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Krayzen Dratos

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Krayzen Dratos

Krayzen Dratos

    The Broken General

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Kind of Under Construction, and Needs Updating. 




"I only walk in my own path, not the path of the light, or the dark."


-Krayzen Dratos

NAME: Krayzen Dratos

  • The Broken General
  • Major General
  • Zelus
  • General
  • Demon of Yanibar
  • Anzati Powerhouse(Self Proclaimed)
  • Sword of The One Sith

AGE: 250
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.1m
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


  • One Sith: Sith Knight
  • Drakos Systems: CEO/Chief Designer/Founder/Owner/Interim CEO
  • One Sith Army: General
  • One Sith Intelligence
  • Iron Empire
  • Iron Lords: Iron Knight
  • Iron Empire Army: Major General
  • Aegis Initiative


Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • +Anzati perks, including increased strength, speed, sensor range, etc, which are explained in Wookipidea
  • +Immune to any mental attacks
  • +Cybernetics are ‘immune’ to force lighting, electrical discharges, etc.
  • +Cybernetics allow him quicker reaction time, strength, speed, etc
  • +Anzati longevity helps him push through some barriers
  • +Having served in the One Sith, as well as in the Iron Empire, Krayzen has experience in a variety of fields, such as tactics, tech, etc.
  • -He cannot use the light side of the force, in any manner, or he will be killed.
  • -Force connection affected by light side nexuses, therefore making his usage of the force on light-sided worlds to be more exhausting. 
  • -Krayzen is loyal to his allies, and to the Iron Empire. He is more than willing to sacrifice his life for them, which could be used against him by his enemies.
  • -Anzats must suck out a life force of someone/animal, etc. The Anzat however tries to not suck out the life force of humans, who have the most potent of life forces. This can affect him in battle, including things such as stamina, etc. 
  • -He suffers from PTSD. Krayzen can hear voices, screams, and is haunted by nightmares, and visions of those that were his soldiers, and he has killed. He is able to maintain a calm demeanor, but at night, his visions frequently hunt him, and he is yet to come to terms with it. 

Other Things To Note:

  • He can't see at all, therefore being blind.
  • He has a disease that will kill him; he is slowly taking medication, but it is affecting him extremely slowly. 
  • He can't perform mental attacks/mind tricks.  
  • At the moment, Krayzen is rusty due to years in hiding, and is yet to recapture his peak in the force, and in lightsaber combat. Through training/combat, etc, this is subject to change. Please however not that it doesn't mean that he can't use advanced abilities because after recovering from his injuries, during his years in exile, Krayzen was already beginning to recover his ability to use the force. 
  • Only one person knows that he underwent a ritual, or the planet that he inhabited(in the Unknown Regions during his exile). His force signature however can reveal signs of a ritual(it doesn't automatically translate to knowing the after effects of it) although it would be very little due to it happening many years ago. 

"I am a General, a Knight, and so on. As you can see, I have multiple titles, and many responsibilities. Being each of these is extremely important to me, because I know that there are people who rely on me to be at my best, but I do not let these things define who I am." 

