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Yuroic's Interlocking Lightsaber

- - - - - lightsaber design

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Yuroic Xeraic

Yuroic Xeraic
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Bottom hilt is Yuroic's main lightsaber, the top hilt is his secondary lightsaber.






  • Manufacturer: Yuroic Xeraic
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Yuroic Xeraic
  • Modularity: The crystal and lightsaber components can be changed, with additional crystals added.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Basic lightsaber components, kyber crystal


  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: One handed and two-handed
  • Length: Main Lightsaber hilt: 20cm and Length of ignited blade: 122 cm
  • Secondary lightsaber hilt: 19cm and Length of ignited blade 80cm
  • Weight: Main lightsaber: 4kg and secondary lightsaber: 3.8kg


  • Lightsabers of significant size different
  • Lightsabers can interlock into single hilt

Yuroic's lightsabers are designed in a interlocking hilt design that allows the user to connect both ends of their hilts into a single hilt. This means he can adapt in combat from dual wielding two lightsaber to creating a saberstaff for more damaging attacks. The lightsabers blades are also of different lengths, with the main blade being longer in length and the secondary blade is shorter. This allows Yuroic more reach and able to use the shorter and lighter lightsaber more effectively in combat in his offhand.


  • Can cut through almost anything
  • Able to defect bolts
  • Can interlock into a saberstaff
  • Shorter blade in offhand allows easy of use
  • Longer blade gives extra reach

Weaknesses :

  • Cortosis will short circuit blade
  • Submerging into water will short circuit blade
  • Lightsaber resistant materials will resist blade
  • Can be activated by anyone
  • Ion and EMPs will short circuit the lightsaber

Yuroic created the lightsaber during his Gathering with the SJO, he found his crystal on Ilum and bonded with it through the Force. Once he had successfully done this, he then created the lightsaber hilt. However, his initial design was for a single bladed lightsaber, he discovered his crystal was too large to fit into this design. So he broke the crystal in halves, one being significantly larger than the other. From this, he created two lightsaber hilts, deciding to use a shorter and lighter secondary hilt. The rustic design of the lightsaber hilts was meant to be a throwback to his Nar Shaddaa roots, where he lived.


The interlocking mechanism was designed to allow the blades to lock together. This was at first designed by Yuroic to keep the blades together and allow him not to lose them easily. However, he later realised that this could be an effective combat design as the interlocking mechanism loses the saberstaff weakness of the lightsaber being completely destroyed after being sliced in half by an opponent. This new combat strategy meant that he would often start with the saberstaff look then move into the dual wielding blades once in combat.


Due to Yuroic's novice design and basic lightsaber knowledge, his lightsaber has the weakness of basic lightsabers. However, being the forward thinker he is, he has allowed the lightsaber hilt to be adaptable to change if he decides to later on. This means that while the lightsaber is currently weak to EMPs, Ion, Cortosis and water attacks, there could be improvements made. 

Haytham Kaze

Haytham Kaze

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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