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Casus Belli (Tygaran Alliance/Galactic Alliance vs First Order Rebellion of Kaeshana)

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Tegaea Alcori

Tegaea Alcori

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(The First Order and Galactic Alliance Dominions finished within half hour of each other. Therefore there is a rebellion settled on the planet of Kaeshana.)


Long simmering tensions had come to a head on the Eldorai homeworld of Kaeshana. There the First Order and Galactic Alliance, eager to grab strategic locations, had both tried to seize the planet.


Now though it would come down to war between them, and war sooner than expected.


Only one side could win. Would Kaeshana be free of the First Order, or would the Supreme Leader claim another world?



Asharad Graush

Asharad Graush

    D A N G E R O U S

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Hell on Earth.


Darth Vyrassu's booted feet touched down on the ground after he had stepped off of the ramp of the transport shuttle. Dozens of other ships touched down in the shape of a crescent moon. Over the last few days, the Sith Knight had led the subjugation of the planet. Thousands of Stormtroopers were on the planet, and more came in every day, as per usual when it came to the First Order seizing a planet. 


They had come diplomatically, and those inhabitants that still survived were greeted kindly. With the Kar'zun and Eldorai, they were offered aide and protection from those that would kidnap and harm them for whatever evil ends they held. For those that were towards the supposed Inner Sea, well, that's where the military came in. Led by none other than Lord Vyrassu.


The screech and whines of a TIE squadron flying overhead was heard through the audio receptors of his helmet. The armoured helmet rotated slightly. From the first day since the First Order had arrived on Kaeshana, there had been signs of hostiles. A'sharad was still in the process of cleansing the planet. 




"Kill them."


Intelligence Operatives had located a large concentration of hostiles. Gangsters, criminals, it didn't matter. Having spent so much time on this planet alone and without any contact from anyone else in the Galaxy, they had wallowed in their own hate and filth for so long. Certainly, as a Sith, A'sharad should've possessed the ability to see their potential at being a destructive force for the First Order. He most definitely did. But that would take time, and Vyrassu was anything but patient. His track record as a military officer likely said so, perhaps not in so many words, but with his efficiency and brutality, the First Order had earned many victories planet side. 


Vyrassu wouldn't have it any other way on this planet. 


Hundreds of stormtroopers stormed the region. Areas that couldn't be covered by stormtroopers? TIE bombers took care of. Buildings were stormed, basements blown out, buildings collapsed. However little was left, whatever Vyrassu passed, there was an even smaller amount left. He did not build, he destroyed. Deep within, it gave him some form of joy to be the one to end the lives of so many.




Beyond, there were other stormtroopers and auxiliaries in the form of Malok and Project X-2. Whether they were protecting the restorers of Santaissa's Citadel, and Palace from raiders, going through with executions, or merely relaxing after a long day's work, it mattered not. There would always be something to do. A camp that needed establishment, etcetera. 


Despite being the highest ranking military officer in the system, as far as the First Order was concerned, when it came to affairs in Space, the General had delegated that responsibility, albeit regrettably, to the Commodore Carlyle Rausgeber. The Sith was also aware of Natasi Fortan in orbit, aboard the Concordia, likely watching, to make sure his actions weren't taken too far, which, he couldn't blame anyone. Multiple times he had gone through with unsanctioned executions. Specifically on Zarnathea, though that never came to light to the public. 


By the First Order, the entire planet was being watched. Intelligence Operatives were in the field, the field being the entire planet, the most populated areas. They had to feel out for those that sympathized with the Galactic Alliance, that resented the First Order. The planet was watched. The planet was blockaded. Things were quiet. It was merely another claimed planet for the First Order.


Kato, Torian Pierce, IT-88

Kyrana Gould

Kyrana Gould


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@First Order & Galactic Alliance Fleeters and Pilots


Kaeshana had just turned a cold war hot. In space the fleet of Firemane had emerged from hyperspace but held back from getting too close. It wasn't clear just what forces they'd be facing belonging to the First Order, so they did not want to rush in. The Galactic Alliance would hopefully send a fleet and pair up.


What Admiral Gould had was the Barsen'Thor, a magnificent ship which was being purchased by the Alliance. Indeed, had not the First Order intervened it would have been handed over in orbit when the planet was secured.


As it was, 6000m of Firemane's corporate fleet joined the Barsen'Thor as they waited in the shadow of an outer planet for reinforcements to arrive.


(Fleet composition coming soon when I've discussed with the other GA fleeters.)

Posted Image

Sig by Audren Sykes

Fleeting System

Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Location: Santaissa, Kaeshana

Objective: Liberate her home, slaughter space fascists.



