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Flinx Kalith


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Flinx Kalith

Flinx Kalith
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Flinx Kalith


NAME: Flinx
FACTION: agent working for The Sith Empire, later is neutral going between the Silver Jedi and the Sith Empire.

RANK: scholar

SPECIES: Miraluka


SEX: male

HEIGHT: 5'11” (1.95 meters)

WEIGHT: 180lbs (83.91kg)

EYES: Mirluka dont have eyes and don masks to cover their vestigial eye sockets.

HAIR: silver

SKIN: pale tan

FORCE SENSITIVE: instinctually force sensitive


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
-Blind but sees through the force.
-easily gets attached to his friends and companions.
-is very good with animals and droids but doesnt trust sentients
-is a good mechanic and with his droid BB-3 they travel the galaxy.

If you were to see flinx from behind, he would look like any human young adult. His hair would be long and silvery, he kept it long and strait so that it covered his mask that he kept tied around his head. Why a mask? Glad you asked. He is a Miraluka, and as such he had no eyes, just blank skin stretched across vestigial eye sockets. Otherwise he is a normal humanoid. He has a slightly muscled frame and looks much younger than his full 20 years of age. However under his cloth and leather armor his back and chest are covered in burns and scars from the torture his father inflicted on him. In recent years his scars had all but faded but a new set from a bad run in with a rancor crosses his back from left shoulder to right hip. Black Sith tattoos have been placed over them and swirl across his back.

​Flinx was born a captive to his sadistic Sith father. His mother, a Jedi scholar from ossis. Flinx was a snub to the Jedi from before he was born. And did his life get better? Did his father take the opportunity to make another sith to succeed him? No! He was used as a collar for is mom who was too Jedi to fight back. Well as Flinx grew older his Father became a heavy drinker.

One night Flinx had had enough, after his father had beat his mother and she was unconscious and couldn't stop him, Flinx stole into his fathers room and stabbed his father with the sith's own lightsaber. After helping his mother come too and pronouncing that they were finally free, he had to look upon the face that was his horrified mother. She looked at the bleeding sith with what could only be horror. Then she looked at me with defeat in her eyes. we didn't talk for a long time after that. finally she started to work with me, helping me to pull myself away from the sith tendencies that had started cropping up. she says there is a jedi outpost on kashyyyk that could help.

After their first year on Kashyyyk, the council still would not agree to train Flinx. His mother was incensed. But she had been outside of the councils influence for so long. Flinx had had enough. He remembered his mom's stories of the mythic grey Jedi and e had made up his mind to find them. He told his mom. she gae him a look that begged him not to go but she couldn't keep him with her forever and all those years of abuse had taken their toll.

She took Flinx to her closet and pulled out a small chest. In it was a lightsaber with a polished wooden hilt. With tears streaming from under her veil, she handed Flinx her saber telling him that he must keep balance. Flnx had reached his breaking point. This gift had taken all the fight out of him and he dropped to his knees. His mother held him for a long hour as they both cried till they were out of tears to cry. She helped him to his feet and bid that the force be with him.... always.

Flinx left the planet with a single goal. Find these grey Jedi, learn what he can. Balance the galaxy.

SHIP: Flinx uses his fathers M22-T Krayt guship newly redubbed the Kyber Dragon.
Technical specifications

Maximum atmospheric speed
800 km/h[
Hyperdrive rating
Class 1
Navigation system
Navigation computerArmament
  • Heavy laser cannon (2)
  • Medium Ion cannons (3)
  • Concussion missile launcher (1) with 16 Concussion missiles[
  • Pilot (1)
  • Gunner (1)
Passengers 2 (Prisoners) Cargo capacity 440 kg (Modified to hold twice this in a pinch) Consumables 1 week

KILLS: Father (not a pc)

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Sister Kay

Sister Kay

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looks interesting can't wait to see them around

Flinx Kalith

Flinx Kalith
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Age:23 Flinx looses his connection to the force and most of his possesions. His friend Ra sent him to train with an aquantence of hers, the leader of the dominion. With his training and visits and excursions with the nightsisters he learned not only to connect with the living, neutral force but to also connect and bond with beasts from all over the galaxy. Thus he raised his five companions over the span of five years. First was Thanatos the Vornskr, then was Shadow the Maalraas, then Twi the Shyrack, finally Jake the Jakobeast, and finally the baby snowfeather bird, Star. Now 28 Flinx once more travels to Bast Castle.

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Flinx Kalith

Flinx Kalith
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During a brief stay with Ra'a'mah, Flinx acquired a YT-2400 to replace the ship he lost.


YT-2400 light freighter Production information
Technical specifications
21 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed
800 km/h
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 12
Rated 248 SBD
Doubled-armored plating (rated 102 RU)
Navigation system
Minimum crew
Cargo capacity
150 metric tons
2 months
Other systems