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Sor-Jan Xantha

Ijaat for #bomb'alor #ash'alor #meme'alor2018 But he's old, so somebody will have to explain what a meme is. Picture books or illustrations may be required.
Feb 05 2018 05:28 PM
  • Alaric's Photo
    *complains about Millenial Mandos and their fancy thrones*
    Feb 05 2018 05:37 PM
  • Sor-Jan Xantha's Photo
    Sor-Jan Xantha
    *passes @Ijaat Mereel a lemonade with Corellian bourbon and a salted rim*
    Feb 05 2018 05:41 PM
  • Alaric's Photo
    *continues muttering, but goes back to his porch sipping the drink*
    Feb 05 2018 05:42 PM