The Eldorai were not easily cowed or misled by false promises. Indeed, there was one thing all of them could agree on, despite the manifold differences that so often drove them apart: They did not take kindly to foreign tyrants telling them to bend a knee to them. They preferred their own despots, thank you very much.



Today, Kaeshana would become a battleground in the conflict between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance. Today, one of its most distinguished citizens would return to fight for her adopted home. Lady Siobhan Kerrigan, Countess, co-CEO of Firemane Industries, former Exarch of the Omega Protectorate.



A swarm of Firemane dropships roared through the atmosphere, descending upon the mountains that overlooked the ruins of Santaissa, the shattered Eldorai capital. The Eldorai had suffered, they had been tested, but the struggle had not broken them - and she would be damned if she the space fascists and the Sith confederates put her former home under the yoke.



The Countess was rigid as a statue as the transport ships descended. She was clad from head to in her custom beskar'gam, which blended Mandalorian practicality with Eldorai aesthetics. It was styled after the armour of Ariane the Conqueror, the greatest Eldorai Star Queen of old. The symbolism was intentional. Eldorai blood may not flow through her veins, but they were her people.



She carried a bolter, a magnetic revolver, plenty of grenades, hard-sound carbine and her rarely used lightsabre. Within the transport, she was surrounded by Firemane soldiers and Angelii. All of them were experienced, having been tested time and again in the flames of battle. Outwardly, she was poised and stoic, but inside she was burning with righteous fury, to the point where her aura seemed incandescent. It was likely that their arrival would be detected by the First Order, but she cared not. Let the enemy come.



Other forces would be dispatched across Kaeshana to secure the planet and link up with the Eldorai and Kar'zun resisting the invasion. Old grudges would be cast aside in the name of the protection of Kaeshana. The Star Queen, Ashira bless her name, had declared a Holy War.



Engines roared and a cold breeze blew their way when the dropship, one of many, landed. The landing ramp lowered with a hiss and immediately Firemane soldiers swarmed out, setting up defensive positions. From these mountains, one could overlook what was left of Santaissa. True to form, Siobhan was the first out. Ahead of her, she could see the ruins of the Kerrigan-Alcori villa, for it had not escaped the devastation caused by the asteroid. Heavy war machines, walkers and artillery would be deployed.



She glanced towards Tempest, her sister-in-arms. No dramatic speeches were necessary. "Home, sweet home. Come on. We shall secure the heights. I want our artillery to rain down death upon any fascist who tries to take the city's ruins. No mercy to fascist and Sith."










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Elsa Kurze
Kaeshana Atmosphere
Elsa's T-70 X-wing hums in the upper atmosphere above the planet, her helmet buzzes with comm chatter and she'd decided that the best use to be made of herself is running attack runs in support of Stormtrooper Units. "Lowie, lock S-foils to attack position..." And with that, Elsa feels the wings extend through her seat and gives an approving nod, she activates the short-range radio and sends out on an encrypted First Order frequency used by the local Stormtrooper units. "This is Crimson One to all Stormtrooper Callsigns, we're in the area and available to provide support." Elsa's left hand releases the button and patiently waits for a response on the frequency, Lowie makes a series of beeps, remarking on the devastation wrought on the planet below. "We didn't choose this battle Lowie, they did in all of their self-righteous indignation. Why anyone would want to defend smugglers and pirates is beyond me....Such is the corruption of the Galactic Alliance." Elsa's voice oozes a corulag inflexion, there being no need to maintain the pretence of some other identity here in the cockpit where nobody existed to hear her. Lowie makes another series of beeps and expresses some worry for his armour clad master which warrants the shake of head from Elsa dismissively.  "Keep scanning First Order frequencies for anybody hailing us for support."  Elsa eases off of the throttle and depresses a pedal, turning HOTAS to the right and performing a steady roll beneath the layer of crowd her X-wing had been straddling.

@Project X-2

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    Storm of the Force

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Siobhan Kerrigan


It was fair to say that the Eldorai Star Queens of old could give even the most ruthless Sith Lord some lessons in applied cruelty and manipulation. What had stood out though for so many centuries was that the Eldorai hated foreign interference. Up until a century ago most of their people believed that they were the only sentient creatures in the universe (the Kar’zun didn’t count apparently).


Even now when it was shown that they were just one species amongst millions those old feelings would die hard. So whilst some might welcome the First Order they would be few. Humans were distrusted, especially ones who came to control and conquer. The Galactic Alliance were viewed with almost as much suspicion, and the Eldorai returning to the planet with much bitterness.


