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Knight Band

- - - - - Jamie Pyne

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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Image Source: [X]

Intent: To submit a Force Imbued armband to aide in Jamie's fight against the dark side of the Force
Development Thread: If Required
Manufacturer: Jamie Pyne
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Jamie Pyne
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

Material: Force Imbued Algrinium
  • [+] Increases the wearer's strength with the Force slightly when facing someone corrupted by the dark side.
  • [-] Does not function on worlds where the Force is suppressed, or in close proximity of Ysalamir.
  • [-] While it is discreet, and can be worn under clothing, it is not incredibly strong. Breaking it is rather simple.


Jamie is far from being the galaxy's most feared Force user. In fact, quite the opposite. So to help with that, she opted for a discreet piece of jewelry that would offer a bit of a leveled playing field when facing dark siders. That became the Knight's Band. Simple enough to wear beneath clothing, while offering a modest increase in her abilities to square off with those tainted by the darkness.


While it does offer a small boost, this in no way elevates her ability to astronomical levels. It functions as a bit of extra oomph in the things she can already perform, so long as her enemy is encompassed by the dark side. A truly neutral Force sensitive, or a person of the light side will not see the effects of this trinket in any measurable way.


As with all things touched by the Force, in the presence of a Ysalamir or similar creature or device, this will cease to function, as it would on any planet dead to, or which suppresses the Force to any sustainable degree.


Primary Source: http://starwars.wiki.../Nomi's_armband



Aria Vale

Aria Vale


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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.


Aria Vale

Aria Vale


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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira


Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn


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