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Utai Magic Circle

Approved Tier 6

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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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Complete one Mastercraft quest.

Rationale: Expansion of alchemical activities


New submission:







  • Workshop Name: Utai Magic Circle
  • Location: Utapau Alchemy Castle, Fourth Moon of Utapau
  • Specialty: Alchemy
  • Tier: 6

Utai Magic Circle is located in the New Barkesh neighborhood of the planetary capital of the Fourth Moon of Utapau, Kessil. On the first floor of the central turret, is a countertop that serves as the storefront where the catalog of all available alchemical enhancements for sale will be found, alongside a venipuncture station for all the blood requirements, where sterile implements are used to this end, using standard medical protocol for venipuncture. Due to the requirement of having samples of the client's blood in the alchemical process, the client is required to come to Janick in person to get orders made and processed. Utai Magic Circle is a workshop that manufactures made-to-order alchemical items with the client's needs in mind, with a preference for items that will be used by the client on a regular basis. Usually Utai Magic Circle will prefer that the client will come with the item they wish to alchemize before processing an order. Sometimes Utai Magic Circle will perform a background check on the more suspicious cases but special or more complex commissions often are prioritized over more mundane ones, despite their more time-consuming nature. Nevertheless, Utai Magic Circle will often encourage non-Force-users to place orders for alchemized items as good-luck charms, for those more superstitious, if honest, clients.


At this point, its alchemical reputation is more centered on food and liquor, with support for alcoholism victims being a cause readily embraced by Utai Magic Circle, and even started selling alchemical starship components. With the sale of alchemical starship components, the Circle started its own charitable foundation in order to help victims of alcoholic abuse, which only increased in scope with the addition of crystallography. Today the workshop's main alchemical claim to fame is its application of alchemy to sentient-machine interfaces, with the Mental Modem being the first.

When Janick first learned alchemy, she first wanted alchemized items for herself. She began alchemizing items as a business when it became obvious that even people who were unable to use the Force could still benefit from talismanic uses of alchemized items. While at the beginning, Janick was only able to alchemize rather simple items and to give the items rather straightforward effects to the wearer, the owner aims big and desires to one day be able to alchemize starship components. Hopefully she will achieve her hopes and make her dream come true and hence leave her mark on the alchemical history. 




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Darth Saarai

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira

Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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