But when faced with an invader and an estranged family member, old feuds could be set aside.


For now it was Tempest landing in places which was both familiar and unfamiliar. She had lived on Kaeshana, in and around the old villa, for several years. Now the villa was all ruined. Looters, the asteroid blast and fire had turned it into a shell.


Still, it was no time for sentiment. The mountains overlooking Santaissa was the perfect place for artillery, and would allow them to move into the ruined city knowing they had support above them.


“We’ve got thunderers and typhoons moving in. We’ll garrison this area to protect it from counter attack as well,” Tempest said.

Carlyle Rausgeber

Carlyle Rausgeber

    "It's all been bloody marvellous..."

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Post: I

Objective: Denial of orbit.

Location: Kaeshanan Orbit, Imperial-x class Star Destroyer Vindicator.



The crew of the Vindicator rushed to their positions as their commander stumbled across the bridge. Still a nursing a hangover from his recent escapade, Carlyle Rausgeber stowed away aboard. The First Order fleet over the system had been gathered at break neck speed, and was far larger to what Carlyle had been accustomed to using. The crew moved to their positions, "Commodore!" It was the scanning technician, "Sir, we have a fleet holding back at the outer reaches of the system!"


Carlyle took a sip of his caffeinated beverage, "Comms, hail them on all signals," He commanded, "Alert them that the First Order has taken holding position over the system, and that any intervention of our orbit here will be considered an act of war by Supreme Leader."


"Understood Commodore!" Comms replied, before moving and beginning to transmit the signal.


Carlyle continued, observing the fleet from a distance, "Move our fleet into a tighter holding pattern, and get the remaining TIE crews out there. I want comms patched into ground command to see what support may be needed." 

"Yes sir!" The TIE Operations officer replied. 


Carlyle then turned back to Comms, "Send out a signal to all friendly craft in other sectors, the Alliance hasn't been so stupid as to disrupt us before, so I believe this may be it. Keep them updated as to our movements." 


"May be what sir?" Comms asked.


"War." Carlyle replied coldly.


"Sir," it was the Scanning Officer, "We have friendly reinforcements, three ships coming out of lightspeed." 


"Order them to fall into our fleet formation, this may get ugly." Carlyle warned, continuing to eye the space around him. So this was it. The hill the Alliance wanted to die on. He would have never thought this backwater would be when the tyrants would rear their heads for the slaughter.


Basileus Isauros | Natasi FortanKyrana GouldAsharad Graush


Vaena Askari

Vaena Askari

    Duchess Cadalthor

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Location: Lion Nebulae

Objective: Secure



Holy War. A long time had passed since an Eldorai Star Queen had proclaimed that the Children of Ashira must smite the infidel. Kaeshana was not just any world. It was the cradle of their race. Ashira had created Kaeshana to serve as the home of the Eldorai, her children. Here, she'd ascended to heaven after casting her traitorous daughter Illyria into the pit of hell. Or so the legends said.



Tarissa Cadalthor, Duchess of Galondrona, had not been dispatched to the homeworld. Perhaps because she was the most reactionary Eldorai noblewoman imaginable and this might...cause issues. This rankled her greatly. But she'd been given a different task. With barely a ripple, her small flotilla exited the blue tunnel of hyperspace and emerged in the Lion Nebulae.



Hands clasped behind her back, Tarissa stood aboard the bridge of an Argent-class carrier, while her crewers went about their duties. Before her lay the seemingly endless void of space. "Our scans are not showing hostile forces, Your Grace," an officer spoke.



"Launch probes and begin setting up hyperspace buoys. I want eyes throughout the system so that we can monitor hyperspace movements. If the monkeigh aggressors come, I want to know. Inform the Alliance we have arrived," Tarissa spoke haughtily. Her thoughts drifted to those on Kaeshana. May Ashira's light guide them and Valora smite the infidels, she thought.



Fleet composition:

1x Argent Carrier,

2x Sentinel Cruisers,

1x Warden-Class Interdictor cruiser,

4x Guardian-Class frigates,

4 Vigilance-class

2x Frontier class frigates.

Arieth zh'Vranthi

Arieth zh'Vranthi

    Galactic Alliance Ambassador

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ANS Sullust Dawn


Areith, Ambassador for the Galactic Alliance,  sat in front of her desk in the midst of a secured and encrypted holovideo conference. With more worlds within the Expansion region of former Omega Protectorate protection agreeing to join the Alliance,  New Balosar was one of many on the list for Areith to contact.


