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Csilla Chic

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Image Source: Pinterest.com
Intent: To create a personal protective wardrobe for Aster Rose Baelor of the Iron Empire.

Development Thread: If necessary

Manufacturer: Heartbeat House

Model: N/A
Affiliation: Aster Rose Baelor

Modularity: Yes, comes in a variety of colors and styles

Production: Unique

Material: Heatflex fabric, durasteel components for design

Classification: Anti-blaster

Weight: 1.0-2.5 kg depending on the outfit

Quality: 4

Special Features: Blaster and vibroblade resistant


+Shell spider silk provides resistance against and deflects standard blaster fire and vibroblades
+Warming crystal weave helps regulate body temperature in colder environments.


-Provides no added protection against lightsabers, blunt weapons or kinetic force.
-Only protects and warms what is covered by the fabric.

Csilla Chic is a line of fashionable, protective clothing created for the niece of the Iron Emperor, Aster Rose Baelor and is made primarily from Heatflex fabric. Heatflex was produced specifically with Aster’s request in mind, made from shell spider silk and a warming crystal weave that offers resistance against Csilla’s frigid environment. The shell spider silk provides protection from and deflects standard blaster fire and vibroblades, but offers no added defense against lightsabers. Blunt weapons, slugs and sufficient kinetic force will also tear right through the clothing. Any part of the body that is left exposed will be neither protected nor warmed from the effects of the Heatflex fabric. As such, a full coverage winter outfit will provide more protection than a short dress.
Csilla Chic covers a wide range of formal and casual outfits including blouses, slacks, skirts, evening dresses, gowns and matching gloves to go with each ensemble. While each outfit is different, they all offer the same level of protection and warmth. In addition to winter and formal outfits, a set of light summer clothes made of shell spider silk (sans warming crystal) was also produced in the case that Aster travels to warmer environments without sacrificing protection for style. The warmer weather outfits are made without the warming crystal weave for fear of overheating in a more tropical or desert environment. In all outfits, the fabric is lined a bit more thickly around the core so as to layer protection from the chest to the hips, without sacrificing style or appearing bulky. 
Primary Source:
Heatflex Fabric


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The moment I saw it's a dress I was sweating more and more the closer I got to weight and quality.


This is nothing impossible.


*sigh of relief*


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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Spencer Varanin

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