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Lauri Törni

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Lauri Törni

Lauri Törni

    The Finnish Commenori

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Name: Lauri Allan Törni, aka Larry Thorne
Sex: male
Species: human
Homewolrd: commenor
Age: 22
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 69.73 kilos
Skin: white
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Force sensitive: no

Strengths: leader: leads a squad effectively, constantly drills them, keeps morale up. Soldier: skilled with various blasters, proficient in hand to hand combat, well disciplined.
Weaknesses: headstrong: if he feels that an enemy who has been beaten back deserves it, he will leave to fight them if possible, even without orders. Loyal to comenor: aside from chasing down enemies even when commanded not to, he is fiercely loyal to commenor, and would gladly die for his homeworld.

Appearance: athletic, well built, tall

Bio: born and raised on Commenor, Lauri grew up admiring the soldiers that defended it. His parents were extreme patriots, with generations of military service on both sides. So, when he came of age, Lauri joined the army. He graduated third in his class, with some advanced tactical training, Lauri was sent to the reserves, which ticked him somewhat, but the next year he was put into active duty.

Gear: rifle, semi automatic blaster pistol, sub- machine gun, knife, grenades.

Personality: when in uniform, dead serious. Out of uniform, friendly, apathetic, and often sarcastic.


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