Krayzen Dratos

A calculating person, Krayzen sees things with a meticulous eye, always analyzing situations in order to find viable solutions. The Anzati firmly believes in the need of a stable, and orderly galaxy, something that he always strive toward reaching.
Krayzen, unlike before, always tries to reduce as much casualties as possible, no longer willing to sacrifice everything toward his goals. That however doesn't make him a Jedi, as the Iron Knight, while believing in the idea of redeeming yourself, always goes for the first choice, which is a kill.
Despite his usage of the dark-side, he does not hate the Jedi. Krayzen sees the dark-side as a weapon for him to be able to meet his goals, and his interests. His time in the Unknown Regions also made him realize that the Jedi, and him had common goals, including the complete eradication of the Sith..
The Anzat suffers from PTSD, due to the lives that were lost under his command; He maintains a calm demeanor, but at night when he is asleep, Krayzen, albeit less frequently than before, suffers frequently from nightmares of those that had fallen under him.
Loyalty is a defining characteristic of Krayzen, being loyal to his allies, evidenced by his loyaltytowards the leader of the Iron Empire, who he knew in his days in the One Sith, and his loyalty to the Dark Lord of The Sith.  He is also more than willing to also help the Iron Empire by doing things such as  allying with his enemies, and being manipulative in order to meet his goals. 
As always, the Anzat is ambitious as ever, wishing to gain resources and restore the power base he once had. Krayzen also wishes to delve deeper into the dark-side, although he fears that it will change him to become the man he once was, and he will no longer become the man he is today. 
The cautiousness that he exhibited in the One Sith still carries him on to this day, making sure to trust an individual, but have a contingency if they betray him. Krayzen however is always cautiously optimistic of certain individuals that he believes he can one day trusts.
In terms of in the battlefield, the Anzat is intelligent, willing to motivate his troops to lead. He is more than happy to listen to the suggestions of his subordinates, no longer carrying the arrogance he once had; additionally, Krayzen is also willing to call out his superiors, especially if their plans are flawed. 

The General wishes to one day have a family, always wishing to continue the blood-line of his family that has continued for millennial since he is, at least according to his knowledge, the last of the Dratos line. He also wishes to have a 'best friend', someone he can trust, exemplifying the fact that there are times when he feels he is alone. It remains however to be seen if Krayzen will ever achieve any of his own goals.
Even with the serious demeanor he portrays, and the array of responsibilities that he does, Krayzen can be social, at times going to the bar, to have a drink, and -depending on the case-, if someone wishes to speak to him, he can. 
Despite the Anzat's characteristics, and him being charismatic when need be, Krayzen is primarily quiet, willing to give his opinion, or speak only when need be. There are instances where he has gone to be alone, in nice sceneries to see relax his mind, something that he never did in the One Sith. He also at times, likes to be a loner, to reflect on what has happened to him. Even then, the Anzat can be kind, willing to help out people he sympathizes with. Ultimately, the Anzat is a complex character, with a variety of traits, but no singular defining trait. 
Born to a long line of Anzati families that were part of a dark-side movement in the Zeison Shan, Krayzen was quickly trained as soon as he had reached the age required to train. Ever since he was a kid, the Anzati decided to train, and learn as much as he could from his family, and his dark-sided peers. He focused on force abilities the Zeison Sha were known for, including force weapon, telekinesis, and force barrier. He particularly focused on telekinesis, as the Zeison Sha were an acclaimed force order, and were famed for their usage of telekinesis.

As he continued to grow up, Krayzen also added some other core abilities, like force speed,sense, jump, and tutaminis to his repertoire, continuing to become a powerful Zeison Sha Adept; additionally, Krayzen also got a discblade, and unlike the Zeison Sha of the old, he also got a lightsaber. Krayzen then went on to learn Form V:Shien/Djem So, focusing equally on both sub-forms, and quickly become a good adept user of the form.

100 years reached him, and the dark-side movement in the Zeison Sha quickly showed itself, attacking the main temple on Yanibar. In the fight, Krayzen witnessed the death of his family. That, combined with the dark-sided rage made Krayzen swore a war against the light, whether it was the Jedi, or the Makutai.

After the death of his family, Krayzen left Yanibar on a hijacked ship. For the next 100 years he would do odd jobs, from working for a Hutt, to becoming a bounty hunter. This would make him adept in various types of weaponary; more importantly though, it made him add some martial arts into his repertoire, including Stava, and Teras Kasi-the latter in which he mastered.

One day, when he was doing a mission, which was to hunt a force sensitive (he didn’t know it was a Sith), Krayzen engaged in a duel with the Sith Warrior. Soon however, Krayzen lost the duel, but that did not mean he didn’t get reward. The Anzat was quickly offered to join the Sith Order, and Krayzen accepted the offer, and soon, he was off to Korriban.

