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Order of Sanctuary

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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  • Group Name: Order of Sanctuary
  • Classification: Order
  • Headquarters: Naboo
  • Loyalties: Monarch of Naboo, Queen Jamie Pyne
  • Group Sigil: N/A
  • Description: The Order of Sanctuary is a secretive group of female warriors, serving the monarchy of Naboo as handmaidens. Though their numbers are few, each handmaiden is highly skilled in hand to hand combat, blasters, and Force Pikes. Furthermore each member is taught at a scholarly level, learning and understanding the core beliefs, traditions, and due process of the Naboo and their government. Often times these warriors are chosen for their service due to their resemblance to the monarch, and as such are frequently employed as decoys or stand-ins for the Queen when necessary.
  • Equipment: Handmaiden robes (Armorweave inlay), blaster pistol, stun baton, and/or Force Pike.


  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
  • [+] Combat Trained - Experts in hand-to-hand combat, as well as blasters.
  • [+] Scholars - Educated to a scholarly level in the areas of economics, civics, law, nobility, and tactics.
  • [ - ] So Very Few - These are highly loyal, dedicated handmaidens. Replacing them is next to impossible.
  • [ - ] Not Soldiers - While expert warriors, they are not heavily armed or armored soldiers. They are not equipped for war.


  • Hierarchy: The monarch of Naboo assigns each handmaiden to serve as they see fit. No individual member has authority over the other.
  • Membership: Membership often comes from children that are orphaned. They are adopted into the order as small children, raised and taught in the most remote areas of Naboo, away from influence or interference of outside entities.
  • Dogma/Doctrines: The order abides by the rule of their sovereign, lending council, protection, and ear to the queen. Their loyalties lie solely with the ruling monarch, by which upon her descent from the throne those handmaidens are relieved of their duty.
  • Curios: Each handmaiden typically carries a locket that contains the symbol of the monarch's family within.
  • Goals: Each handmaiden acts as the eyes, ears, and personal council to the queen. Aside from roles typically assigned to handmaidens, several act as decoys or doubles for the queen. All members act as protectors and bodyguards, accompanying the queen by her request anywhere the need arises. Unless directed, no handmaiden will engage in conversation with anyone outside of the monarch, regardless of their position, be it political or familial.


  • (NPC) - Skyela - Aged 19 (Queen's Double)
  • (NPC) - Retilavay - Aged 18 (Queen's Double)
  • (NPC) - Marenà - Aged 22 (Handmaiden)
  • (NPC) - Tövetelle - Aged 20 (Handmaiden)
  • (NPC) - Òlivera - Aged 21 (Handmaiden)

Historically the Order of Sanctuary was regarded as a mythological group. Handmaidens were thought to be chosen by the Royal House of Naboo for typical duties involving serving the monarchy. In fact, throughout history, handmaidens had been preselected orphan females, that were raised in the most remote areas of the planet in isolation. They were taught history, ethics, civics, and all of the necessary knowledge required of a noble and a queen so to fit the part. Furthermore, while incredibly few in number, they are a valuable asset to the queen in that they far exceed the skill of a typical bodyguard. As confidants and advisors to the queen, each handmaiden is an extension of the ears and eyes of the monarchy, as well as standing doubles when and where necessary. A handmaiden will give their life in service to the crown should it be necessary. The depth of their loyalty to the sovereignty of Naboo is unwavering. At present, six handmaidens are assigned to Jamie's entourage.

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