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- - - - - SLV-R KRDS Droid

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Judah Dashiell

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Intent: Salvage droid to expand KRDS' efficiencyand haul.

Development Thread: None

Manufacturer: Kesh-Rimma Droidworks & Salvage

Model: SLV-R

Affiliation: None

Modularity: None

Production: Minor

Material: Durasteel



SLV-R is a salvage droid designed for use by Kesh-Rimma Droidworks & Salvage.The SLV-R is a smaller droid than the standard P-100 salvage droid. Smaller design and scale works perfectly for the needs of KRDS, as the company is primarily interested in salvaging automaton units. SLV-R droids can be programmed to search for only one object or multiple, allowing the owner of the droid to reduce waste and time on the jobsite. SLV-R units can work together to bring in a heavier or bulkier object, bringing in large objects beyond their scope is rare and inadvisable.The SLV-R droid has a range of approximately one kilometer, allowing it to search through even some of the largest junk and salvage heaps.


Strengths :

-Arms able to grasp at a strength variable to item to prevent damage.

 -Repulsorlift allows for unrestricted movement over congested areas

-Able to lift more than body weight. SLV-R units can team up to lift items beyond the scope of one or two units.

Weaknesses :

 -Incredibly dumb. SLV-R only looks for what its programed to search for. Items must be partially visible or SLV-R will miss them entirely.

-Manipulating arms wear out fast. Replacement of bearings required on a quarterly basis.

-Smaller size requires more units on a job in order to lift heavy objects. Some large objects would not be able to be retrieved.

Classification: Class Five

Weight: 30 Kilos

Height: 1.5 Meters

Movement: Repulsorlift

Armaments: None

Misc. Equipment: Visual sensor,terrain-mapping sensor,heavy-duty manipulating arm(x2)

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