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The Wretched Hive

Approved Workshop ORC The Wretched Hive The Underground Tier 6

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Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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  • Image Source: "Star Citizen - Chop Shop Environment" by Marcel van Vuuren, found here: https://www.artstati.../artwork/m5L01 
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Some elements adapted from the links below.


  • Workshop Name: The Wretched Hive
  • Location: The Wretched Hive (submission) (additional notes) (location thread)
  • Specialty: Starship modification and salvage; May produce submissions up to semi-unique using the Restricted Material 'Pyronium' as a Tier VI specialty.
  • Tier: 6


The Wretched Hive is a hybrid miner/salvager/fabricator vessel, heavily modified from its original configuration. Effectively, it’s Jorus Merrill’s mobile home and base of operations, crewed by trusted outlaw techs who hailed from Dingo Darr’s Chop Shop on Ord Mantell, during the collapse of the Mandalorian regime. Darr himself, an old orange Krevaaki, runs the Hive when Jorus and Alna aren’t around. Another senior mechanic is the Twi'lek Shenna'vala. The Hive is no raider, but it serves his purposes well enough. Its holds and hangars can carry ore, salvage, or even other starships.


The Hive has been known to provide repair and modification services for ships from the Underground, the mapping nonprofit Baobab Astrography, and various unaffiliated spacers. Overt Darksiders and especially violent criminals tend to get turned away; otherwise, he doesn't discriminate. Occasional ports of call may include Port Mynock, Kal’Shebbol, Nar Shaddaa, Ord Mantell, Rebellion Actual, the Kathol Technical Academy, the old Levantine worlds, Tatooine, and various Wild Space shadowports.


After the Gypsymoth's destruction and his own semi-retirement, Jorus decided to set up shop in a lower-profile vessel than those he'd commanded before. The Wretched Hive came cheap in a Wild Space swap meet, and he set about modifying it within an inch of its life. He also roped in a number of old friends, starship modification specialists from all over the galaxy.


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Darth Saarai

Darth Saarai

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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