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Ardgal 2.0-- Project Madman

Ardgal Raxis Subject 13 Project Madman

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Ardgal Raxis

Ardgal Raxis


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"Good and bad are just labels, once you set a label on it sticks."

Name: Ardgal Raxis
Aliases: Project Madman; Subject 13
Faction: Mando'ade
Rank: Warrior, Mercenary
Species: Biologically engineered cyborg Firrerreo/Unknown near human
Age: 24
Sex: male
Sexuality: Ammosexual. I like guns.......
Height: 6 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 274.5 lbs
Eyes:. brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Force Sensitive: Nope---Vong-shaped
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: agnostic
Languages known:


-Galactic basic (though spoken with a Welsh Accent)


Social quest: to find someone/a group that values him as a person, not a pawn of war.
Emotional quest: to come to terms with what he has had to do, what has been done to him and overcome his PTSD.
Mental quest: to cope with or overcome his addiction
Physical quest: to overcome his pain

Loyalties: Self, Mando'ade, clan Raxis, members of RMIA.
Allies: The Mando'ade
Enemies: None Yet
Friends: Drof'del Tavor
Girlfriend: Rashae

Adopted Son: Cassus Raxis

Brothers: None

Sisters: None

Cousin: Virgil Raxis

(?): Stardust Raxis

(?): Gray Raxis (Married to Stardust)

(?): Jack Raxis




"Pain and pleasure go hand in hand.But what they don't tell you is pain is just the path to more pleasure."

Strengths and Weaknesses:
++Skilled warrior

Ardgal has been conditioned to war through the machinations of Project Madman and his prior experience in war. He has been through the thick of it, from wading through the mud hand over hand to sprinting through the jungle for his life. He is a living machine of war, forged in the hottest of fires.

Ardgal has been programmed with the ways of the best warriors that ever lived before him. He has studied their tactics time and time again, breaking down their every move as to why the won--or why they failed. He is a being who plans ahead for every encounter, and is always ready for what is coming his way.It is a rare day when he is not caught strategically prepared.

beneath the helmet is a deep, rich mind that loves to plunge the depths of philosophical waters. His mind is probing and always full of a desire to see the galaxy as peaceful--despite his work. He wants nothing more than Peace in our time.

++ Pragmatic

To those standing on the outside, it would appear that Ardgal is heartless. Whether its a clean, private assassination or a gory public execution, Ardgal feels no qualms doing what has to be done to get his job done. Its not that Ardgal is immoral, quite the opposite. Ardgal is amoral. He lives in war and is willing to do what it takes to get what he needs done, his Machiavellian nature leaves him cunning as they come.

+/- Loyal

Ardgal has been used as a pawn his whole life--shoved around, told were to go, who to kill and how to do it.He does not build loyalties often but to the few he sees as deserving, this warrior is loyal to the end.It also extends to a deeper model. Most would believe a mercenary like Ardgal would quickly sell out to the highest bidder--but Ardgal always is good for his word. Always, even when it hurts him.

+/- Augmented

There is little original tissue left in Ardgal's form.Or to put it another way, there are few links in his DNA that were not vong shaped in some way or totally replaced. On the plus side, that makes him a supersoldier in every sense of the word. On the downside--it contributes to his fibromyalgia (FM) and continual anguish.

+/- High Pain tolerance

Ardgal's threshold of pain is pretty high, he can take hits most can't and keep going.The downside is he feels pain a lot sooner than most, longer, and it contributes to his mental anguish as well as his ongoing FM.

+/- Capitalist

At his heart, Ardgal is a savvy businessman. He is not the best with people, and he is not the most diplomatic. These things are certainly true, however he knows how to turn a profit and can squeeze blood from a stone.He knows how to minimize expenses, maximize profits, and knows how to come out with more than he left.



Ardgal hates what he does, if he had a chance he would change.He knows that he is nothing more than a killer, a murderer. If he had his way the man would be different, but he sees no alternative, so he is in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance.In addition, he hates what he has become, what has been done to him, and wants to become more human. Because of this desire to be more human he is at war with the machine side of himself, despite it all, he cannot find himself to love the cyborg side of himself.


Argal has served across many planets and seen many die.  Some were friends, close enough to be considered family.War has ravaged his mind, and even worse the things done to him have warped his heart and mind.Even though its made him a brilliant tactician and a powerhouse of ferocity, the flashbacks and survivor's remorse is strong in him.


Ardgal is an abomination, the things that have been done to him should not be done to a living being. It is a wonder how he survived when so many others died in the process. As a side effect of what makes him powerful, the man is in constant pain. With his drugs it is manageable.Without, he is crippled with agony, barley able to do the most common functions.




"If you're looking for a safe place, a happy place in the galaxy, you can't expect me to help you find it."