After years of improving his skills, the Anzat gained the apprenticeship of @Tidarius. Unfortunately, his master went inactive, and Krayzen would have to progress without him. That was when he became Konrad's apprentice, and continued to progress in the OS.

Wanting to also gain more power in the military, as well as ultimately help the OS Army continue their road to supremacy, Krayzen joined the army, becoming a Major. He then worked with his men, being deployed to places like Thracior.

One of the most important events however in his military career is when he attacked Coruscant was attacked, and Darth Mephirium's forces took over. It was there that Krayzen, working with the Admiral of Konrad von Grimmelshausen's fleet were able to go, and strike at Darth Mephirium's forces, destroying a Dark Blade Dreadnought in thep rocess, as well as the artillery forces that were there. The One Sith Acolyte was also promoted to Sith Knight, and was given the rank of Lieutenant General, jumping a number of ranks due to saving his master(Konrad von Grimmelshausen), as well as proving his loyalty to the One Sith Military.

It was there that Krayzen began conducting development of weapons, slowly, but surely creating innovative products for the One Sith; furthermore, it was there that he was able to quickly gather a following among the One Sith Military, establishing a power base in the process.



Life as A Knight:

Life as a Knight had proven well for Krayzen. In one of his first duels, the General fought Soeht, and Darth Novus.

His life as a Knight allowed him to gain new allies, including Cyrus Tregessar, the most influential Admiral in the One Sith Navy. Krayzen also gained a new ally, Darth Erebos, while also becoming a loyal advocate for Isamu Baelor.

It was during this time that the One Sith Inquisition was created, and Krayzen believes the Inquisition to be something that does not need to exist, something that many in the One Sith military believe in.

As time goes on, the Anzat has continued working on developing weapons for the One Sith, while also working on his new company, Drakos Systems. He then continued to work with Cyrus to improve One Sith weaponry. Unfortunate times however laid ahead for Krayzen. 


The Broken General

As Krayzen continued to rise among the ranks of the One Sith, the Galactic Alliance’s frequent victories made Krayzen realize something he had thought would never happen, -the end of the One Sith as a superpower in the galaxy. While defending Coruscant from the ground, having been given the assignment by Isamu Baelor, the One Sith General was hurt with injuries that required him to seek immediate medical attention. Most of his loyal soldiers followed him, and when the battle was something that the One Sith could not win, Krayzen left, his remaining soldiers, and fleet following him into the unknown regions.
It was here on an abandoned planet did the Anzat continue to suffer, PTSD, and frequent horrific nightmares affecting the psyche of the Anzati general. As he continued to live in a bacta tank, Krayzen witnessed a change in his philosophy, realizing that the dark-side that had served him did not save him, nor his allies from the military powerhouse that was the Galactic Alliance. It was here that he immediately began to adopt a grey-like philosophy in the force, however, he knew that he had to fix himself.

Using the extensive network that he had created as one of the One Sith’s military generals, Krayzen, albeit with extreme difficulty, was able to make contact with a rogue Nightsister sect. It seemed that fate was on his side, as they surprisingly were in a very close to the planet that Krayzen had lived in exile. 
Krayzen, along with some of his loyal soldiers immediately went out, and they were met by a Nighsister clan that had no ties with anyone in the galaxy. They offered Krayzen the ability for him to be healed, but it would come with a price. It was here that Krayzen was immune to mind tricks, never use mind tricks, or any mental attacks, as well as making sure that he could never use the light side of the force

He then heard a call of a mass-exodus of Sith soldiers to the Iron Empire. Krayzen, then returned to Iron Empire, with what was left of his soldiers, and his fleet to what was now the Iron Empire, the former One Sith Knight & General now serves in the Iron Empire, and continues to serve Isamu as his loyal ally.


