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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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  • Manufacturer: Jamie Pyne
  • Model: Rominaria
  • Affiliation: Jamie Pyne
  • Modularity: Crystal
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Lightsaber Components, Enhanced Power Cell, Songsteel, Bondar Crystal, Ankarres Crystal, Zaela Wood


  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: One/Two Handed
  • Length: 110cm (90cm blade, 20cm hilt)
  • Weight: 1.25kg



  • Bondar crystal allows the wielder to incapacitate foes through temporary stunning & paralysis, rather than killing.
  • Ankarres crystal releases an aura of serenity and peace, serving as a beacon of light.
  • Power adjustment knob allows for the changing of power levels for the purposes of cutting through materials.
  • Pressure grip will deactivate the lightsaber when dropped from the hand.
  • Bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse allows the weapon to operate while submerged.
  • Non-Dimetris circuits prevent the lightsaber from overloading when in contact with cortosis.
  • The songsteel hilt provides superior resistance against other lightsabers to prevent damage.


  • [+] Healing aura and concentration - Magnifying the healing abilities of the user, this crystal not only improves the users abilities, but grants them a modicum of additional concentration. 
  • [+] Calming beacon - Aura of tranquility allows the wielder to reach a measured level of calm, exuding that to those around them.
  • [+] Darkside deterrent - This cannot be used by a darksider. Additionally, attempts to use by a darksider may result in anxiety or discomfort that comes with having the foundation of one's persona disrupted.
  • [+] Lightsaber resistant - Songsteel hilt provides resistance against lightsaber strikes.

[+/-] Specific to user - While the initial imbuement of the stone is not specific, once a healer or wielder uses the crystal to amplify their abilities, it forms a spiritual conduit. Following that, their presence is required for the crystal to properly work for saber or meditation.

[+/-] Susceptible to heat damage - The natural untreated color of this crystal is either light blue, green, or yellow. However, should the lightsaber be exposed to high heat for too long, the chemical bonds will deform and the color will shift to deep violet blue.



  • [-] Defense - Incapacitating an enemy, rather than killing them poses greater risk to the wielder than typical lightsabers.
  • [-] Size - Blade length is shorter than standard.
  • [-] Brittle - The Ankarres Crystal is naturally brittle and chipping, after imbuement, will destroy the imbuement.
  • [-] Power Hungry - Use of the crystal is intense on the lighsaber, requiring modifications to the energetic components.
  • [-] Uncontrollable beacon - Without ignition, this crystal serves as a mild beacon for the lightside. When ignited, this effect is significantly increased. While tranquility pours out from this, it also amplifies the users presence to other force users around them.

During the invasion of Mustafar, Jamie's first lightsaber, Daylight, was stolen from her following her defeat by Castor Ren at Darth Vader's castle. By her return to Naboo, Rominaria was constructed. Named after what Jamie considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the galaxy, the hilt was constructed in a less embellished manner than Daylight had been, though still neatly ornate in a simplistic way. With a relatively smoothed surface, the wood of the Zaela tree was wrapped in a fine layer of songsteel to protect it from threat of destruction by other lightsabers. Engraved along the sides of the hilt were the written words Rominaria, and Pyne, in Jamie's ancient native language, Futhork.


The weapon itself has been updated in many ways, including a new yellow hued Ankarres Crystal in place of the original Kasha of its' predecessor. With the replacement came a series of surprising and delightful additions, further standing her apart from other Jedi. Jamie's viewpoint that all life is precious remains ever present through the use of the Bondar crystal, utilizing stunning and temporary paralysis functionality rather than the intent to kill or maim. With the weapon constructed as is, attempting to hide herself within the Force will be all but impossible, given the intense lightsided aura that the weapon gives off, even when inactive. Once activated, it is intensified dramatically. Should any darksider attempt to wield this blade, they will find themselves feeling as though their very identity is being lost or stripped away by the weapon.


Two benefits of Rominaria are that of enhanced healing potential, allowing the owner to achieve greater concentration while improving their healing capability, and clarity through deep meditation, aiding in the search within ones' self to find an answer to difficult questions or situations. Furthermore, the inherent nature of the Ankarres crystal assists in resisting the temptations of the darkside of the Force while providing hope and calm to those nearby. Having been constructed by Jamie, the crystal has formed a bond, producing a spiritual conduit that requires her presence to activate, or even achieve a lasting meditation.


Within the base of the hilt, a small Rominaria flower has been preserved between a layer of transparisteel, taken from the garden of the Royal Palace of Naboo.

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