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AE-AS2 Specter Flight Suit

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Intent: Flight Suit with Minor Stealth

Image Source: Here

Canon Link: Shadowsuit | Flight Suit

Restricted Missions: As Needed

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: Alderaan Engineering

Model: AE-AS2

Affiliation: Closed-Market


  • Aesthetics

Production: Minor



Classification: Flight Suit

Weight: 4 Kilograms

Quality: 4



Detailed Special Features:

  • Shadowsuit | Thinsuit: Combining the stealth aspect of Shadowsuits with the light protective qualities of a Thinsuit provides the wearer with a light absorbing, noise dampening suit that provides minor protection from environmental and chemical hazards. The chest area has been reinforced with a flex armor mesh to provide minor blaster and slug protection. Thermal controls allow the pilot to survive in vacuum as well as regulate life support within the suit.
  • Flight Helmet: A simple modification of the Flight helmet provides the wearer with an ergonomic head covering that is able to project a localized atmospheric field around itself to protect its wearer from chemical attacks and vacuum. It includes a filtration system, a polarizing visor featuring an Advanced Heads Up Display synced with the Starfighter’s sensor systems, and built in encrypted comlink.
  • Individual Field Disruptor: A system worn on the wrist or carried in a small pouch that allows the wearer to bypass most types of shielding and security fields without detection that doubles as a weapon which can deliver a painful shock.
  • EMP Disruptor Stylus | Field Security Overloader | Scramble Key | Laser Lockpick | Anti-Security Blade: Basic gear designed to circumvent security systems and locks that might bar the wearer’s way.
  • Master-Grav 1000 Grav Boots | Magno-Grip Soles: Sound and sensor baffled Grav Boots and Magno-Grip Soles for Mobility and Zero Gravity combat.
  • Emergency Beacon: In emergencies, such as when a pilot is forced to eject, they can activate an emergency beacon and make use of ion flares to ensure their allies are able to find them. The beacon can be set to transmit on all channels or only on secure ones if need be.


  • Stealth: The combined systems can allow the wearer to blend into the shadows and is difficult to detect on passive and active sensors.

Weaknesses :

  • Light Armor: The Specter Flight Suit provides very little in the way of blaster and slug protection, really only a simple blast vest covering the torso and head.


Alderaan Engineering’s Armortech Division second Stealth model is designed to be a stealth capable flight suit and provide the wearer with numerous tools and technologies used by the old Alliance Special Forces.


The flightsuit is made from a flex armor mesh fitted to the interior of the thinsuit to cover the vital organs of the wearer, providing moderate protection against projectiles and energy weapons, as well as protecting them from environmental hazards and radiation, extreme temperatures, and shrapnel. Thermal and life support controls are designed to survive the rigors of spaceflight and vacuum a pilot might face. The exterior of the suit is lined in shadowsilk to absorb light and sound allowing the wearer to better blend into their surroundings, especially darkness and shadows, as well as helping them to remain extremely quiet. In emergencies its technology can be deactivated so that the Specter Flight Suit can evade detection by most sensors and scanners.


Its helmet is designed with an advanced heads up display synchronized with the sensors and visual monitors of a pilot’s starfighter with targeting crosshairs, threat warnings, and other systems fed into the helmet’s visor. The helmet ridges contain an atmosphere filtration system and an atmospheric containment field to protect the wearer from chemical hazards and the vacuum of space. It features a much larger two hour air supply which can be recycled for thirty minutes of low oxygen levels which is survivable but not enough to remain conscious.


In addition the suit uses several other pieces of equipment to break locks, open doors, disable holocameras, and other types of security systems that might be present. For mobility the suit uses a set of grav-boots allowing them to fly at altitudes of one hundred fifty meter designed for stealth and quiet operation. Magno-Grip sole plates allow the wearer to traverse zero-g with relative ease.

Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.



Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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