Born Again:

Under a new faction, new affiliations, and new allies, Krayzen get's back to his duties, serving once again as one of Isamu's Major Generals, as well as joining the Order as an Iron Knight. As he sets his sights high on being the leader of the Iron Empire Army, he duels Théodred Heavenshield in an attempt to test himself, to see how much he has changed, as well as to prove that he is no longer the man he once was. After this, Krayzen was deployed to Illum in order to eliminate the One Sith Temple that existed there, in an attempt to rid the world of his former comrades.
As he adjusted to his new role, Krayzen was part of the Iron Empire delegation when they signed a treaty with the Silver Sanctum Coalition. After the meeting, Krayzen decided to return to Mepho, the planet he had spent time in exile with, alongside his ally Bato Golden.  After he returned, Krayzen would then meet with the Sith Malok, for a meeting between their respective companies.'
The Anzat continued to work on Drakos Systems, being instrumental in the establishment of the Csilla Headquarters, as well as having Drakos Systems. Moreover, he immediately resigned as CEO, while being an Interim CEO until work could be chosen, and moved on to being the head Chief Designer of Drakos Systems, despite him still maintaining significant influence in the company.
As time went on, he would continue to establish himself in the Iron Empire, helping construct a citadel on Illum. Drakos Systems would also grow, and Krayzen would double his efforts to establish more connections, and make Drakos Systems a powerful company.

Lightsaber Forms:

  • Form V:Shien/Djem So
  • Form II: Makashi

Force Powers:

(This aren't all of his powers; just his most notable ones)

  • Telekinesis
  • Force Barrier
  • Force Weapon
  • Force Stealth
  • Force Sight
  • Tutaminis(Negate Energy, Force Barrier, Force Absorption(depending on the case))
  • Force Speed
  • Force Jump
  • Force Sense
  • Telepathy
  • Mind Trick(can no longer use it)
  • Thought Shield(no longer needs to use it)
  • Force Lightning

Roleplays(In Chronological Order):

Old Rps Krayzen Dratos


Life As A Knight/The Broken General[Flashbacks]

Before the fall of the One Sith, Krayzen prepares for the worst. After the fall though, and being a shell of the man he once was, he seizes an opportunity to be born a new. 


A New Purpose[FLASHBACK]:With the Galactic Alliance near Coruscant, and rumors of an attack occurring in the next few weeks, Krayzen goes to Bendali, in order to meet with Drakos Systems' personnel. He issues a list of orders in order to make sure the company will survive, as well as creating a new purpose for Drakos Systems.
Reborn[FLASHBACK]:A shell of his former self, Krayzen seeks an ancient Nightsister sect for help, in an attempt to be reborn, and to get out of the planet that he spent the last few years of his life in.



Born A New

Having returned from the Unknown Regions to the Iron Empire, Krayzen immediately works on returning himself to his former peak, creating new connections, establishing himself in the Iron Empire, and establishing a new power base, one far better than his previous one. 
1. A Storm of Swords:[PRIVATE]Krayzen duels a member of the famous Heavenshield family in a friendly duel in an attempt to be able to reflect/show that he is no longer the murderous Sith Knight that he once was.

2.This Day We Fight:[DOMINIION]Krayzen fights his one time comrades in the Illum temple,while experience some difficulties in the process.
3. Iron Empire/Silver Jedi Treaty: %5BFACTION%5DKrayzen meets with the Silver Jedi for a treaty

4.Return To The Abyss:[PRIVATE]Krayzen returns to an old planet in order to recover some plans for a project he is working on.

5. An Old Friend Returns: [PRIVATE]Krayzen returns, and meets Isamu, now the Emperor of the Iron Empire.
6.Meeting A Giant:[PRIVATE[ Krayzen meets the Giant Malok for a contract.
7.New Places:[PRIVATE]Krayzen conducts an operation in an operation in thename of the Iron Empire, while also doing it due to his own interests.

8.New Beginnings:[PRIVATE] Krayzen informs his colleagues he intends to resign as the new CEO of Drakos Systems.
9.Getting What's Mine:[PRIVATE] The Anzat conducts an operation to take back the shipment he had ordered from pirates. 

