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Mk II Omega Boltgun

- - - - - Approved omega protectorate mkii

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Mk II Omega Boltgun

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Intent: To create a variation of the already approved Mk I Boltgun which would be mass produced for Omega Pyre forces. This weapon would be more used by NPCs, and thus balanced to prevent any odd results occurring.
Development Thread: Yes, ongoing.
Hero Unit: No

Manufacturer: Omega Industries, Firemane Industries

Model: Battle rifle

Affiliation: Omega Pyre, Firemane Industries

Modularity: Yes; scope, motion tracker mount.
Production: Mass produced.
Material: Duraplast/durasteel
Description:The Mk I boltgun was a significant step forward in weaponry designs for Omega Pyre. With this weapon, the mercenaries of the Pyre had a weapon which was long ranged, hard hitting and extremely rugged.

However, there were downsides. The weapon was costly to produce, especially the special ammunition. It was also quite heavy and had limited ammunition.


And so, a Mk II boltgun was proposed and tested. The idea of this weapon was to mass produce a weapon which would be more useful for the regular soldiers and which would make the weapon more serviceable. To do this some features, like single round chambering, exotic ammunition and range had to be sacrificed. The result was a battle rifle which was more effective and ultimately more useful for the majority of the Protectorate troops.



  • More practical mass produced weapon than the Mk I, especially for regular soldiers.
  • Strong versus Jedi or shields.
  • Weapon is easy to maintain, tough and very effective against infantry or light vehicles.
  • Useful for suppression fire and for clearing buildings.
  • Improved magazine and fire rate compared with the Mk I.


  • Unable to use special ammunition except for buckshot. Cannot chamber individual rounds.
  • Weapon range severely reduced from the Mk I.
  • Lethality and area of impact heavily reduced to compensate for larger ammunition magazines.
  • Unable to match blaster weapon’s rate of fire or simplicity.


Classification: Special slugthrower/grenade launcher.
Size: Handheld
Status: Military

Length: 75cm (Stock extended), 53cm (stock folded)
Weight: 6.5kg
Ammunition Type: 25mm x 40mm explosive bolts. The bolts are armed at launch and any significant pressure on the warhead will cause it to detonate. This includes shields, Force powers, glass etc. Bolt has a one metre ‘danger zone’ on impact against most humanoids. Up to three metres can be injured by either shrapnel or blast wave.
Ammunition Capacity: 25 round magazines. 120 rounds a minute semi-automatic.
Range: 100m for specific aimed shot, 500m for area suppression/bombardment. Minimum range 5 metres.



The MK II can take only one sort of special ammunition; buckshot for close range fighting. As with everything, the MK II allows for more shots to be fire, but at shorter range and reduced lethality


Name: Buckshot
Ammunition Type: Each cartridge contains 60 durasteel pellets which expand like a traditional shotgun buckshot spray. This is designed for close range firing against unarmoured targets.


  • Useful for close-range assaults.
  • High rate of fire allows deadly suppression of enclosed areas.
  • Strong versus most Force users


  • Very short range.
  • Ineffective against most armour.

Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds. 300 rounds per minute fire rate.
Range: 5 meters (effective), 15 meters (maximum)


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