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EMP Pearl

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Image Source: blog.pearlparadise.com
Intent: To create an EMP grenade that can be worn or concealed easily.

Development Thread: If Necessary

Manufacturer: Heartbeat House
Model: N/A                         
Affiliation: Open Market

Modularity: No

Production: Mass Produced
Material:  Durasteel components, standard EMP grenade components, incandescent coating
Classification: EMP grenade
Size: Handheld
Length: 11mm diameter
Weight: 3.75 g
Ammunition Type: Explosive
Ammunition Capacity: Single use
Effective Range: ~3m blast radius
Rate of Fire: Single action
Special Features: Concealable and disguised to appear as jewelry 
+Small, concealable and overall easy to carry
+Releases a charge of disruptive electrical energy that can damage and disabled electronics and droids

-Small radius
-Does not affect organics unless they have cybernetic parts/implants

EMP Pearls are small, round EMP grenades designed to look like harmless beads and can be worn as jewelry or carried without much hassle. Each EMP Pearl is covered with a dark iridescent coating to mimic the appearance of a real black pearl with a rainbow of subtle undertones. The EMP pearls are darkly coated so as to be easily distinguished from its sister, the white Stun Pearl. There is a small metal pin in each EMP Pearl that can be used as a jewelry hook, and removing the pin will activate the effects of the EMP Perl. Five seconds after the pin is removed, the pearl will explode and release a ~3m radius charge. The effects of the EMP Perl can render most electronics and droids within the radius damaged or disabled. The EMP Perl does not affect organics, however it will affect any electronics, armor systems or cybernetics attached to any organic within range. The lasting effects of the EMP depend on the affected electronic or droid in question and can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.


In essence, the EMP Perl is a standard EMP grenade re-designed to be compact and convert for espionage and military use, but can also serve as protection for the average civilian.
Primary Source:
EMP Grenade



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