Face Claim: Will Smith

--Intellect and Judgement over Sensory and Intuitive: ISTJ
--Big Five: Strong on Conscious, Agreeableness middle ground, Middle ground on Extroversion/Introversion, Neuroticism is on the low end, middle ground on Openness.
--Weak Super ego, strong ID, moderate ego.
Archetype: the out of control warrior.



--Cyborg implants along the brain: the thing most tampered with is Ardgal's brain, he has chips and cyborg parts across numerous points in his skull.

--Sensory Biot: Lodged in his nasal cavity is a vong biot, its purpose is to analyze smells, chemical compounds, and help provide a gyroscope/compass

--Left ear: Ardgal's left ear has been replaced with a cyborg implant able to pick up sounds too faint for most to hear, or filter out sounds.

--Right eye: Ardgal's right eye has been replaced with a robotic version. It looks rather human, and is almost impossible to distinguish, however the sensor is cutting edge and almost unrivaled in ability.

--Muscle Mass: Ardgal's muscle mass has been altered by the vong, resulting in his extreme weight.His muscle density is triple that of a normal human, an augmentation of his natural Fierro status.

--Spinal Column: Ardgal's spinal column has been changed to have implants that will interact with his armor, and re-enforced with durasteel to help support his massive weight.

--Altered Sympathetic and nervous system: the Nerve endings within Ardgal's body have been changed, resulting in faster reflexes, and rapid movement. The downside is it hurts like hell, resulting in incurable fibromyalgia.

--Augmented Lungs: To faciliate all the air his extra cells need, Ardgal's lungs have been altered. He consumes more oxygen with each breath than most beings, and has a highly efficient lung health. The advantage? He gains the ability to run faster, longer, with fewer side effects than most. The problem? Space suit air supplies for him are cut in half their normal.

--Advanced Metabolism: Moreso a need to feed himself than anything else, Ardgal's digestive tract has been altered to maximum efficency. As a result, he is able to digest his food faster than most beings to replenish and repair his cells. The problem? He eats a crapton and eats it often.



"Did you expect an angel? came from hell, I died on the Operating table three times.You think the crash cart is why I am here?The only thing that kept me alive was the will to live--and to make the people who did this to me truly know what it means to suffer."

Project: Madman was a deep cover, black on black experiment conducted by a hodgepodge of governmental agencies. The real conductor of this is still unknown--whether it was the Sith, Mando, Republic, or a combination of these is still under debate. However, what is known is that 13 different test subjects were drawn from across the galaxy.Each was a powerful warrior, the best of the best and all were human or near human due to their easily manipulated genetic code.


The things that were done to these beings were unthinkable; experimental surgeries, advanced biological testing, high end cyborg implants that were untested, and rigorous training that was supposed to make them invicable. For some the drugs were what killed them with horrific Over doses on untested steroids. For others, the biological tests tore them to pieces on the cellular level, reducing them to pools of bio-matter.The most horrific were the cyborgs, who died on the operating table--or lived to tear their own bodies to pieces, screaming in horror to their last breath.


The thirteenth, Ardgal Raxis, was the only survivor.The cyborg/bio experiment was completed shortly before the project was destroyed; his first mission was to kill all involved but the head scientist, Dr. Halitz.Under the leadership of this half-sane doctor, the sole survivor of Project Madman would enter the galaxy as a tool of war to be used for the highest bidder.....




Limited Products:


WIP--"The Atonement"
Speeder: Behemoth Command Tank
Military Units



Hellstorm Heavy Assault Tanks

Naga Multi-purpose Tank


AT-LRA (All Terrain Long Range Artillery)

AT-AVW (All Terrain Anti-Vehicle Walker)

Bounties Collected:

Role Plays:


Raxis Empire/Clan Threads


Threads for Commenor:


RMIA Contracts


Godkillers Creation Quests:


Hunting for Business

Alpha Company Creation Thread-- Earning the title of Commander


Pantheon Quests (Short-lived faction)


Threads with Rashae



Various Threads


Mando'ade Threads:

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Ardgal Raxis

Ardgal Raxis


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Melee Weapons

Ardgal'Kal: Sword; made of Coretosis

--"The Grudge"--WIP melee weapon





The Ravager

Phantasm Cloak

Nei'idr (Havoc) Carbine



This is an ongoing list that I add to as Ardgal gets/makes more stuff, and is in addition to the stuff under "Amazing guns" in the sig.

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Suravi Teigra

Suravi Teigra


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Ardgal Raxis Nice, since I'm chummy with the Mandos again, I may have some work for you soon. 


Ardgal Raxis

Ardgal Raxis


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Suravi Teigra


Awesome, sounds good to me!

Suravi Teigra

Suravi Teigra


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Ardgal Raxis Are your god-killers available for use? 


Ardgal Raxis

Ardgal Raxis


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Suravi Teigra


Sure PM and we can talk it out, or you can skype/discord me and tell me what you got in mind :)

Suravi Teigra

Suravi Teigra


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Ardgal Raxis Yi, I think I see you in silver chat. I'll add you from there.