In the midst of the humanitarian effort at Kaeshana,  a small diplomatic fleet had already deployed to meet with the Governing council.  In the wake of the Netherworld event and the Protectroate fall, the sector and the region had seen a rise in warlords and pirates.  An issue the head Councilman, Vieo Spar, a Balosar of middle age, reminded the young Ambassador.


[ We have problems with raiders and warlords, Ambassador. ]  he reminded her. New Balosar was the closest planet near Pendari, a vast Trade Nexus that the Galactic Alliance had poured credits to ensure it's revitalization and growth.  Now that sector was protected by the GADF as well as Omega Pyre fleets once again.


[ Which is why we would like to discuss the terms on how the Alliance may help. ]  Areith replied.  


[ It is my wish that this upcoming talk with the council will ensure that the needs of New Balosar are met as well as new opportunities arise for us both. ]


[ As do I Ambassador zh'Vranthi. ]  


The fleet winked into existence at New Balosar as the interactions on Kaeshana only seemed to escalate.


Diplomatic Fleet

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Aeda Shaytari

Aeda Shaytari

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Objective: Secure Chalcedon and monitor.


The planet of Chalcedon, far from being home of an Ecumenical Council in this galaxy, was a gloomy volcanic world formerly used by slavers.


As part of the efforts to acquire control of Kaeshana and the regions around it, a small force had been sent to build a listening post over the planet.


This force, commanded by an Eldorai named Ariane Koris, would soon arrive in orbit and start assembling the necessary equipment in the system. This would allow them to better track and monitor First Order reinforcements being moved against Kaeshana.

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Basileus Isauros

Basileus Isauros


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Post: 1

Objective: Denial of orbit.
Location: Kaeshanan Orbit

The Excubitore had had a minimal impact on the initial movements in the sector, before the hostilities. The ship had to leave the area, as the local commander had informed him to increase his fleet presence and return as soon as possible. He managed to gather two more ships, a Dagger-Class Escort and an Empire-Class Escort. The rest of the fleet needed extra time to mobilise. Basileus had never seen the fleet prepare so fast.


Basileus received communications from the FIV Vindicator. "Commodore Rausgeber requests that you move into our fleet formation immediately. Await further orders."


"Understood. Your fleet will be bolstered by an Imperial-X, a Dagger and an Imperial Class. My fighters are the Commodore’s to command.”


Basileus moved into visual range of Commodore Rausgeber’s fleet. It was an impressive fleet, with far greater numbers than he believed he could ever command. The crew all went to battle stations, preparing for an attack. The bridge crew was obviously anxious, Basileus wondered how the lower ranked crew felt.

Basileus opened a ship-wide communications channel. "This is it, what could be our first proper engagement. You all know what you need to do and you all know what is expected of you. Remember who we are fighting for. Remember who you are. We will show the enemy that the crew of the Excubitore are a capable force!


Carlyle RausgeberNatasi Fortan | Kyrana Gould | Asharad Graush

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    Esker Dunwich

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LOCATION: Santaissa, Kaeshana
OBJECTIVE: Secure Ruins, Survive
ALLIES: FO {Aesa Urkith}

ENEMIES: GA {Potentially near Siobhan Kerrigan + @Tempest}



This was it.


His first ever mission to secure a planet was turning into his first ever major conflict. Or at least it looked like such, what with all the ships zooming about, some familiar, others not. Tension hung thick in the air, weighing down those gathered there. Even Esker's squad, which was comprised of usually jovial, young men, was affected by it. They stayed eerily quiet as they walked through the ruins. None of them had ever been to the world before, and only a few were even aware of its recent history. Esker himself was clueless, completely unaware of the planet's, well, anything, forcing him to trust in his commander. If I follow orders, he thought to himself, I'll survive whatever is to come. I'm sure of that. With that thought he glanced at his squad leader, trying to read the man's body language.


Unfortunately for him, Sergeant Khalthe's mood was as hard to garner as ever, leaving the Private in the dark. Mentally shrugging, Esker just kept trudging along. They were attempting to make it to what used to be the Citadel. Command had said the building was important, and that whatever was left of it should be secured, so that at some point in the future it could be rebuilt. Of course, the majority of the locals weren't going to just stand idly while the First Order worked. Neither Esker or his squadmates were aware of this, however, instead believing that their offer of aid was likely to be accepted. The truth would be discovered soon enough; in the mean time their comms picked up something from a nearby pilot.


"Copy, Crimson One, this is Besh Squad, 73rd division, acknowledging message. We'll holler if support is required, over," Sergeant Khalthe radioed in, helmet tilting upwards for a few seconds. Once he was done speaking he resumed walking, adjusting his bandoleer as he did. Behind him was Esker, ever the loyal Stormtrooper.