10. From Iron And Ice :[FACTION]Krayzen helps with the construction of an Iron Empire base.

11. Small Business: [PRIVATE] Krayzen signs a contract for Drakos Systems.


Stepping Up

With the growth of Drakos Systems, Krayzen begins to focus more his attention on the company, while continuing to establish himself in the galaxy.

12. A Common Cause: [PRIVATE] Krayzen meets Arisa Yune from Kiribi.


14. New Business [PRIVATE] Krayzen meets Lady Kay, Queen of Commenor. He gets a contract for Drakos Systems, and perhaps a potential acquitance.

15. Revisiting The Past [PRIVATE] Krayzen revisists past events for the sake of the Iron Empire.

17. A New Beginning [PRIVATE] Krayzen discusses business with other business colleagues.

18. New Business [PRIVATE] Krayzen goes on to get a shipment of an important material for a future design.

19. A Long Time Coming [PRIVATE] Krayzen meets his old friend, Stardust Raxis.

20. A Dream [PRIVATE] Krayzen discusses something important with Joza Perl.

21. SJO Kashyyyk Dom[DOMINION] Krayzen gets a contract from the SSJ.

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Krayzen Dratos

Krayzen Dratos

    The Broken General

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  • 1,865 posts

Isamu Baelor: Emperor, Grand General. Krayzen knows Isamu by many names. To him though, he will always be the man that spearheaded Krayzen's rise, and for that, Krayzen will be eternally grateful.
Aster Rose Baelor: The niece of Isamu Baelor, Krayzen does not know much about her, but recognizes her importance in Isamu's life. For that, he will do what he can to protect her. 
@Atheus: Iron Lord, the man remains a mystery to Krayzen, and he maintains his cautiousness around him. So far, he has proven to be a worthy ally, and Krayzens respects him for it.
Bato Golden: Ally, friend. Krayzen sees Bato as someone who is important to him due to their partnership in Golden Entertainment, as well as another important reason. The Anzati respects Bato, and wishes to have a fruitful business partnership.
@Konrad von Grimmeulshausen: His former master, Krayzen did not train much with Konrad due to his masters' responsibilities as one of the higher ranking officers in the One Sith. Krayzen has not seen Konrad for a while, and is curious as to what happened to him. The Anzati still wishes the best for him, and wishes to meet him again.
Cyrus Tregessar: An old colleague in the One Sith, Krayzen and Cyrus now serve opposite factions, with arguably opposite ideals. Regardless, he still wishes the best for him, and would gladly meet with his old colleague if need be.
Darth Erebos: An old ally in the One Sith, Krayzen and Darth Erebos had formed an alliance. Now having renounced his allegiance to the Sith, as well as it's ideals, the Anzat sees him as an enemy.
Théodred Heavenshield: A friend of Krayzen, he sees as him as important as he represents an important link between the Iron Empire, and the Silver Sanctum Coalition. Krayzen is willing to help him if need be, but maintains cautious optimism, mostly due to the Anzati's old beliefs about the Jedi.


Malok: A colleague from the defunct Aegis Initiative, Krayzen and Malok have a business contract between their respective companies. Unaware of the former's allegiance to the Sith Order, the Anzati currently sees Malok as a colleague, an important one at best.


Dunamez Lopez: Another individual Krayzen has a business partnership with, he respects her for how she has built Star Tours, and appreciates her seeking out Drakos Systems. Not caring about the former's allegiance to the First Order, he sees their partnership as beneficial for each other's companies.


Lady Kay: TBD


Alara Slayn: TBD


Iriaan Sakor: Krayzen's apprentice, and a person he is proud to called a friend, their friendship has only began, yet he is proving to be a close friend of the Anzat.

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Krayzen Dratos

Krayzen Dratos

    The Broken General

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Some other stuff I will add. 



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Krayzen Dratos

Krayzen Dratos

    The Broken General

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  • 1,865 posts

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