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Basilisk War droid Mk 2, AL-3xA, "Alexa"

Ardgal Raxis Basilisk War Droid Mk 2 AL-3xA Alexa

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Ardgal Raxis

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Intent: To make a sub for Ardgal's Companion so people will know what I'm talking about
​Image Credit: here
Role: Alexa serves as a droid companion for Ardgal in combat as a faithful mount and protector.
Links: RMIA


Age: AL-3xA "Alexa" was the first Mk 2 Basilisk droids, as a result it is as old as this model (which is fairly young).
Model: Basilisk War Droid Mk 2
Appearance: The massive war droid is almost impossible to miss. Red and dull gun-metal gray colors predominate it's appearance. Battle scars pock these painted plates as testaments to prior, vicious conflicts. It rarely can be seen apart from Ardgal without good reason.When this machine is in an area it certainly makes an impression and is almost impossible to miss.

Name: Basilisk War droid Mk 2, AL-3xA, "Alexa"
Loyalties: Alexa is loyal to Ardgal Raxis, to the point of self-annihilation if needed. Beyond Ardgal, the machine is loyal to Virgil Raxis; one of Virgil's contemporaries once noticed she had a soft spot for the droid. In addition, Alexa is loyal to Ardgal's friends, the employees of RMIA, and those in Clan Raxis. However, this is to a lesser extent.
Notable Possessions: Alexa has a few distinct weapon loadouts. These are not comprehensive, however, these are the more common ones:

Anti-Infantry load out


Anti-vehicle load out


All-purpose load out




Alexa's programming is in line with that of a faithful pet or well-trained war mount. She is gentle, protective, and docile until provoked to combat. Then the droid is fierce and ruthless in the destruction it wrecks. Alexa's non-combat programming makes it warm and likable to those it is familiar with, standoffish and neutral to those who are strangers, and treats those it views as hostile to potentially dangerous with hostility and aggression.


Out of combat the droid serves like a faithful pet or den mother. It's docile and subdued, walking or flying along side Ardgal in wait for orders. Alexa is loyal to a fault, and often strikes organics as a gentle giant when in this sentry mode. That is not to say she is off-guard. Quite the opposite, the droid is always ready to snap into action for combat.


Despite being created for war, Alexa is surprisingly good with children like a protective shepherd hound.More than once the motherly droid has help nudge a lost child on their way home or helped make soft nest-pallets for several of the children of on-duty RMIA mercenaries.The designers of the Basilisk Droid noted that it was probably due to "imperfections in her code" and offered to remove it and adjust her personality matrix, but Ardgal declined the offer.





Combat Function

Alexa acts in combat with one purpose; to protect and fight beside Ardgal. She is a war droid at heart and is designed for combat. With her semi-sentient nature, Alexa is able to take commands and execute them with extreme prejudice and autonomy. She easily recognizes friend from foe and protects allies without question.

When moving into combat she serves as Ardgal's mount with ease through the air, space, and on land. Her weapon load outs can be changed before combat encounters for maximum efficiency. She is well programmed in the usage of all her possible mounts to increase her efficiency. Drawing from programming and personal experience fighting beside her master, Alexa is more than able to take her own in combat.


When RMIA designed the second version of Basilisk War Droids, Ardgal wanted to have a personal hand in their creation.He helped with placing his own experience in with the needs of this droid and helped re-calibrate the mechanical needs to make this dream a reality.


His commitment was so intense to the program he personally brought the first prototype, AL-3xA,with him for testing. He pushed the droid through endless simulations through every possible environment to ensure its upmost ability to perform. Ardgal brought this new droid with him to several actual live fire situations before finally releasing the droid model on the public.


The Research and Development division finally asked to recall the droid to be stored with other prototypes, but when the time came, Ardgal had formed too deeply a connection to the droid to do so. Alexa had proven itself in the heat of battle and was a very valuable asset to him. And, after all, as the owner of RMIA, it was his stuff. He kept it, and Alexa has proven to be an ever-loyal companion on and off the battlefield to the warrior.

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Ardgal Raxis


Under review.



Feeto Chivaro

Feeto Chivaro

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Ardgal Raxis


Ah. The Downeaster, "Alexa."


Approved, pending secondary.



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