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    Commodore Nor

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GADF 4th Fleet


With a burst of Cronau radiation the GADF fleet reverted to realspace. The star at the heart of the system was not a resolved sphere from Vilin’s viewport. It was an incredibly bright pinpoint through the screen. They’d come out on the edge of the system to carry out scanning for any First Order vessels trying to pass through the sector to get around the Alliance position. They would respond to any attempts to flank or – if the way was clear and the order came down – they would assault the enemy from a new angle.




“We’re missing…The ANS Trepiditious Charge sir,” came a reply from one of the bridge officers. He sat on the bridge of the ANS Viperous, his Trimiran class Star Defender and flagship of the fleet. The new vessels were designed for brutal close range combat with enemy destroyers.


“Don’t say their nav comp is still on the fritz?” Vilin demanded. He took up his cane and pushed up out of his chair. It clicked ominously as he walked for the comms station.


“It should have been fixed, but I think they did a quick patch to get them back into service.”


“Damnit, send a Flight of X-Wings back down our trajectory to find out where they came out.”


“Yes sir.”

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Posted Image

Kaida Taldir

Kaida Taldir

    Ice Lady

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Location: Western Kaeshana, at the Citadel of Dusk

Objective: Liberate her homeworld



There is no doubt, only duty. The Citadel had been seen better days. Kaida remembered fighting here, defending her home from the Legion of the Damned, a splinter faction of the Kar'zun who'd tried to avenge their defeat from centuries ago. Ironically, this day had marked the start of a reconciliation between the Eldorai and Kaeshana's Kar'zun population, as the latter had opposed the renegades.



The Eldorai's history was not a gentle one. It was steeped in blood and full of Byzanzine intriuge. The Eldorai Star Queens of old could probably give the Sith a few pointers in cruelty. All too often, they were divided by internecine strife. Kaeshana's cataclysmic destruction was a raw wound that would probably require decades to heal. However, they stuck together when faced with foreign invaders.



The returning Exodites were not greeted with open arms, but it was like working with an estranged family member. When faced with an external foe you stuck together and saved the bickering and fights for later.



She was greeted by a youngish Kar'zun warrior at the path towards the ruined citadel. The stone woman carried a heavy warhammer and had a bolt pistol at her side. Ironically, the stone people had done better than the Eldorai, claiming their old habitats. "Friend Taldir, I remember when we fought together at this very fortress," Isa'vark spoke in her deep voice.



"So do I," Kaida replied laconically, gazing across the snow-covered mountain slopes. She was clad from head to toe in her practical phrik armour, a bolter and a lightsabre was at her side. With her she'd brought a host of Angelii. They were the wrathful angels of the Goddess Ashira, trained to use their Sciia, as the Eldorai called the Force, to smite the enemies of the Star Queen.



"Many moons past since the exodites left for the stars. Few expected them to return," the Kar'zun spoke. The rock people were big, tough and, while ponderous, great fighters.



"We were gone too long. The enemy gathers. Are your people ready to fight?"



"We spent centuries hoping for a home, free and independent. We did not just reclaim our freedom to have foreign invaders take it away. The host is assembled." Makeshift defences, barricades, heavy weapons emplacements and flak were soon being set up by Angelii and Kar'zun. They would fight for the motherland - and die if needed. Presumably Elincia Alanis would make ice puns!

Trextan Voidstalker

Trextan Voidstalker
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Continuing with the Character Development I started in the Dominion.

A small Alliance force assaults a Slave base on world before joining the wider battle




This was absolute chaos. It was dark, blaster bolts were firing in all directions. The din of battle seemed to drown out any thoughts that started to form in his mind.


“There are three below the tower. They’re trying to move east to flank us,” a loud clear voice cut across the background noise. It was Jacen.


“I haven’t got a visual.”


“I see them. Laying down covering fire.”


“They’re pinned,” Jacen called. “They won’t be moving on us. Hecks, I need you to deal with the men in that tower. I sense four.”


Trextan laid there not doing a thing. The corporal assigned to follow him just waited beside him, watching him carefully. He had been given a glorious purpose back on Coruscant. He was to become a Sith Knight and defeat Jacen in personal combat on the field of battle. Glory would follow, perhaps even recognition from the Dark Lord. Yet here he was, crawling through the mud towards the sound of his father’s voice simply because it was a familiar noise.


His guard followed him as he pulled up alongside Jacen and pressed himself back into cover. He didn’t say a word, but his expression said everything. Jacen fired a few more shots with his rifle and then dropped back down beside him.


“Close your eyes Trex,” he said softly.




