is a calm yub yub just before you get impaled by a stick
    Yesterday, 08:33 AM
  • Darth Vyrassu's Photo
    Darth Vyrassu
    Just show them a C-3PO action figure, you'll be alright XD
    Yesterday, 01:12 PM

Lady Kay

Prepping for my Netflix auditions tomorrow :) Reacurring roles for season 2 of The Hollow. Fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed!
Yesterday, 01:39 AM
  • Captain Jordan's Photo
    Captain Jordan
    I believe in you! Also, I just want to hear your voice coming out of a Netflix show. :D
    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
  • Lady Kay's Photo
    Lady Kay
    Haha! Yes..my voice coming oyt of tv's everywhere ;)
    Today, 01:52 AM
  • Captain Jordan's Photo
    Captain Jordan
    Just one more step along the road to world domination.
    Today, 01:56 AM

Greyanna Elvanshalee

Sorry for post delays. 12 hour FB political debate and plumbing issues disrupted the muses. I'll get em done tonight.
Jan 15 2019 09:27 PM
  • Elaine Thul's Photo
    Elaine Thul
    Oh the political bit
    Yesterday, 05:24 PM
  • Greyanna Elvanshalee's Photo
    Greyanna Elvanshalee
    Oh no. It had made it past the trap and down into the drain line. Had to crawl under and do all that mess.
    Yesterday, 05:57 PM
  • sabrina's Photo
    Na use a dive cylinder, 200lb of pressure blows anything away. Except fat and ice.
    Today, 02:34 AM