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Comet OSM-10

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Valessia Creed

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Image Source: Ben Garnell // Artstation


Intent: To create a standard weapon for all Naval personnel to keep in their possession while on duty.


Development Thread: If Necessary


Manufacturer: Brandt-Volcata Industries (x)


Model: Comet OSM-10


Affiliation: First Order Navy


Modularity: Yes

  • Suppressor

  • Extended Ammo Capacity


Production: Mass-Produced


Material: Slugthrower-components


Classification: Slugthrower


Size: Handheld

Length: 168.91mm

Weight: 433.74 g


Ammunition Type: .10mm Rounds.


Ammunition Capacity: 12


Effective Range: 40m


Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic


Special Features:

  • Comfort Grip

  • Flashlight Component

  • Lower Recoil

  • High-Velocity Rounds

  • Iron Sights



[+] Stay Down: Because of the increased velocity of the rounds, it is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to react in time to block or dodge the slug. As it is a slugthrower, the rounds cannot be deflected back at the shooter.


[+] Accuracy: The lower calibre allowed for increased accuracy due to the low recoil.



[-] Reload Time: With only twelve slugs per clip, the user of this weapon will need to pause and reload, takes about fifteen seconds max to reload, assuming the user isn’t slippin’ with their clips.


[-] Jammin:  If fired too quickly the Comet will jam and requires a cool down period of forty-five seconds and a reload before being able to fire again.


Description: When the First Order looked to fill its armoury, they turned to BVI. BVI proposed the OSM-10 or the Comet. A weapon with enough stopping power to enable personnel of the First Imperial Navy enough time to grab a more suitable weapon. The 10mm weapon with a high velocity enables the shooter to put an impact on his/her shots.


Primary Source: N/A


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<p>Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Spencer Varanin</p>

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