“Close your eyes, shut out all distractions. Listen to the Force. It will talk to you if you stop trying to use your anger to bend it to your will. A battle has a flow that resounds through the Force. Reach out to it, find our enemies and tell me what you see.”




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Elsa Kurze
Kaeshana Atmosphere


Lowie's beeps and whistles fill the confines of Elsa's helmet followed by a man's voice, she listens attentively and makes her X-wing sway side to side as a precaution against some clumsy small arms fire before replying sternly. "Besh squad this is Crimson One, Roger. I'll remain on station to provide support as needed, remember to use Quadnoculars to ascertain bearing of any potential targets. Out." With those instructions, Elsa cuts off the comlink and pulls back on HOTAS and forces her T-70 above the clouds with an abrupt yank, the weight of flight harness crushes down across her shoulders for a moment. Flying in the atmosphere placed certain forces on the body proportional to the ambition of an executed manoeuvre, although Elsa inwardly enjoys it as it represents a challenge. A challenge that her lean and toned physique tolerates easily, in a way she considers this 'true' flying.  "Let us hope we don't get blown out of the sky on this one Lowie, I don't want to carry you." The dark jest solicits only a light chuckle from Elsa but prompts L0 to utter a much deeper and concerned muse. "Lowie, bring our foils back together we're creating too much drag for nothing." And with that, the T-70s wings clasp back together and suddenly the craft is more responsive, agile and Elsa breathes a sigh of relief and eases an excessive circulation-restricting grip on the HOTAS stick. And then it happens, out of nowhere, she stares long like a drone beyond the heads up display on the canopy. Hands remain still, completely silent. A rocket whizzes up through the clouds past the nose of the X-wing. Lowie's frightened droid scream breaks Elsa from her trance "Hold on!" She slams boot down on pedal and heaves stick back and shifts the throttle forward, sending her into an upward spin. A weight on chest sends her light-headed for a moment until taking a deep breath, the X-wing now levels out. Lowie excitedly presses a poignant question to Elsa. "Don't worry about it! Just focus on those sensors and scan for Fighters!" Elsa's pauses for a moment and shakes her helmeted head with an irritated grunt.


"You can't win.....You're going to die here." Some woman not of the comlink whispers ominously into the cockpit, sending a persistent chill crawling up Elsa's spine.  "Don't lie to me.." Elsa whips her head side-to-side again, awareness of surroundings returns with Green eyes darting across her digital instruments. Fingers return their crushing weight onto the flight stick, she is focused again. Albeit somewhat startled with heart pounding proudly within chest.


@Project X-2

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Location: At the abandoned Kerrigan-Alcori estate, hills overlooking Santaissa

Objective: Liberation

Allies: Tempest, Tygaran Alliance and the GA

Enemies: Project X-2, First Order and friends in general



By now Siobhan had trained several apprentices. Of all of them, Tempest was her greatest student. It made her proud that the Dahomian, who'd come such a long way from her days as a slave, stood at her side now.



"Good. Make sure the artillery is protected. Load some of the Typhoons with anti-air missiles," she ordered curtly. They'd brought some Hydras, which were essentially self-propelled anti-air platforms with rotary cannons, but the Typhoons were Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and thus flexible since they could be equipped with a variety of missiles.



"Deploy scouts and send instructions to our fighters and gunships. I want air cover. Ariane's Fist should be deploying our walkers." Meanwhile, Firemane and Eldorai soldiers were busy fortifying the area to impede entry. Mobile durasteel barricades and rocks would serve as cover, enabling soldiers to unleash a withering amount of fire with shattercannons, e-webs, heavy bolters and so on.



"I sent aid requests to Aeron Kreelan, HK-36 and Joza Perl. We must retake Santaissa and the Citadel of Dawn." The latter had been decommissioned and was a shadow of its former self, but was still important. The first had been Prex of Omega Pyre for many years, the second was an old BFF of Sio's and a former Lord Protector who still ruled over Abregado-Rae and the third was another good friend who was affiliated with the Outback and the Silver Jedi. Firemane was willing to dig deep into its pockets to defend Kaeshana. A message had also been sent to Nima Tann, one of the Order of Fire's finest mentalists.




Pharazon Draken

Pharazon Draken

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Post #: 1


Location: Kaeshana, Santaissa, Ruins and reconstruction site of the Citadel.


Objective: Defend the Citadel Reconstruction Project.


