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Name: Ceres
Region: Outer
System: Cropestia
Suns: 1,Solaris and G-Type Star
Orbital Position: 5th Planet
Moons: Iries and Somus 
Coordinates: M,28
Rotational Period: 29.7 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 373.3 Standard Days
Class: Terrestiral 
Diameter: 13,342 Kilometers
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Temperate 
Gravity: Slightly Above Standard
Primary Terrain: 75% of the planet is made up of large flat lands excellent for farming and 5% is made up of fresh water lakes while the other 20% is made of salt water oceans.
Native species: Wildlife
Immigrated species: Humans,Duros,Rodians,Wookies and any other species that found the planet while running from the Gulag Virus.
Primary languages: Basic
Government: Large Democratically Run Combine Farms and a Council Leadership of the Five Biggest Combines.
Population: 7.9 Million
Demonym: Ceresian
Major cities: Fortitude,Havendoan and Copenfa
Major imports: None yet (Farming Equipment in the future)
Major exports: Crops and Livestock
Affiliation: Omega Protectorate (going to talk with factions admins 'bout this)
Culture: The culture of Ceres is centered around helping others and people are taught at a young age to respect someone no matter what species,gender,sexual prefercence or other diversity feature. Religion difers from the different farms but all the farms have religous tolerance of each other. While there are always a few tribes who try and invade and conquer other tibes these are few and far from in between and wars are usually fought between the Outcasts and it neighboring farms. Even thought the Combines are community run there is a ruling council made up of the leaders of the five biggest Combines. The Combines usually combine their military strength between both trading and military alliances between combines. Laws usually are made and voted for by the people

Technology: Majorly behind than the rest of the galaxy

This planet was previously undiscovered before a large refugee fleet of old warships,transports and personal freighters were attempting to flee the Gulag Virus in the wake if it spread near 500 ABY. It was pure luck when one of the ships had a hyperdrive failure and dropped out of hyperspace nearby the planet. The ship contacted the rest of the fleet and got them to come to their location. After a few scientist in the fleet took samples and found the planet not only habitable but it hand a large amount of natural occurring crops that good they could consume. So a vote was taken and it was unanimous that they would settle their.

The Outcasts
Around 750 ABY a Council Combine member by the name of Joeshphik Stalik got fed up that his Combine was the smallest on the council. After years of secretly making weapons,he struck out against the other combines. Of course war was the inevitable outcome of Stalik militaristic expansion. The other four Council Combine members all banded together and through a long and bloody war that claimed nearly 400,000 lives the Stalik Combine was defeat and in shame they to this day have adopted a policy of isolationism and have yet to emerge from their lands. Though there are rumors that run through the other Combines that they are slowly but surely rebuilding their might so they can once again try and conquer Ceres again.

A long period of rebuilding after the war waged by Stalik ended just a few standard years ago. Their is currently a age of peace and prosperity running through Ceres that is being enjoyed and rejoiced by its inhabitants. A new Combine,the Solaris Combine,was elected to the Combine Council in wake of the Stalik Folly War,as the aggressive campaign of expansion by the Stalik Combine is now called. The new Combine was elected not because of it was the largest Combine behind the Stalik Combine but because due to the fact that they fought most fiercely against the Stalikans. They were given a special ranks among the Council,the rank of Protector Combine due to the fact of their fierce fighting and the fact that they have the most technologically advanced and largest army of all the Combines. But this was loathed by the Motarus Combine,the 6th largest Combine on Ceres. They said a Combine like the Solaris' had no reason to be on the Council and that they were given their Council seat as a condolence since they were most affected by the war. They stood down after they were threatened with embargo's and sanctions by the Council and other Combines,yet there are whispers that they are doing deals with the Stalikans to help them overthrow the Council.
Notable PC's: None 
Intent: To create a planet that the Protectorate can use for a source of food and livestock.