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  1. Rebellions


    • Rebellions allow Minor Factions to claim or neutralize Major Factions’ territory.
    • A Major Faction’s third completed Dominion in a month is vulnerable for 10 days after the Dominion is submitted in the Map Update thread.
    • Any hex belonging to a recalled Major Faction is vulnerable to Rebellion.
    • Any Minor Faction or group of Minor Factions may launch a Rebellion, so long as they have been Minor Factions for at least 10 days.
    • To declare a Rebellion, a Minor Faction Owner must make a clearly labelled OOC thread in the Roleplay Discussion forum and tag the Owner/Admins of the Major Faction being attacked.
    • Any other Minor Faction may join the Rebellion by posting their intention in the same thread.
    • A Rebellion ends 10 days after the creation of the IC Rebellion thread.


    Once a Rebellion nears its completion, the SWRP Chaos Staff Team will assign an RPJ. Unless defeat is conceded, the RPJ will decide the victor based on the following criteria.


    The following will not be considered when judging an Invasion.

    • Person vs Person Duels. The amount of duels won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    • Objectives. The amount of objectives won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    • Non-Player Characters. The actions of NPCs involved from either side in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    The following will be considered when judging an Invasion.
    • Legitimacy. For what reasons does the rebellion have to exist in the first place? If the story makes sense and the reasoning is airtight, this shouldn't be a problem. If malicious meta intentions are afoot, however, legitimacy can be a make or break moment for the Rebellion.
    • Teamwork. The amount of teamwork each faction exhibits over the course of the Invasion will contribute to victory, including its organization and cooperation with the faction's members. Does the Faction work well to execute its vision for the invasion whilst working positively with members of the opposing faction to provide entertaining roleplay.
    • Story. Does it make sense? How exciting is it? Are the factions trying to weave a purposeful story with their allies and opposition or put up points on a scoreboard? This should not include the reason for the Invasion, but rather the story that proceeds once the Invasion has begun and reacting to events as they unfold.
    • OOC Drama. Negative drama instigated by either side, publicly, can negatively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Invasion.
    • Entertainment. The value of entertainment provided by Factions in an Invasion can positively impact a Faction’s chances for victory in an Invasion.
    • Effort. The amount of effort put into the Invasion by each faction participating will positively impact that faction's chances for victory. This includes, but is not limited to - active writers participating, quality of writing, and responding to your writing partners in a reasonable time.
    • Planets belonging to a Major Faction that has been recalled by the SWRP Staff Team may be targeted by Rebellions.
    • A Major Faction may remove itself from the list of recalled Major Factions by winning a minimum of two Rebellion threads that target hexes within its influence cloud.
    • A Rebellion against a recalled Faction’s territory may not be declared complete until 10 days from the creation of the IC Rebellion thread.
    • If a Major Faction requests to be removed from the map they are counted as a recalled Major Faction (not a Minor Faction) until the next map update.

    • Aug 30 2017 07:11 AM
    • by Tefka
  2. Restricted Materials

    Restricted & Banned Items
    This list is subject to change without notice. Changes will not affect previously approved submissions.


    Restricted Items
    Submissions using Restricted Items will be reviewed by a Role-play Judge and may be declined depending on the quality and effort of the submitter.

    • Mission completion may grant a maximum of Limited production, depending on the submission. Each completed mission thread only counts for one submission.
    • Any submission which use a Factory Submitted base material based on a Restricted Material (e.g., A Phrik Armourweave submission) will a have a maximum production value of Semi-Unique.
    • If a restricted material is traded between characters, you must link to the purchase/trade thread of the restricted item along with the seller's original resource obtaining thread.
    • Under no circumstances are two restricted materials allowed per submission. New alloys created by blending two or more restricted materials are not allowed.
    Submissions with a restricted material from the list below will not require a completed ‘restricted material’ objective thread for Technology as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as Unique and maintain well balanced strengths, weaknesses, and features. Companies and/or Workshops at Tier 6 may utilize materials from the list below in Technology, Vehicle Creation, and Starships as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as Unique. One material from the list below, chosen by a company or workshop (Limit 1 per writer) upon reaching Tier 6 may submit Technology, Starships, and Vehicles using that material at Semi-Unique. Regardless of this, a Factory Judge may deny a submission on concept if they feel that balance is unlikely to be found due to the nature of the submission. For more extensive productions, please see the 'Restricted Materials Mission' section below.Restricted Materials Mission
    Write a thread in a convincing manner detailing the quest for, construction of, or discovery of the material or item in question. There is no set post count, however a complete story should be told. Submissions containing extraordinarily strong materials or providing substantial benefits may warrant a judge requesting additional effort or edits made to the submission to adhere to forum standards and balancing for fair play. The item(s) below are not included as free of RM missions for characters or companies/workshops.Banned Items
    i. Banned Items are not permitted to be used in canon role-play threads on Star Wars RP: Chaos without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
    ii. Banned Items are not permitted to be used in submissions within the Factory without the explicit permission of the SWRP Staff Team.
    iii. Banned Items are only permitted to be used in Non-Canon role-play threads or Non-Canon Campaign threads.

    • Jan 01 2018 02:05 PM
    • by Tefka
  3. Role-play Rules


    1. Posting Out-of-Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum.

    2. Cross-Over Role-play is not allowed.

    3. You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc. in any form.

    4. Show respect to everyone in the role-play.

    5. You may not kill another character without that character's permission.

    6. You may not destroy a celestial body (sun, planet, moon, etc.) in the SWRP Chaos Galaxy without prior permission from the SWRP Chaos Board Owner.

    7. Superweapons are restricted to Staff-Approved Events and must be destroyed prior to the end of the event.

    If you find any other members in violation of the above rules, please use theReportbutton in the bottom right of the post in question.

    • Sep 14 2014 07:46 PM
    • by Tefka