Lieutenant Pharazon Draken and the rest of the Stormtroopers of the 4th platoon of the 189th Infantry Company quickly marched down one of the now devastated and ruined streets of the once great city of Santaissa. They were on their way back to the site where the equally once great Citadel of the Eldorai was being reconstructed after a lengthy, uneventful patrol of searching Eldorai homes and spooking them out of their hiding places looking for rebels and terrorists. There had not been many raids on the Citadel project since the main body of the Stormtroopers had pacified the Capital, and so patrolling and counter-insurgency, if raiding homes could be called that, was the main order of business for Pharazon and the fifty men of 4th Platoon. Though their booted feet thumped in unison as they scattered the few wretched Eldorai on the street back into the rubble before their advance, this was no parade of might. Neither were Pharazon and his troops resplendent in gleaming white Stormtrooper armour anymore, they were filthy like every other Stormtrooper unit that had been in the city during its pacification. At least, Pharazon thought, my armour matches my Lieutenant pauldron now.


TIE squadrons and shuttles soared and roared across the skies above the city, carrying troops and supplies to the various on-going reconstruction and pacification efforts of the First Order in the capital and across the wasteland planet.


As Pharazon led his troops to the ruined Citadel, passing numerous engineers and labourers of the restoration project and cycling other patrols of Stormtroopers he could not help but feel caged by his role. Other companies were out crushing the remaining Eldorai dissidents but Pharazon and 4th platoon had been assigned the relatively tame task of patrolling and defending the Citadel reconstruction sitewith only some light firing squad duties connecting them to the conflict across Kaeshana.


“All squads, patrol detail complete, commence perimeter detail, relieve third platoon in defensive section 6 as per directive 3 in today’s orders, squad leaders, submit individual reports by 1900 hours” Pharazon monotonously related to his following troops, transitioning directly from patrol to their defensive positions just outside the reconstruction site. Tuning through his helmet's com-channels he received the reply he had been predicting from the Lieutenant of third platoon right on time as they reached their assigned defensive positions at the defensive perimeter near the front of the Citadel reconstruction.


“No incidents of note to report Lieutenant TK-6850” the Stormtrooper Lieutenant stated cooly over the com as Pharazon strode over to him.Very good Lieutenant TK-4483, I formally relieve you as per directive 3.1” Pharazon replied professionally. Fourth platoon then took its position on the series of makeshift perimeter defences and checkpoints that was defensive section 6, mainly ruined buildings with firing positions and roadblock checkpoints but more than enough to defend themselves from whatever Eldorai rabble had avoided the Stormtroopers onslaught so far.


Addressing his men over their helmet coms Pharazon attempted to allay their restlessness as they settled into guarding the engineers as they did their work.


“Stay calm, follow orders and we will be cycled into more fulfilling duty, Captain Vortigern has assured me the company will play a role in this planet’s pacification, and not just in guarding its ruins and watching its scum” he said, trying to be both firm and assured, while also hopefully subtly reminding them they were far from the most wretched beings inside the city. Pharazon hoped that might steel them for a long watch and rile them up or play to their feelings of superiority over the xenos at least. They were Stormtroopers after all and he knew these men, had known them long enough since they all went through indoctrination and training together some time ago to know they were proud of that title. He only hoped he could lead them as well as he was expected too, and as well as they deserved,or else he doubted his new found security as a part of the First Order would last long.


Looking out into the ruins of the city and watching the dregs of the Eldorai move about their filthy business around the once powerful Citadel and attached palace, Pharazon checked his blaster rifle, he had a nagging, dirty feeling that the monotony would not last for long, or had already ended and because of his low rank he had not been informed yet. He sorely wished his helmet com was hooked into High Command as he refocused himself on watching the scrabbling Eldorai.


Asharad Graush, @Other First Order Ground People, @Any Other Interested People, FO or GA.






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Location: Hills Overlooking Santaissa, Kerrigan-Alcori Estate, Landing,

Objective: Group up with Kerrigan, see what's the situation

Allies: Siobhan Kerrigan, Tempest

Enemies: Pharazon Draken, Asharad Graush, Project X-2

Equipment: Phrik Droid Body, Anti-Force Vong Biot Suit, 2x Electro-Cestus, Spear of Rae, Electro-Flail, HK's Training Lightsaber (Sliver of Light), 2x Magnetic Revolvers (Heavy), Magnetic Repeater (Heavy), Chameleon Cloak, Sigil of Hope, D.U.S.T., Anti-Force User Grenades, Grappling Hook (Pistol Format), Photoreceptor HypnoGaze attachment, jetpack, simple wrappings for camouflage and concealment.

Forces: The Knight Of The Eclipse (Dark Harvester Prize Stealth Transport) with a collection of shattergun-miniguns, bowcasters, blast-staves, and a deactivated light Mag'Ladroth Personal Walker on-board, The Greycloaks, clad in Protectorate Power Armor, and chameleon cloaks, armed with Magnetic Revolvers, generic blue-crystal lightsabers, and Spears of Rae.



