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AE-EBR1 Gravity Pulse Blaster

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Intent: To Create a relatively exotic Weapon

Image Source: Here

Canon Link: Not Applicable

Restricted Missions: As Needed

Primary Source: Gravity Guns (Riddick) | Hard Sound Rifle



Manufacturer: Alderaan Engineering

Model: AE-EBR1

Affiliation: Closed Market

Modularity: No

Production: Semi-Unique


  • Duraplast
  • Pressor Beam Components
  • Tensor Rifle Components


Classification: Gravity Pulse Blaster

Size: Hand-Held

Length: 38 Centimeters

Weight: 1.35 Kilograms

Ammunition Type: Power Cell

Ammunition Capacity: 20

Effective Range:

  • Bolt: 20 Meters
  • Wave: 10 Meters

Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic



  • Gravity Pulse
  • Wave Mode

Detailed Special Features:

  • Gravity Pulse: The GPB fires a condensed bolt of compressed gravity rather than conventional energy. It fires gravitational force as a kinetic blast, which allows it to do several things conventional weaponry does not.
  • Wave Mode: In this mode the weapon fires a cone of gravitational energy at less than lethal velocity, just enough to shove people backwards or stagger them depending on range and other factors.


  • Bypasses Shields: Gravity bypasses shields. Gravity Effects beings through shields and other energy fields.
  • Knock Back: Beings struck by the bolt are often blasted backwards, away from the wielder. The weapon is capable of knocking people back ten or so meters under proper conditions with a clean hit. Excellent for use in enclosed spaces
  • Kinetic Force: The compressed gravity bolt deals kinetic energy, capable of breaking bones and rupturing organs in most creatures similar to a shotgun at close range or a Sonic Blaster. It however does not actually puncture armor, rather than just slamming into it with a great deal of force similar to a Power Hammer.


  • Limited Range: The GPB has a relatively short range, only twenty meters making it less than ideal in open battle grounds.
  • Armor Penetrator: The weapon’s energy blast doesn’t actually puncture anything, it just slams into solid objects with a great deal of kinetic force. This means things like large scale power armor, vehicles, reinforced structures, and other such things are largely unaffected.
  • Mag-Boots: Magnogrip Boots or gloves can stop the knockback effect on beings.


The AE-EBR1, Experimental Battle Rifle, is a directed Gravitational Pulse blaster which is designed to fire a condensed bolt of kinetic energy through use of gravity manipulation similar to how tractor beams and tensor weapons work. The weapon was designed for close quarters combat where a rifle or directed energy weapon might be unfeasible, such as in the confines of a ship. The energy bypasses shields, except for Anti-Concussion fields, as it is pure kinetic force caused by gravity manipulation, which normal shields are not intended to interfere with.


The condensed bolt delivers a bolt of pure kinetic energy down range, bypassing shields and slamming into solid objects with enough force to cause serious internal trauma as well as knocking them backwards up to ten meters away from the weapon’s user in perfect conditions with a solid hit to center mass of a target. It is capable of disabling droids through sheer kinetic force damaging their internal systems and structure, able to break and fracture bones and rupture internal organs. The weapon suffers from a lack of penetrating power, which makes it useless against very large targets and vehicles, however it is still a very effective anti-personnel weapon. Sometimes Magclamps mitigate this knockback effect, but depending on the type of armor (Most non-powered suits) the force is normally transferred to the ankles which is not always a good thing.


Its second mode is a wide angle mode, which is a non-lethal pulse intent on knocking multiple enemies away from the wielder and staggering them, causing them to fall over, be blasted backwards, or lose their footing for a moment. This mode causes minimal trauma to living or droid creatures. This is capable of filling a small corridor but suffers from even more limited range than its counterpart. The cone is about 3 meters wide at its apex.

Edited by Laira Vereen, 28 April 2017 - 12:51 AM.

Alric Kuhn

Alric Kuhn

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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.


Alric Kuhn

Alric Kuhn

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira




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