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Major Faction Profile Directory

Major Faction Profile Directo

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    Best Onion

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This thread is for use of all Major Factions to submit a "Major Faction Profile" for ease of convenience of the member base.


The Faction Directory is located here,  but this will be a quick one stop shop to get more information on all current Major Faction Adverts via their profile.

The profile must have a link to the Faction page and their advert. This thread could be linked from the "Major Faction" rules page.

Major Faction Profile

Name: (What is the full name of your faction? Please link the name to your Faction's homepage)
Heirarchy: (Please post all Faction Admins/Moderators involved so people can get in touch)
Faction Advert: (Please link your most recent Faction Advert)
Capital Planet: (Please name your capital world so people know where you reside.)
Description: (Please give a very brief (Max 200 words) description of your Faction.)



Do not post anything other than the Major Faction Profile Template in here. 


Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

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Major Faction Profile


Name: The Order of the Silver Jedi

OOC Heirarchy: 

Faction Advert: http://starwarsrp.ne...he-silver-jedi/
Capital Planet: Voss


Description: Operating primarily out in the Tingel Arm where they keep a strong presence, the Order of the Silver Jedi seeks to bring peace and prosperity to these often-neglected worlds, many of which suffered terribly under the old Sith Empire. Rather than being part of a single government spanning the galaxy, the Silver Jedi instead works alongside each individual government and serves as their protectors against exterior as well as interior threats. These governments are also encouraged to seek cooperation with their neighbors, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie between the many worlds. The Silvers also make sure to allow each civilisation to evolve and advance at their own pace.


The Silvers do not hold themselves to any specific incarnation of the Jedi Code, but rather allow each member their own interpretations and mantras. For example, some may choose to live in celibacy like the Jedi of old while others may enjoy marriage and family life. They recognise even Jedi are just people at the end of the day, and should thus be allowed the same freedoms as any man, woman and child. Cultural and racial diversity are both highly encouraged, provided that there is no Sith or darkside worship.

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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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Major Faction Profile


Name: The Iron Empire
OOC Heirarchy: 

Faction Advert: http://starwarsrp.ne...-advertisement/
Capital Planet: Csilla

Description: The Iron Empire is a neutral nation located in the Unknown Region of the galaxy. It was founded by former One Sith military personnel, following a mass exodus from the tyrannical empire. Led by Emperor Baelor, the militaristic nation seeks to bring order and stability to the barbaric systems. They seek to free the downtrodden and forgotten people of the Unknown Region and create a safe-haven, one distant from the wars of the Jedi and Sith, which have plunged the galaxy into eternal conflict.