No sooner did Siobhan sent out a message summoning HK and a black sleek shape of his stealth transport materialized in the sky above her. The vessel begun to lower quietly in landing procedure, able to use its advanced stealth systems to cruise past the First Order blockade as it formed and touch down on Kaeshana. As the ship near Sio could hear the subtle pumping of phat bass from the inside among the sound of electronic trumpets and clarinets unique to Bith Jizz. The ship landed and the airlock opened with ramp extending, the sound of hot Bith Jizz wailing becoming clear as HK appeared in the doorway, clad in symphony of organic and metal armor, covered in his usual array of weapons and trinkets, his black cloak flapped on the wind as he held a shattergun repeater in one hand by its barrel, in the other he was chugging a can of oil, pouring it down his neck to lubricate his joints and internal mechanical systems before the battle. He was also wrapped in cloth colored to camouflage him into the soil and vegetation of the hills they were on, knowing Kaeshana's flora and geography well enough from all the time he spent there, ready for a bit of guerrilla warfare if it came to it.




The droid sounded out as he finished the can before proceeding to smash it down on the side of his head and toss it into the ship, to no avail however for as he stepped out the can rolled out with a few others out of the ship's brim, cluttering out to litter the ground around the ship anyway, apparently this was far from the first oil can the droids consumed on their way there.


Thankfully being somewhat close to Kaeshana the droid was able to hear news of the looming battle ahead of time and decided to cast off without waiting for his fleet to mobilize to join the fray personally before the landing of his troops, much like he has done on Atrisia.


"Alright, I am here,"


He spoke out towards Sio or highest ranking Firemane/Eldorai troop around,


"Where are we, who are we fighting, what are we doing?"


That was probably not a string of questions one wanted to hear before going into combat, either way, the droid motioned out with his head towards Santaissa the hills were overlooking,


"We saw a troop defensive position by the Citadel with our sensors before landing, they were not looking exactly friendly."


Probably a good place to start.



Aboard the ship the Greycloaks could be seen readying, looking over the extra armament they brought with the on-board armory, even checking the Dwarf Walker they had in the compact Cargo Bay just in case things got really hairy.



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Location: Santaissa, Some Distance Below Kerrigan-Alcori Estate
Objective: Arm Local Guerillas, Crash-Course Protocols
Allies: Siobhan Kerrigan, HK-36, Tempest
Enemies: First Order
Equipment: MKIII-Heavy Bolter, Gorgon Web Rifle, Magnetic Reaper, 6 Eater Grenades, On-Board Weapons Systems
Forces: Xerrzyk the Ghastly, 40 Eldorai Guerrillas







Xerrzyk the Ghastly



"BOSKA!" Bellowed Xerrzyk, a Klatoonian Slaver and expert insurgent militant. "Coona tee-tocky malia!!!" With forceful wisp of arm, Xerrzyk lashed the slow soldier with snapping nine-tails, clapping flesh so vociferously it made the students ahead flinch.

"AH!" The laggard guerilla belted.

"Yoka to Bantha poodoo!" The Klatoonian growled, striking again.

"AH!!! YES SIR!" He would not fall behind again.

"Speed, Accuracy, Intensity, Evasion" Six-O repeated, his vocoder looping this phrase in brainwashing regularity.

If they wanted their home back, they needed to fight. If they were going to win, they needed to learn. And for them to learn, they must be broken. This was no distant operation on the horizon that allotted them time and comfort of planning. They didn't need to share the grueling classes and lifelong testing of their Stormtrooper enemies. They just needed to absorb enough insight to scratch the First Order with a thousand cuts. Leave these invading Fascists bleeding and with limp in step. War was ran on numbers. Drive up the cost and casualties day after day, month after month. Then the cost effectiveness leaves.

It was about the War, not the Battles.

And this War they would not win.

"Kee chai chai cun kuta?!" Xerrzyk continued to chastise, though for now his whip lay dormant.

"Learning to kill and fight!" The aching Eldorai of teenage years cried.

"Nobata!!" This brutal snap must have carried on in the wind for miles.

"Yahhha!!" The teen stumbled to ground.

"Speed, Accuracy, Intensity, Evasion"

"We're learning to resist!" Another answered in his stead.

"Tagwa. . . " Xerrzyk acknowledged, nodding. "Tagwa." And all at once the assault was over. The Klantoonian stepping aside while the stinging Eldorai crawled back to feet and rejoined his brethren.

"Speed, Accuracy, Intensity, Evasion"

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