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The Dread Knights

Darth Sarcophago Inquisitors Guards

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Marlow Venjuta

Marlow Venjuta

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Intent: To Create a NPC Unit For Roleplays


Image Credit: https://www.pinteres...12753331365911/


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Unit Name: The Dread Knights


Affiliation: Darth Sarcophago


Classification: Personal Guards





Force Pike

Sith Sword





Availability: Unique


Deployment: Limited



Strengths & Weaknesses:


Melee Combat: Heavily trained in melee combat


Mental Protection: Each member is part of the Epicanthix species only.


Poor Mobility: Due to the armor they wear, they move extremely slow.


Not Easily Replaced: Takes months to train them.





Due to her career as an Inquisitor, Darth Sarcophago wanted a special guard unit to accompany her to certain worlds where she would need support in dealing with situations. Since brining the Ascendancy military could possibly cause chaos and problems, this unit operates small and has no ties to the Sith Ascendancy. Each Knight is loyalty to her, each giving a vow to protect her or die for her.


​Each member is handpicked by her from Panatha, homeworld of the Epicanthix species, then trained along the cadets at the Ascendancy Academy. However, these recruits forgo the gun range and medical training, focusing more on the melee class to strengthen their skills with hand-held weapons. Upon completion of their academy studies, Darth Sarcophago trains them in the understanding of lightsaber forms, though they do not utilize lightsabers, they do however wield force pikes and Sith swords.


When they have passed all the training put forth before them by Darth Sarcophago and the Academy, she sends them out into the wilds of Bastion for one last trial. They must bring back the head of a Vu'kasin to prove their ferocity in combat, and that they have no fear to face anyone or anything. Lastly, she conducts a dark and taboo ritual with those that return; the eating of raw human/alien flesh. This ritualistic setting transforms the Dread Knights into cannibals just like her.

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Marcus Itera

Marcus Itera


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Darth Sarcophago


Under review.

Marcus Itera

Marcus Itera


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Darth Sarcophago


Solid submission. Approved.


Pending secondary approval.



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