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Community Status Updates


Valashu ElahadTricia

Hey could you post in the major faction request?
Sep 15 2013 03:24 PM

Valashu ElahadAllyson Locke

So...maybe you can help me dear spencer. Lol i cant find the place that has the tags you can put in your sig ^.^"
Sep 15 2013 12:33 PM
  • Allyson Locke's Photo
    Allyson Locke
    I think the thread might have been deleted, but I'd take a gander in the water cooler. I think Hamish put something up
    Sep 15 2013 12:34 PM

Saxian LaquTefka

how do i get promoted to knight?
Sep 15 2013 07:28 AM
  • Tefka's Photo
    You'll need to talk to whatever faction you join about that.
    Sep 15 2013 10:14 AM

Saxian LaquCira

which factions are currently frowned upon?
Sep 15 2013 07:26 AM

Josh DragonsflameNejaa Niynx

Interesting idea, why not take Nejaa/Josh on one of the listed missions? Interesting way to continue the trend. And with Josh now being whole and a Jedi Knight, it only gets better. It also counts as one of your training or mission threads, which are counted in threads that go toward your promotion. Only my missions and training got counted.
Sep 15 2013 12:50 AM
  • Nejaa Niynx's Photo
    Nejaa Niynx
    I was also Knighted. We're both Jedi Knights now, so the plot would be just as good, but different than your original idea. Though, I have not seen this list of missions. If you want to link me, feel free. In general, though, I do not really like to do "pre-made missions" and stick to my own creations, as I find them more fun, and unique. Tailored to my plot, and of my creation, that is. Anywhoozle, bamboozle, gimme gimme dat link, and we'll see what happens :) I'll look over the missions, and if I dont see any that I like, we can make up our own mission :)
    Sep 15 2013 03:45 AM
  • I saw, congrats. Kind of funny we get promoted within days of each other.

    Honestly, I strayed from the missions general intent. A lot. Used it as an idea then added everything from a new location to a rancor on the "easy" mission
    Sep 15 2013 11:59 AM
  • I had suggested the missions originally because I wanted to help you get promoted though. I'll still link regardless for ideas, but we can stray off the path now since we no longer need those threads.
    Sep 15 2013 12:05 PM

Naila RokhJosh Dragonsflame

Speaking of RP, do you feel like skipping ahead in Secrets of Hoth once again, or do you have more that we can do on the ship? (No joke intended :P)
Sep 14 2013 10:27 PM
  • Josh Dragonsflame's Photo
    Josh Dragonsflame
    PS: It's nice to see you more active these days. You're probably one of the better "newbie" RPers I've seen here. Was a shame with just the once a day replies before. If we keep doing threads, I'll probably add more of my own story to them, since I trust you enough to be around and participate. I actually was going to drag the memory story out longer, and in a RP with someone Josh was supposed to regain half of his memory when rebuilding Kaiden in that one. The person went inactive on me so that flopped, and then I got promoted quickly, so I had to rush the story since I wanted to end it when I got promoted in the first place. That's why Josh had his full change all at once in the initiation instead of regaining the rest. Originally I was going to have the "other half" of his memories speak too, with the deep voice and the blue eyes, but again, rushed.
    Sep 14 2013 11:12 PM
  • Naila Rokh's Photo
    Naila Rokh
    That's a shame. But yeah, I try to be on for a good bit of time over the weekends, but during the week I can maybe reply once or twice a day.
    Sep 14 2013 11:26 PM
  • Josh Dragonsflame's Photo
    Josh Dragonsflame
    I figured that out. I tend to be a mix, but I try and keep my phone with me if I'm not busy while I'm out so I can check replies and reply to some if I get time.
    Sep 14 2013 11:28 PM

Jak Sandrow

You just got pwned by a plant.
Sep 14 2013 08:04 PM
  • How so
    Sep 14 2013 08:06 PM
  • Jak Sandrow's Photo
    Jak Sandrow

    Sep 14 2013 08:37 PM

Josh Dragonsflame

"You seem to like spending quality time with me... In terms of trying to press a lightsaber to my neck I mean"
Sep 14 2013 07:22 PM

Valashu ElahadVenomTartarus

So do you want a typical training thread or can we just skip over that and go right into missions?
Sep 14 2013 04:52 PM
  • VenomTartarus's Photo
    Well whatever you think will be more fun, maybe skipping?
    Sep 14 2013 05:28 PM

Vanessa VantaiValashu Elahad

So... You have a Skype?
Sep 14 2013 03:46 PM

Josh Dragonsflame

Sep 14 2013 03:44 PM
  • Jak Sandrow's Photo
    Jak Sandrow
    That works, I guess.
    Sep 14 2013 08:37 PM
  • Josh Dragonsflame's Photo
    Josh Dragonsflame
    Was also where I posted all my damn threads. Which you need if you're a Jedi.
    Sep 14 2013 08:41 PM
  • Jak Sandrow's Photo
    Jak Sandrow
    True, dat.
    Sep 15 2013 01:23 PM

Zev Stargo

Just so you all know, Zev can be bribed with offers of blue and cookies in return for presents
Sep 14 2013 03:43 PM

Aiden Mercer

So, been gone the last few days. Have a new little baby nephew. Should be back to posting soon.
Sep 14 2013 12:46 PM