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The Galactic Alliance

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The First Order War Machine marches on

Sith Factions rise across the Galaxy

We are the Light that stands against the Dark




  • The Alliance started as a gathering of shattered Republic forces at a time when the One Sith ruled most of the central galaxy. They are a more streamlined, militaristic force gathered to strike back at the Sith. 
  • Alliance worlds are free to govern themselves, but must fulfill several requirements on law and sentient rights. They join Alliance trade agreements and contribute towards the funding of the GADF (Defence Force). 
  • The New Jedi Order has temples on both Sullust and Coruscant, but a range of Force users join the Alliance. 


Why Join:

  • The Alliance is a member-driven Faction: When you join us, you are the ones responsible for driving the story!
  • You create your own units and organisations: Rogue Squadron, the Jedi Justicars, the Circle of Healers and many more were member created parts of the Faction Lore.
  • Open rank structure: While the very top positions in the Alliance are filled out by developed NPCs, we give our members more or less free reign on what they want to do or build within the faction. Want to be an Admiral, a starfighter ace, a planetary governor, or a legendary smuggler captain? We work with your character concept, not the other way around.



Join us

Talk to us on Discord

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