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Those silver, piercing eyes...

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Shamira Karuto

Shamira Karuto

    Witch in training

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Jedi Archives

Subject 2405

Codename: Grey light


Personal Information

NAME: Shamira Kaurto

FACTION: Rebel Alliance – New Jedi Order

RANK: Initiate


Physical Description

SPECIES: Togruta


AGE: 18 years of life.

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: Bodily height inches – Little over five foot, nine inches.

Her montrals add five inches, bringing her total height to six foot two.

WEIGHT: 125 Lbs.

EYES: Light, piercing grayish-blue.

HAIR: No hair color.

SKIN: A dark shade of grey is the main color of her skin, while all of her tattoos are a light grey, close to a white.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Raw, but extremely attuned to the force. Keenly interested in learning combat medical skills, dueling, and troop tactics.


DROID COMPANION: Bronzie is Shamira’s trusted R2 unit, helping her through missions, training, and piloting, all while complaining in full.


Like the rest of the Kaurto family, Shamira’s skin tone gives off a deathly shade of grey. The only lively part of her skin, other than the light grey, white tattoos that cover her face, body, and montrals, are her piercing blue eyes. Adorning her face are silver nose piercings, on her eyebrow area, lips, and nose. Her sign of royalty, a light blue, metal headdress with light blue gems dangling from the ear area of the dress, is the only thing still connecting Shamira to her family. Due to a childhood accident, her left leg has pink, deep scars running up the thigh. This affects her walking slightly, giving her a slight limp.



Ability Scale ( | - very little skill ) ( | | | - Average ) ( | | | | | - Exceptional )


Emergency First Aid - |

Medicine - |

Sciences - |

Musical ability - ||||

Diplomacy - ||||

Computers - |||

Communications - |||

Sensors - |||

Hand to Hand - |||

Dueling Ability - |||

Slicing- |

Blaster Pistol- ||

Mechanics - ||

Basic Flight Skill - |||

Dogfighting - |

Battlefield Tactics - ||

Force Abilities - ||


Languages known

Galactic Basic Standard – Native language

Togruti- Native Language

Hutta – Average

Mando’a – Few verbs


Shrewd diplomat: Spending many years surrounded by her royal family, politicians, and other high ranking officials, Shamira learned how to speak in a diplomatic manner that could turn even the most hard-hearted individual to her side. Mostly done through logic tricks, she isn’t afraid to slip a few mind tricks in to fully convince her target that her way is correct.

Athletic: Much to her family’s discontent, being cooped up in a mansion all day made the young teen eager to get out of the house and explore the surrounding jungle area. Climbing trees, leaping branch to branch, and swimming in the local rivers helped tone and shape her body before entering the Jedi Order, giving an advantage over the less in shape padawans.

Adaptable: in negotiations, items can come up suddenly that turn the tide swiftly from your favor. Shamira learned this at a young age, and learned how to adapt herself, and her arguments, to continue to convince the other party. This pertains to her flight and dueling skills as well. While she might have a set plan going in, her mind is quick, and she can quickly adapt to changes needed to be made.

Naturally attuned: Shamira’s natural attunement to the force is extremely strong. While she has not yet been trained on how best to use it, the potential is there.


Moldable: Due to her lack of training, Shamira doesn’t have a special skill or preferred route to take her force training. This leaves her open to many paths, from pilot, to medic, to duelist.

Late entry: Unlike many force sensitive children, Shamira didn’t enter the order until much later in her life. This means she hasn’t received as much training as other initiates her age. Her natural athletic ability allowed her to hide this weakness at times, it shows in her lacking of any signature skills at age 16.


Shortsighted (physical): An unfortunate part of her royal heritage, Shamira suffers from Myopia, shortsightedness. To help correct this, she wears a pair of corrective lens goggles while flying.

Hard-Headed: While sticking true to your beliefs could be considered a strength, convincing Shamira is wrong about a subject can be an extremely difficult task.

Limp: A childhood climbing accident left Shamira with long scars running up her left thigh, and since that event she has had a slight limp. It becomes more pronounced as she gains speed running, but she hopes to learn how to manipulate the force so this weakness isn’t so pronounced. This does not affect her ability to jump, however, just her walking ability.

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Shamira Karuto

Shamira Karuto

    Witch in training

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  • 253 posts

 - BIOGRAPHY TBA AFTER RP (will replace this post) -


Truthfully, other than a few smaller details that could be added, I feel as though her main idea and where she came from were explained throughout the original post. I might add a bio/story of her being taken to the Order, at some point. 




Chloe Blake

Chloe Blake

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Welcome back! Be good to have you at Bespin! :D 

Shamira Karuto

Shamira Karuto

    Witch in training

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